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By Dave Scherer on 2012-11-14 12:18:54

Jim Ross has done his latest blog, covering a number of subjects.  Obviously, the two that are in the news are the return of Jerry Lawler and the angle with CM Punk and Paul Heyman that followed.

About the return: Loved seeing the King back on RAW this past Monday night. Jerry's feeling great and has dropped approximately 20 pounds via a more disciplined diet. We hooked up at the Westin Hotel in Columbus and rode to the arena together just like old times. Nothing had changed...the music we listened to...the topics of our conversation...King not stopping at stop giving him the wrong directions...nothing changed and it seemed like old times when we worked together every week.  I talked to King Tuesday and he's feeling great after his return Monday night and is looking forward to Sunday's Survivor Series PPV. His voice sounded great today on the phone.  Seeing Jerry and getting to introduce him back to RAW was a big, personal thrill for me. It was approximately two months ago that I never thought I would see him alive again.  Our hug was real. That was a 'moment' in case you might be wondering what a real 'moment' in our business truly is.

About the angle: Several Twitter followers @JRsBBQ took some pretty stiff shots at me on Monday night because of what occurred in the ring involving WWE Champion @CMPunk and, of course, @HeymanHustle feigning a heart attack. When one stops and thinks about it, getting angry at a talent for a matter such as this is actually pretty ignorant. But I digress.  Was the post, Lawler verbal presentation my favorite aspect of RAW? No. The King's return was the highlight of the show for me personally. But just like any other entertainment entity all content is subjective. Some folks will like some things more than others and there are some who will downright despise specific aspects of a broadcast.

He also put over the job that Michael Cole does as the play-by-play man and said that all along the plan was for him to fill in until Lawler returned.  He said there were never any plans to go to a three man booth.

You can read the entire blog by clicking here.


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