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By Not Belfi on 2012-11-16 08:30:00

The show opened with a Miz TV segment.  He brought out Team Ziggler (Cody Rhodes was not there, it looked like he was hurt during the earlier part of the taping). 

Damien Sandow beat Kofi Kingston.  It was not for the IC Title.

There was a six diva match where the faces won.

To solidify that Miz is a face now, he teamed with Randy Orton to beat Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio.

Booker told Sheamus that due to his behavior he had to go.  He said he had a BIG challenge for Big Show tonight.  It was obvious who it would be.

Kane vs. Wade Barrett turned into all of the team members hitting the ring.

Antonio Cesaro beat Sin Cara, with R-Truth on commentary.

Big Show beat Great Khali.  He and Sheamus brawled backstage afterwards.


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