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By Mike Johnson on 2012-11-09 16:46:22

In regard to some rumors making the rounds, while Jim Cornette was backstage taking an active role in the TV production during last weekend's TV Tapings, the TV and the storylines were 100% Hunter Johnston's creative direction.

ROH has already publicly noted that Nigel McGuiness is the new authority figure. My gut is that he'll still do some commentary, but that will be cut down. He and Kevin Kelly are absolutely a hell of a team, so I really do hope they can be kept together, at least on major shows.

As noted earlier today, Ring of Honor is running a $5 DVD and $10 t-shirt sale at

One DVD we neglected to mention this week is the new "Women of Honor" which features 33 matches culled from ROH's ten year history on a 2 DVD set.

The next ROH TV taping will be 1/5/13 in Baltimore. The promotion was really happy with the financial end of the Pittsburgh, PA TV Taping as the house, merchandise sales and crowd reactions were all very strong and it was felt it gave Baltimore a chance to re-energize as a market.

The feeling at TV was that Roderick Strong came off excellent in his new role as smarmy heel as it was pretty much in line with his real personality.

The promotion will hold another tryout seminar on 12/8 and 12/9 in Bristol, PA. Davey Richards, Delirious, Bob Evans, Truth Martini and Kevin Kelly will be heading up the seminar.

Here's the TV preview for this weekend's ROH on Sinclair:

The 9/29 ROH on Sinclair TV has been released on Youtube:

Upcoming dates for the promotion: 12/16 iPPV matinee in NYC....1/5 TV in Baltimore...1/18 in Dearborn, MI....1/19 in Milwaukee, WI....2/16 in Cincinnati, Ohio....3/2 11th Anniversary iPPV in Chicago...4/5 Supercard of Honor iPPV in NYC....5/4 in Toronto iPPV.

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