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By Mike Johnson on 2012-11-14 20:07:22

Tickets for WWE's Wrestlemania AXXESS will go on sale in January 2013.

WWE will return to The Verizon Center in Washington, DC on Saturday 12/29, headlined by WWE champ CM Punk vs. Ryback.  There will be a pre-sale kicking off tomorrow using code WWEPUNK.

The WWE Encyclopedia's second edition has been released a few days in advance of its official 11/19 release date and can now be ordered by clicking here.

The latest edition of WWE InBox:

Mick Foley will be signing his Christmas book tomorrow in Rockford, IL at Barnes & Noble in the Cherryvale Mall.

Hornswoggle shows off his Muppets collection, becoming my new favorite WWE performer:

Our friends at sent along the following images of Mattel's WWE Battle Packs Series 19, which are available for immediate shipping:

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