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By Dave Scherer on 2012-11-14 09:59:00

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I've been watching some old DVDs circa 2002-2003, and am stunned to remember how great John Cena was as a heel with the "Doctor of Thuganomics" gimmick. When he turned babyface, his character quickly began losing its edge and eventually became a sugary do-gooder type. Not coincidentally, this is when he started getting just as many boos as cheers. Unlike most online fans, I'm not a Cena hater - I respect the hell outta the guy for making the most of a limited skill set and minimizing his deficiencies through sheer hard work, I just hate the bland character he's been saddled with for the last 7-8 years. I know WWE refuses to entertain a Cena heel turn for fear of killing their merchandise sales, but don't you think turning him heel could help him get his edge back and ultimately make him MORE popular (and thus make the company more money) in the long run?

I am with you.  He is so sappy and dull I groan when he hits the TV.  I would love to see them turn him.  The kids would boo him and I still think (at least at first) that a lot of the male fans would boo him.  The product is pretty stale and it could use something to mix it up.  Plus I think it could revitalize his character.  The status quo isn't working.  Why not try it!

So explain the changes in the Survivor Series main event to me. If WWE feels a title match will draw better, they should have gone with that in the first place. Now we're left wondering why Mick Foley would want to field a team against one captained by Dolph Ziggler. I also don't get why Miz was pulled from the tag match, unless it's to set up a babyface turn and a feud with Punk. Between this debacle and waiting until the last minute to decide on a main event for Hell in a Cell, I'm wondering if WWE creative is running around like the proverbial headless chickens, or if Vince is exerting authority and undercutting their plans.

It all starts with Vince McMahon.  He changes his mind a lot.  Wow, that was an understatement.

We have head writers, writers, the creative team, Superstars, Divas, announcers, agents, producers... How exactly does the creative process work? Suppose someone has an idea for, let's say, Curt Hawkins to have a match on Raw and for him to over on Brodus Clay. How would this idea get relayed to the wrestlers? It seems like there would be a lot of middlemen involved.

That is the job of the producers, AKA the agents.  They go over the matches with the talent.  Creative scripts the show and then hands it off to the producers.

We're planning on making our first Wrestlemania trip for WM29 and we were excited that the seating chart was finally released. Looking at that got me thinking back to Mania 28 though and those giant palm trees. After looking at some pictures taken from the crowd, it looks like a fairly large number of people had a substantial portion of their view blocked by them, enough that they probably ended up just watching the screens all night. Now I'm paranoid about buying tickets to WM29 since it's in a stadium as well. Heading cross country from California isn't cheap, let alone the high price of decent tickets, so to have all the hype and cost end in such disappointment would be a huge letdown. Did WWE recognize that those palm trees were a big issue last year? Any talk about how they might do it different for future stadium setups?

WWE knew about the trees last year but they felt the overall presentation is more important than a few people being inconvenienced.  Given that the show will be held outside in NJ, they have to prepare for the elements and make sure they can cover the ring.  I expect their to be obstructed views again this year.

After watching the 11/5 Raw from England, it seems like it'd be Vince McMahon sneaking up to John Cena's room instead of A.J. Do you see Vince ever confessing his romantic feelings for Cena?

Good Lord, I hope not.  Please, no.  The Genetic Jackhammer and his ass have had their moments with Divas. 

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