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By Mike Johnson on 2012-11-12 23:18:08
WWE presented their latest edition of Monday Night Raw tonight and wants to know what you thought.

The hot button issue is that Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler returned to Raw, but not before WWE featured backstage footage of the night he suffered the heart attack, receiving chest compressions and being shocked with paddles while unresponsive backstage. After Lawler returned to Raw, CM Punk came out and began mocking Lawler for his heart attack, saying he didn't care if he was clinically dead, blaming the heart attack on Lawler for competing with him and saying that he would have beaten Lawler "to death" if he had been given the chance to do so tonight.

Obviously, the first segment was done to get over Lawler's return as a miracle (which it is) but the Punk segment was done to get ratings and heel heat for Punk and Paul Heyman. Undoubtedly, they were excellent in their roles (as was Lawler selling their verbal attack), but as a wrestling fan, was it too much for you?

I've written many times in the past that the company has had no real heels who get any legitimate heat. Heels with no redeemable qualities who are completely evil and scum. Obviously, the CM Punk promo was the closest to that level of old school evil that we've see on Raw in some time, but was it right to do? wants to know what you think of the Lawler situation, of the overall show and what was the best match on the broadcast!

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