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By Steven Fernandes on 2012-11-12 17:25:18

These are the officially announced dates for the next WWE European tour in 2013.

Apr 17th - RAW - Rotterdam, Netherlands
Apr 18th - RAW - Belfast, Ireland
           Smackdown - Glasgow, Scotland
Apr 19th - RAW - Dublin, Ireland
           Smackdown - Newcastle, England
Apr 20th - RAW - Paris, France
           Smackdown - Birmingham, England
Apr 21st - RAW - Geneva, Switzerland
           Smackdown - Sheffield, England
Apr 22nd - RAW TV taping - London, England
           Smackdown - Cardiff, Wales
Apr 23rd - RAW - Nottingham, England
           Smackdown TV taping - London, England
Apr 24th - RAW - Liege, Belgium
           Smackdown - Amneville, France
Apr 25th - Smackdown - Bologna, Italy
Apr 26th - Smackdown - Trieste, Italy
Apr 27th - RAW - Lodz, Poland
           Smackdown - Mannheim, Germany
Apr 28th - Smackdown - Cologne, Germany

Interesting to note that the company scheduled a Smackdown show on the same day they are taping a 3 hour Raw.

WWE are now advertising the Dec 29th TV taping in Washington DC, originally a RAW TV taping, as a RAW and Smackdown Supershow TV taping, while still advertising a Smackdown TV taping the following day in Richmond, VA.

John Cena is on the cover of the December issue of WWE Magazine.

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