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By Dave Scherer on 2012-11-12 09:59:00

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If you were starting a wrestling company and, had the money to do pretty much what you wanted.. What Top 5 non-contracted talent would you get? What channel would you try and get on? What would you name your promotion? Would you base your TV in one area (if so, what area) or, try and take it on the road off the bat?

Honestly, if I had that kind of money I would spend it elsewhere.  The barriers to making a successful company are just too great at this point to make it a success.  To me, it would be like spending almost 100 million dollars to try and win an election, a complete wast.

When Linda conceded her loss in the Senate race Vince was shown as visibly upset was this do to Linda not winning her campaign or the fact that she spent somewhere in the neighborhood of 90 million dollars?

Yeah, that was my first thought too.  "I spent all that money for nothing!"  My second thought was that he hoped that if Linda got elected, it would "validate" him and show the world that they were more than just "rasslin' people".  But that is just me guessing what was going through his head.  Only he knows for sure.

With Linda McMahon losing in her race for a seat in the Senate, do you think WWE will go back to TV-MA from TV-PG anytime soon? It would definitely boost the ratings if they went back towards a somewhat attitude era program don't you think?

I think anything that would make the product more interesting would be a good thing but the flipside is that they have deals with companies like Mattel now that require them to not be too provacative.  They also have the third hour of Raw, which begins at 8 p.m.  I think the best would could hope for, and it's just a hope, is for them to do something like they did years ago where when the first hour was "Raw is War" and the second hour was the "War Zone".  Plus keep in mind that Vince McMahon was never a huge fan of the style and really only went to it because WCW was beating his product.

Here's a thought, Cena screws over Ryback at Survivor Series then reveals he paid off the ref at HIAC due to his greediness of wanting the championship so he wouldn't have to go against Ryback for it. Heel turn complete, wishful thinking, right?

Probably so.  WWE seems pretty intent on not turning Cena. He is so stale though that it would a lot of fun if they did. 

With the talk of THQ dropping so far in share price, with a recent valuation around $11million, and knowing Vinnie Mac's plans of expansion to all forms of entertainment, do you see WWE buying their longtime game producer and creating WWE games?

My gut feeling is that he wanted to create games he would already be doing it.  Instead, he looks for deals with partners.  I tend to think it's a business he doesn't want to get into, especially given that he and Linda have just spent almost 100 million dollars on failed elections.

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