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By Mike Johnson on 2012-11-05 23:54:08

Lots of Dragon Gate USA notes coming out of the weekend.

The triple shot in the Northeast was likely a financial bloodbath for the company from the live gate aspect.  With shows in Long Island and New Jersey days after Hurricane Irene hit and in the middle of a still ongoing gas shortage, well you can imagine how poor the attendance was.  The belief is that they lost a few hundred over the course of the weekend and while that doesn't sound like a lot, for a promotion like DGUSA, it's the difference between breaking even and losing money.  The promotion should have just canceled the weekend in hindsight but with all the flights from Japan locked in, they really had no choice but to run.  The gas issue was really considered to be the biggest problem of the weekend, as the problems are actually a lot worse than the media has reported in mainstream publications. 

DGUSA management was happy with the crowd reactions they did receive at the shows and were in love with the Everett, MA venue.  Going into Long Island, their fear was that they'd end up with 50 fans due to the local problems but ended up with more than that.

The good news, however, as those of you who read Stu Carapola's excellent coverage saw, is that all three shows were said to be great.  The streams, which did have some issues live for some PS3 and XBox streaming, all work perfectly via those devices for replays.  You can order the replays by clicking here.

Chuck Taylor has signed a new two year deal here.  His previous deal had already expired awhile back.

One note of interest is that all new deals being signed cover both DGUSA and EVOLVE in the language of the deals, not just DG.

No update on Sami Callihan and WWE.  The feeling among those who saw his work over the weekend is that he's adjusted his work a little following all the advice he received after his multiple WWE tryouts. 

Johnny Gargano suffered a broken nose from an Akira Tozawa kick.  He isn't expected to miss any ring time.  Tozawa had a hell of a series of matches this weekend and is among one of the best workers going right now, anywhere.  He's certainly someone to keep an eye on.  Gabe Sapolsky noted that Gargano has really grown into his role as champion and is really happy with his work right now.

Scott Reed of the Scene is leaving today for Japan and will be touring with Dragon Gate for the remainder of 2012.   Reed worked himself up from a tryout at a company seminar into a regular gig with the company and now his first tour.

Gabe Sapolsky noted that the Freedom Fight event was a "turning point match" for Ricochet, as he really embraced his heel role and showed a lot of charisma.

Sapolsky also felt AR Fox and Jon Davis showed improvement and stepped up their work.

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