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By Brian Cannon on 2012-11-15 08:36:03
This is the OVW Report for the night of Wednesday, November 14, 2012. Tonight at the Davis Arena, Trailer Park Trash was on the hunt for his attacker, Heidi Lovelace defended the OVW Women's Championship against a special opponent with a special referee, the Best Team Ever defended the OVW Southern Tag Titles, and the Platoon of Wayne grew stronger with a new addition to the group.

Without further ado: 

Here we go...

 Pre-Show Dark Match:

Tony Gunn b. Dylan Bostic. Dylan took the early advantage and after performing each move yelled at the crowd "Who sucks now?" Tony fought back and hit a couple monkey flips. He went for the airplane spin, but Dylan elbowed his way out of it. He went to clothesline Tony, but Tony ducked and rolled Dylan up with the backslide for the pin. After the match, the crowd chanted back at Dylan "Who sucks now?".

MY TAKE: Tony didn't even need the bearhug tonight, as he gets back to winning by pinning "Pink Dynamite". Happy birthday to the loser, Dylan Bostic.

That was tonight's only pre-show dark match. I always suggest watching the show first before reading my full report. You can find the shows posted online late Thursday afternoons/evenings at

Terry Boddie starts the show stopping Trailer Park Trash and asking him about last week's attack. Trailer Park Trash said he would find something out tonight.

OVW Southern Tag Team Title Match: The Mascara Mafia (Espy & Paredyse) vs. The Best Team Ever (Rudy Switchblade & "Mr. Pec-Tacular" Jessie Godderz) [c]. The match starts off with the Mafia in control, but quickly turns to the favor of Rudy & Jessie. Espy is worked over for the majority of the match as Jessie & Rudy keep him in their corner and switch out without tagging. Paredyse is antsy to get in. Jessie hits the Pec-tacular Press, but goes for a legdrop and misses. Jessie & Espy both tag out, and Paredyse comes in on fire. Paredyse goes off the ropes, but is kicked in the back and hung up by Jessie. Rudy comes over to poke Paredyse in the eyes, but accidentally pokes Jessie. Paredyse throws Rudy into the ropes and a blind Jessie kicks Rudy in the back. Paredyse sends Rudy off the ropes again, and both men clothesline each other. Rudy goes to tag Jessie, but Jessie gets off the apron. Rudy turns around and meets Espy and Paredyse who double team him. They set him up for their finisher, but Jessie runs back in and nails Espy in the back of the head and throws him out of the ring. Jessie & Rudy then hit their double team finisher on Paredyse for the victory. WINNERS: BEST TEAM EVER by pinfall.

MY TAKE: A smart move again on the part of the Best Team Ever to use the trick of not getting along only to be on the same page and pick up the win.

Trailer Park Trash has Jack Black in his office and questions him about the attack. He said they go way back, but he doesn't trust him and better not find out he had anything to do with it.

The Platoon of Wayne comes out for action and Jason Wayne says Moose was an idiot to attack him and start a war. He said it is important to have a strong squad and plenty of backup, so he introduces the newest member to the Platoon...TNA Superstar Kid Kash! 
Kid Kash (w/The Platoon) vs. Elvis Pridemoore. Kash controls most of this match and wins rather quickly after finishing Elvis off with the Tiger Driver. After the match, Jason Wayne called the Platoon to order and recited the Pledge of Allegiance replacing the United States of America with the "United States of Wayne" and "one nation under God" with "one nation under Wayne". WINNER: KASH by pinfall.

MY TAKE: The Platoon got stronger with the acquisition of Kid Kash. Will Moose need to call for more backup in his war with Wayne?

Trailer Park Trash now has the Wild Cards in his office and says they better not have had anything to do with his attack last week, either. As they exit, Rob Terry is in the hallway and shoves them saying he'll see them later tonight. We then see Taeler Hendrix further down the hallway talking to Dylan Bostic. I didn't catch it all, but basically she has her referee's license and will be refereeing tonight. We then see "The Mixtape" with Eddie Diamond & Timmy Danger. They say it's not Dylan Bostic, but Crimson for being weasly and allowing Rob Terry to work his way back up in one night.

Special Challenge Handicap Match: The Wild Cards ("Rudo" Raul LaMotta & Shiloh Jonze) vs. Rob Terry. The Wild Cards get on each side of Terry and attack going after his left leg. They work over his leg for most of the match with submissions and moves focused on wearing it down. They try to do a double team maneuver on his leg, but Terry uses his strength to kick them both off. He gets back to his feet even though he is still hobbled and takes them both down. He throws Shiloh out of the ring and hits a massive powerslam on Raul for the pin. After the match, Shiloh sneaks in with a lead pipe and attacks Terry's leg from behind. Shiloh & Raul take turns taking shots at Terry's leg. WINNER: TERRY by pinfall.

MY TAKE: The Wild Cards are obviously trying to soften Terry up before his match with their "buddy" Crimson at the December SNS. What condition will Terry be in after this vicious assault?

OVW TELEVISION TITLE: "The Jacked Knight" Joe Coleman [c] (w/The Platoon) vs. Jamin Olivencia. Jamin returned to quite the ovation from the OVW crowd. Cliff Compton came out on a crutch and joined the commentary table with his own TV title. He wanted to go on record that he never lost and is still champion. Jamin was on fire to start the match until Wayne & Black interfered from the outside allowing Coleman to take the advantage. Jamin still fought back and took back control until Wayne tripped him in the corner and racked him with the ringpost. Espy & Paredyse ran out and chased Wayne & Black to the back. Jamin was back up and started to take advantage again when Coleman decided to take the easy way out and throw Jamin over the top rope for the automatic disqualification. WINNER: OLIVENCIA by DQ, but STILL OVW TELEVISION CHAMPION: COLEMAN.

MY TAKE: The war rages on between the Mascara Mafia and the Platoon, which will presumably include Moose. With the POW having 4 members now, will Espy, Paredyse, & Moose be able to find a fourth man to fight on their side? Maybe Jamin?

OVW WOMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP: Taryn Terrell vs. Heidi Lovelace [c] (SPECIAL REFEREE: Taeler Hendrix). Taeler made her presence known in this match as she would only count or break up moves if it involved Heidi in control. Heidi was very frustrated. A decent back and forth match, but in the end, Heidi was arguing with Taeler with Taryn down on the mat. Taeler pushed Heidi, who fell over Taryn. Taryn pinned her with a quick count from Taeler and got the 3! WINNER and NEW OVW WOMEN'S CHAMPION: TARYN by pinfall.

MY TAKE: Very interesting role reversal. Taeler gets back at Heidi who pinned her at the last SNS, but it was Taryn who pushed her over Heidi to cause her to lose. Regardless, we have a beautiful new champion.

Trailer Park Trash walks into Jason Wayne's locker room and asks him about the attack, but Wayne denies anything to do with it. Trash is headed to the ring...
Trash comes out with Josette and says he wants to get to the bottom of this tonight, and calls out the entire locker room. All the wrestlers are out, but he says that means the referees and even Dean Hill, Gilbert Corsey, & Michael Titus at the announce desk, he's not excluding anyone. He asks different guys at ringside who all deny knowing anything. The Wild Cards say it had to be Rob Terry, because he is not at ringside. Jamin grabs a mic and says he's known Rob for a while now and as big as he is, he doesn't have to attack from behind or hide behind a mask and tells them to shut up. Doug Williams grabs a mic and says it has to be Johnny Spade, because he loves to attack people from behind. Spade gets in the ring and dives onto Williams on the outside. They start brawling and as Doug gets up, he hits Ted McNaler & Elvis Pridemoore. Suddenly, a melee breaks out and everyone starts arguing and fighting with each other. Taeler, Epiphany, & Jessie Belle are fighting, and even Terry Boddie is arguing and pointing back and forth with Michael Titus. While all this is going on, a masked man comes from out of nowhere with a steel chair and lays Trash out with several shots to the back and neck before he takes off through the side door. Everyone stops and checks on Trash to end the show.

This ended the TV taping.

Post-Show Dark Matches:

Eddie Diamond, Timmy Danger, Bobbi Bardot, & Cinnamon Twist come to the ring. Danger does his introduction for Diamond and says they have some special ladies with them tonight and it's time for a dance party. They start dancing as the lights go out. When they come on, Danger & Diamond are dancing with the Assassin. They try to get him to dance with them, but he lays them both out with a clothesline and walks away with the ladies.

Jessie Belle vs. Epiphany. A back and forth match where neither one could score a pinfall. Epiphany threw Jessie Belle out of the ring and went out on the ring apron where Jessie Belle got up and pulled her off onto the floor. They started battling on the outside and fought to the back as the referee made his 10-count and we have a draw by double countout.

MY TAKE: These 2 ladies finished their last match in a draw as well. Are they evenly matched or just unlucky?
Team Gutcheck (Sam Shaw & Alex Silva) b. The Platoon of Wayne (Jason Wayne & Jack Black) [w/Joe Coleman]. Shaw & Silva came out on fire working over Wayne's arm and making quick tags in and out. The Platoon took the advantage away after Coleman tripped up Shaw. Shaw was worked over until he made the hot tag to Silva. Silva came in and took it to Black. Wayne tried to come back in, but Silva & Shaw took him to the outside. They hit a double atomic drop on Black which was followed by the Silva Surfer and the cannonball leg drop for the win.

MY TAKE: Are we getting a glimpse of the next OVW Southern Tag Team Champions in Silva & Shaw?

Jeremiah Plunkett b. Ace Hawkins. A very quick match as Plunkett controlled most of it with his size advantage. Ace tried to make a small comeback with some kicks to the sides of Plunkett and one to his head in the corner, but Plunkett was able to finish him off with a big DDT for the pin.

MY TAKE: Plunkett picked up his first win that I'm aware of. He has got the skills to make an impact.

CAREER MATCH: Chris Silvio b. Raphael Constantine. A very technical match that went back and forth, and Raphael proved why the tag team with Silvio was called "Fighting Spirit". Silvio hit the rocket punch, but was conflicted about pinning Constantine. He finally went for the cover, but Constantine turned it into an inside cradle for 2. Constantine put Silvio in a sharpshooter, but Silvio wouldn't submit. Silvio put Constantine in the one leg boston crab, but still couldn't get him to give up. They kept going back and forth like this until Silvio put him in an armbar submission after Constantine had went shoulder first into the ringpost. The ref had Silvio break the hold, but Constantine still refused to give up. Silvio kept yelling at him to just quit. Silvio won after reapplying the submission a second time, and Constantine finally tapped.

MY TAKE: Ounce for ounce, Constantine was one of the best entertainers in the OVW squared circle. "Fang"s for the memories, and we will X2-C YA LATER.

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