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By Dave Scherer on 2012-11-11 09:59:00

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NOTE: Ian Mills sent this: Not a question but some info. Ryback will be in WWE 13 come January. He is already announced as downloadable content with Sandow the Usos Cesaro and others. His push came too late to include him on disc as that cutoff is roughly a month post Wrestlemania unless WWE tells then plans in advance...which we all know the WWE doesn't actually do anymore.

Can I ask why TNA runs house shows on the same day they air Impact? The house shows might not draw a lot of fans, but its still TNA fans that are not watching their only TV show? Seems a bit dumb to me.

You can ask but I don't have an answer.  I think it's insane as well.  It makes no sense to compete against themselves.  The only reason I have heard is that they like to run their tours from Thursday through Saturday, but I agree, it's crazy (especially when Impact is live).

When Vince McMahon was signing talent for his original national expansion did he ever show any interest in signing Ric Flair?

He did but Flair knew he was better off working for Crockett at the time.  He was the top guy and he wasn't a cartoon-like character.

With the exposure Chris Hero/Kassius Ohno received on CM Punk’s DVD, would it not be an optimal time for the WWE to debut him since he has now been exposed to a plethora of CM Punk/WWE fans who may not have been familiar with him before?

Yes, it would make perfect sense to do that but hey, we have Fandango now and we can't debut too many guys at once.  I kid Fandango.

Quick question: Are the members of the WWE creative team subject to wellness policy? Because, um, Fandangoo? Don't you have to be on some kind of mind altering substance to come up with that and think it's a money drawing gimmick?

Employees are not subjected to the policy but they should be, as should certain other people that have control of the product.  Goo (and they should keep calling him that) is another example of how out of touch Vince is.   

Given the recent lackluster product of the WWE, is it possible that Vince Russo was really as integral to the WWF's attitude era success as he has always claimed?

He certainly played a big role, no doubt.  But the bigger issue was that Vince McMahon was getting creamed by WCW so he agreed to go outside of his comfort zone with the programming.  Once he won the war and bought the remnants of WCW for pennies on the dollar, he went back to booking the kind of show he likes.  Lucky us.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.


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