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By Jason Harper on 2012-11-09 11:37:16

I attended the TNA House Show last night.  Knowing that most of the crew would be in Orlando, I wasn't sure of the quality of show we would get in Mount Pleasant, Michigan, but  I must say that the show was very enjoyable with everybody working hard to make sure that we had a good time.  TNA did a good job pairing veterans with newer wrestlers to ensure smoother matches.

I'm not sure of the guy that replaced Don West, maybe Jimmy Jay or something like that, but he did a good job...maybe even better than West.

So Cal Val was the ring announcer and did a fine job.

Doug Williams defeated Crimson with a Roll Up.  It took a while for the crowd to figure out that Williams was working as a face.  Decent match, nothing noteworthy, but enjoyable.

Brooke Tessmacher defeated Gail Kim with a Roll up.  Gail took the mic before the match and accused the ref of checking out Tessmacher and that Brooke Hogan told her that the ref had to be somebody associated with the Knockouts Eric Young came out as the guest ref.  Lots of comedy, but overall a very good match.  A little bit of a shame that Young's swan song is working a couple of 'B' house shows.

Garett Bischoff defeated Kid Kash with a botched Stunner.  Kash is gold as a heel.  Great stuff from him.  Bischoff tries hard, but he still has a lot of work to do, a lot.  Bischoff botched the finsih and Kash landed hard on the top of his head.

Rob Van Dam defeated Zema Ion to retain the X-Division Title with a Frog Splash.  Zema came out first and there was a long delay.  It turns out that RVD could not find the X divison belt.  Zema has a ton of potentional, but needs to work on heeling the crowd more.  He must have sprayed his hair about 30 times and it got old and boring.  During the delay, he could have ripped on the crowd or on RVD or about how much better he was..nothing, just more hair spraying.  The match itself was ok.  The loose ropes gave RVD a little trouble.  After the match, So Cal Val gave RVD the belt from her skirt and RVD celebrated with her belt.  It was funny and the kind of stuff that makes house shows enjoyable.

Gunner defeated A Member of Aces and Eights by DQ after another Aces and Eiths member ran in.  This was very short and led to Mr. Anderson saving Gunner from the beatdown which led to....

Mr. Anderson and Gunner defeated Aces and Eights after Anderson hit the Mic Check on one of the guys.  Not exactly main event material, but it was an ok match.

Overall, it was a decent house show with everybody working to give the fans a good show.

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