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By Mike Johnson on 2012-11-12 09:34:41
Plans to run Florida regularly with EVOLVE events are now on hold due to losing a planned venue due to its renovations.  Rather than run one event, the plans are put on hold and the next EVOLVE show will be the 12/8 iPPV in Voorhees, NJ.  The promotion will begin making announcements for the 12/8 event, a matinee prior to CZW's Cage of Death, this week.  There will be a bus trip to both events from NYC and NJ.  For details, visit

The next Dragon Gate USA events will be held in January. 

DGUSA released the following: "We have a new Weekly Special. Use the code "Four Way" and get free shipping on all orders $50 or over in the United States and $60 or over for international orders. This means you can order DVD 3 Pack Deals and get free shipping for double savings! Get caught up with all the new DGUSA and EVOLVE DVDs and get free shipping. You can order any combination of DGUSA & EVOLVE DVDs and Gear to get to the $50 (USA) or $60 (international) total. Put "Four Way" in the special instructions when you check out to get a full shipping refund. If you can't find where to enter the code, just email us at when you order. The code expires on November 16th so act now! "


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