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By Richard Trionfo on 2012-11-10 10:25:59
Welcome to the latest episode of Saturday Morning Slam.

We being with our first match of the week and your announcers are Josh ‘The Voice’ Mathews and Dolph ‘I cashed in my briefcase to beat Santino to be announcer on Saturday Morning Slam’ Ziggler.

Match Number One: Darren Young and Titus O’Neil versus The Usos

Jey and Darren start things off but Darren wants to get his hair perfect with some help from Titus. Jey takes the afro pick and Darren wants to get it back but he falls down. Jey does the ‘fake out’ throw and Darren still looks for it. Darren misses a kick and Jey messes with the hair and Darren goes to the floor.

Jey with a drop toe hold to Darren and then he rides Young and messes with the fro. Darren looks like he is going to cry and Titus tags in so there should be no hair issues. Jey wants to know if Darren is okay. They lock up and Titus sends Jey to the mat and then Titus has something to say and he does the Millions of Dollars solo dance.

Jimmy comes in and the Usos mock Titus. The Usos with a double back body drop and Jimmy enters the match. Darren tries to raise Titus’ spirits with the Millions of Dollars Dance. Darren tags back in and they lock up. Jimmy with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Jimmy with a slam.

Darren goes to the floor and Titus checks on him. We go to commercial.

We are back and Young with a belly-to-back suplex to Jey. Titus tags in and he hits a gourdbuster using Darren to work over Jey. Titus with a waist lock. .Titus catches Jey and prevents him from making the tag. Jey with a sunset flip for a near fall. Titus stops Jey again and returns to the waist lock.

Titus wit a front face lock and he tags in Darren. They hit a double shoulder tackle and then Young gets a near fall. Young with a body scissors on Jey. Jey crawls towards his corner but Darren rolls Jey over and Darren tags Titus back in.

Titus with a suplex and Titus shows some swagger and he loses a little focus on his opponent. Titus with a three point stance and he charges into the corner but Jey moves and Titus hits the turnbuckles. Jimmy and Darren tag in and Jimmy with a forearm and a Bubba Bomb for a near fall but Titus breaks up the cover.

Jey takes care of Titus and Jimmy with a Samoan drop. Jey tags in and hits the Superfly splash for the three count.

Winners: The Usos

We go to commercial, but when we come back, we will take a look at some of the giants in wrestling.

We are back and John Cena thanks the troops who are overseas and are in the United States. He also thanks the veterans for the time they served. He wants the WWE Universe to support the troops.

It is time to look at the giants of the WWE and that is this week’s Video Vault.

The first giant is Great Khali. The Punjabi Nightmare is a WWE Champion and he has faced most of the big men in WWE. He is a star in India and he is one of the true giants of the WWE.

Next is the Big Show. He is a multi-time World Champion and he is one of the most agile giants in WWE history. He packs a mean punch.

Next is the most influential giant, Andre the Giant. Andre left behind a legacy that will never be duplicated. He was undefeated for 15 years and was in the main event of Wrestlemania 3.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Two: Great Khali versus Primo (with Epico)

Epico has some advice for Primo before the match starts. They lock up and Khali sends Primo to the mat and Primo goes to the floor. Epico gives Primo some more advice. Primo tries for a running shoulder but he bounces off Khali and goes to the floor. Epico has more advice and suggests a test of strength.

Primo demands a test of strength and Khali’s hand is a little too high for Primo so Primo climbs to the turnbuckles and he goes up top. Khali throws Primo onto Epico on the floor. Epico and Primo ask Ziggler for some ideas and he has nothing. Epico gets on the apron and Primo tries to sneak up but Khali sees Primo and Khali points at Primo and Primo falls to the mat. Khali misses a chop and Primo with a drop kick and a waist lock.

Khali powers out of the hold and uses his rear end to knock Primo to the mat. Primo tries for a slam and it does not work. Primo tries to slam Khali again but Primo collapses under Khali’s weight and Khali gets the three count.

Winner: Great Khali

We go to credits.

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