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By Mike Johnson on 2012-11-10 11:49:44
Yesterday's TNA Today with TNA President Dixie Carter featured Carter and Jeremy Borash discussing the company's "Make An Impact" program to help raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief. You can watch it below:

To support TNA's cause, click here.

I cannot implore everyone enough asking them to help the cause, either through TNA's program, through local donations or donating to the red cross or even giving blood. I get not everyone has extra cash to give and it's easy to look at it as being far away and not your problem. That's human nature.

While many in the media have moved onto the next stage of their reporting and the next big story, the reality is that this is going to take years and billions to fix. The gas shortage in the NYC/NJ area, which has disappeared from the media, is still going on. I counted 18 gas stations that had no gas today in Queens as I ran some errands. The few that did had lines that were blocks long being run by police.

Some of you have noted I haven't done as much audio for the Elite site in the last few days. Well, my cable and Internet is kaput, so my abilities are limited in what I can do. As annoying as that is for me, the reality is I am extremely lucky. There was no flooding or major damage or power outages where I live in Queens. Sooner or later, Time-Warner will fix my issues and I will move on and get back to normal.

However, some areas were not as lucky and there never will be normal for those areas again, not for a long, long time. I lived for a year in Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn. That area was NOT in an evacuation zone, despite being on a peninsula. The entire neighborhood flooded, with 4-5 feet of water. Imagine your entire neighborhood flooded when you aren't expecting it and are told nothing to worry about by your city. Had I still been living there, make no doubt about it, not only would I now be homeless, but everything I owned and worked for would be gone forever. That's the reality that area is facing and since they are a small community, they are getting very little in the way of support. Feel free to check out if you don't believe me.

There are lots of other stories I can tell you. My best friend's mother lives in Staten Island and has for decades. She's never had an ounce of water flood her home. Her entire first floor and garage was wiped out. Her entire neighborhood is in a shambles with people now living in tents, in their cars (if they had driven away in time) and trying to make the best as they sort out the maze that is FEMA relief.

I have friends in Baldwin, Long Island and Long Beach who lost everything they worked for. These are good people who are just like us, working check to check and trying to keep their families happy and build a life, some of them with young children.

Make no doubt about it, the story has not gone away. I applaud TNA and everyone else who has done something to help and is doing anything to help - including you, if you can. So, if you can, in any way, please do. This just as easily could have been your friends, your family, your home, your neighborhood. Do what you can. Please.

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