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By Dave Scherer on 2012-11-13 09:59:00

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The AJ Styles affair with Dixie Carter/Claire storyline already fell flat in TNA. Why would WWE try to recreate the EXACT SAME thing with John Cena and AJ? The same plot is used! First, a picture to show they have dinner/they hug, same as TNA, then a video of AJ (the WWE one) going in some place with John Cena, which was exactly the same shot as AJ (Styles) going in some place with Dixie Carter. What next? Will they bring a pregnant drug-addict to the whole thing? At least in TNA, Christopher Daniels and Kazarian was entertaining... Do you think it will end as bad as the one in TNA? It seems to be received the same way...

It's not exactly the same but I hear you, it's weak and I have no idea why they think it's entertaining.  It isn't.

You said on numerous occasions that they won't turn Cena heel because he sells lots of merch (t-shirts, etc...). Then why did they turn CM Punk heel, while he had the best selling t-shirt in their store (Best in the World, which I'm wearing today), probably a lot other merch selling, an upcoming dvd at that time, that probably sold a lot anyway, ... ? What I mean is: Is the merch sales really a factor in the end? Not turning Cena because he sells t-shirt, but turning point while he sells more t-shirts is kind of contradictory.

Punk took them by surprise by getting over for one thing.  He wasn't a "WWE creation" as a babyface.  As we have seen far too often, when someone gets over in a way that they don't expect, they often feel the need to change what the person did.  They have built Cena for years as the face of the company, in all facets.  Plus, Punk had a T-Shirt.  Cena has multiple items and they appeal to kids, which makes his merch a continual gold mine for WWE.

I really had hope for Drew McIntyre, beginning as the Chosen One, hand picked by Vince himself, a little push in the beginning, the storyline with Teddy Long, ... I was also starting to feel a good heel vibe in Jinder Mahal, his facial expressions, his actions, with the right push, he could have been an Indian "Alberto del Rio". And the matches with the Legends before Raw 1000th from Heath Slater were entertaining. So WHY would they want to kill all 3 characters in one shot, by giving them a comedy gimmick that is not even credible? For example, Jinder Mahal looks completely goofy as a "rock n roll lover" after having been established as a rich Indian heel. Drew McIntyre's character as a serious "future of WWE", is now a sleazy leather-wearing rocker... Heath Slater has pretty much the same goofy character, but to be honest, they learned me not to care about him. Don't they realize it's killing the careers of McIntyre and Mahal on the long term? The band splits, then what? How could they come back from that?

I really wish I had a good answer to your excellent question but I am just as curious about this as you are.  I have no explanation for the why that Vince books people other than to say he feels all he has to do is tell you someone matters and you will believe it.  Obviously, you know better.

I would love to hear your opinion on the changes to the 2012 Survivor Series card....My take: Vince has completely lost it and is panicking over diminishing ratings. From the booking aspect, it makes no sense to have Ziggler involved in the Survivor Series match. I just hope the triple threat match wasn’t contrived to put the strap back on John Cena and lead to Cena/Rock II at the Royal Rumble. Do you think Vince will ever see that the major problem with the WWE is the lack of credible stars and the creative Dept??? Do you think he’d ever remove Stephanie as the head of Creative??

It was definitely a reactionary move by Vince to change the card, as I mentioned on my hotline last week.  I don't know that Vince will ever see that as being the company's major problem but you, I and many others sure do.  Steph is not the head of creative in fact.  Vince is.

I just picked up the NWO DVD and just hit play, and immediately a thought popped into my mind. At some point WWE will have to put The NWO in the HOF right? I just wonder if there is hesitation due to HUGE egos etc. It was a huge part of wrestling in the 90's.

It was indeed and on merit, they belong.  However, it's hard to bring Scott Hall in given his issues.  Plus, Hulk Hogan is always an adventure to deal with and he is a part of TNA.  So, unless they want to have Kevin Nash and X-Pac accept, which would really be kind of weak, I think they have to hold it off for a while.

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