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By Mike Johnson on 2012-11-10 10:00:54
Love your site!!! Been following it for many years! Just bought my wrestlemania tickets using a pre-sale code as I did last year for Miami. Just a question, why are there so many different codes? Do some of them have better seats than others? Since the ticket selection seems to be chosen at random. Did I get the best seats possible using WWEVIP?!?!?

No, like in Finding Nemo, all drains lead to the Ocean. WWE had a lot of promotional venues - radio stations, social media, venues, etc. working with them here to make it a huge pre-sale so they gave out codes to different entities, but they all led to the same buying choices.

Who's the one name you'd like to see a documentary on? The Dynamite Kid documentary Kickstarter got me wondering.

The three names that come to mind are Dick Murdoch, Eddie Gilbert and Adrian Adonis. I think films looking at the lives of all three men would be really unique dives into an era of the business that is gone as well as some really colorful personalities.

What was the worst injury you've ever witnessed live?

I've seen a lot of people get hurt and none of them are ever fun for anyone involved. I think the absolute worst was in ECW back in 1996. A new wrestler, who was a heavyset student from the House of Hardcore, was making his debut during a match with Raven vs. Pitbull 2 (if I remember correctly) and was about to come off the top and something broke in his ankle, either as he leaped or when he came down. He literally laid in the ring as his leg turned a grayish color with the rest of the sequence still going. At one point, Sandman hit the ring and caned everyone and while the poor kid was laying there, he turned to the kid and then caned him too. So, the guy broke his leg and got caned to boot. I don't think it gets worse than that! noted that former ECW star Chilly Willy retired, So where is he?

Chilly Willy is indeed retired (at least for now) and living happily in Costa Rica. He was still involved on the independents in the North Carolina area after leaving WWE developmental and was booking a MMA/wrestling hybrid company for awhile, but is pretty much done with the business.

The WWE article on forgotten stars made me wonder what happened to The Prodigy Tom Marquez?

That is actually a hell of a question. Marquez quietly disappeared from the pro wrestling world in the early 2000s. He was working independents after ECW closed but began raising a family and took a job in theft prevention for a pretty large drug store train. He just disappeared and didn't keep contact with anyone from the wrestling world, not even when the ECW revivals started. He just moved on. I believe he still lives in the NYC area, but I don't know that for sure. I always thought he was a guy who should have gone further than he had the chance to go.

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