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By Mike Johnson on 2012-11-08 10:00:52
I have a few questions regarding WWE & their 90-day no-compete policy. As we all know, when WWE releases someone & wishes them the best on their "future endeavors", he/she is NOT allowed to go to the competition (TNA) for 90-days.

1. Let's say it's day #85 of the no-compete policy, is he/she allowed to start talking to TNA so he/she can be brought in the next week or does he/she have to wait the full 90-days JUST to start negotiations?

No, they can quietly negotiate, but not sign a deal or appear. Things happen behind the scenes obviously, but nothing can be officially announced.

2. Once again, let's say it's day #85 & TNA plans in bringing in someone the following week. Well, obviously, he/she wouldn't be allowed to come in until the following week. However, can TNA throw in hints? (For example, let's say it was when Booker T went to TNA, could TNA legally say that this wrestler was once a member of Harlem Heat? Could TNA actually have him appear but without showing his face? Perhaps, just using his voice like in "Charlie's Angels". I remember when Conan O'Brien left NBC after losing The Tonight Show, he was prohibited from being on TV for like 8 months.)

TNA can tease the person, but not announce them or use them, which would include their voice.

If Vickie Guerrero provides evidence that John Cena and former GM AJ Lee are having a relationship so what? What happens? WWE suspends their number one boy? I highly doubt that. Some say its a pot calling the kettle black. What is the purpose of such a storyline?

To build to AJ and Cena vs. Dolph Ziggler & Vickie.

Is the Sportatorium in Dallas, Texas still standing?

No, the building was torn down several years ago.

How did Gabe Sapolsky get in the business? What is his origin story?

He was bitten by a radioactive booker. No, he was actually going to college in Philadelphia and approached Tod Gordon about acquiring the rights to write and sell the old ECW programs. Gordon gave him the rights and from there he graduated to working in the ticket office and as an assistant to Paul Heyman. When ROH started, he was dragged kicking and screaming into becoming a booker by the original owners and has been one ever since.

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