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By Steven Fernandes on 2012-11-12 17:23:07
Kurt Angle continued to use the online medium, specifically Twitter, to comment on Wafi Wahidi, the man he claims robbed him of money spent to develop an online app for Angle:

"Update; @wafiwahidi is a liar. He not only Robbed Me but promised to Pay Me Back, told Me He was killing Himself and Would Put Me in His Will. I Saved the texts and voicemail. @wafiwahidi Has no Attorney. He Is a Scamartist. Nothing He Says Has Validity. I Hope @wafiwahidi hires an Attorney. Then He can talk Sense Into this young kid. I am Suing Him period! Tmz wil do Story"

"Thanks to All My twitter friends for Your Support! @wafiwahidi is a liar and I won't waste another second on Him"

"My Attorney Will Be Doing a feature With tmz this Week on @wafiwahidi. Thanks Guys. GOD Bless."

"I just read @wafiwahudi Remark. Liar! All $ Was for fitness Apps. I Paid $6,200 more than I was Supposed to. I have a Contract to Prove It"

"Wafi Wahidi text Me He was killing Himself on friday and Would put Me in His Will. Liar!! #Scamartist"

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