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By Richard Trionfo on 2012-11-05 23:05:20
Do you remember last week when we found out that there would be a ‘traditional’ Survivor Series match with the teams captained by CM Punk and Mick Foley? Did you think that Mick Foley would be involved in the match, or were you like all but 6 people in the building who didn’t expect Ryback.

Miz and Paul Heyman are in the office and Miz wonders why the captain ran away last week.

Paul says that it was strategic for him to walk away. It was the Art of War. Everyone needs to be on the same page.

Miz says that he is not on the same page and he thinks that Paul and Punk are full of crap. He does not need them. Miz says that he quits the team and he walks away.

More of the Do You Remember? What was Brad Maddox thinking at Hell in a Cell? Did CM Punk have anything to do with it?

Do You Remember when Vickie Guerrero went rogue and was making up stories about John Cena and AJ Lee. Was the walk in the hallway more than a walk or was it just a walk? Only Vickie Guerrero thinks she knows.

We are live on tape from Birmingham, United Kingdom and your announcers are ‘Sir’ Michael Cole and Jim ‘V for Vader’ Ross.

Match Number One: Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara, and R Truth versus Antonio Cesaro, Darren Young, and Titus O’Neil

Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio mock Darren and Titus’ Millions of Dollars Dance like they did on Friday.

Sin Cara and Cesaro start off and they lock up. Cesaro with a waist lock take down and then he grabs the legs and stomps on the abdomen. Cara with an arm drag and head scissors take down. Truth tags in and he works on the arm. Cesaro with European uppercuts and Young is tagged in.

They lock up and Truth with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Truth with a punch to Young and then he tags Rey in. Truth with a slam and Rey with a snap leg drop for a near fall. Rey with forearms but Young with a hard Irish whip. Titus tags in and he kicks Rey and connects with a shoulder in the corner. Rey escapes a slam attempt but Titus with a kick and he tries for a power bomb but Rey counters with a seated splash.

Cara tags in and they kick Titus. Truth tags in and he hits a drop kick to Titus and gets a near fall. All six men are in the ring and we go to commercial.

We are back and Truth with a leg lariat to Young. Cara tags in and hits a springboard double sledge to Young. Young catches Cara on the handspring back elbow but Cara with an arm drag using the ropes and then he kicks Young.

Rey tags in and Rey uses Cara for extra leverage to help send Young into the ropes but Cesaro tags in and he hits a tilt-a-whirl back breaker for a near fall. Cesaro tosses Rey into the corner and Titus tags in and he presses Rey over his head and he hits a series of back breakers then Titus barks and he tags Cesaro back in. Cesaro with a European uppercut that helps give Titus some extra leverage to the slam.

Cesaro with a dead lift side salto for a near fall. Cesaro with a front face lock to keep himself between Rey and his corner. Cesaro sends Rey back into his corner but Rey with a drop toe hold to Cesaro. Cesaro grabs Rey’s leg but Rey hits a DDT and both men are down.

Truth tags in and he punches Cesaro. Truth with a clothesline and then he knocks Young off the apron. Truth with a flying corkscrew forearm. Titus charges at Truth and Titus goes over the top rope to the floor. Truth with a suplex into a stunner. Cara with kicks to Young and Cara escapes the Orange Crush gutbuster.

Cesaro is sent into the ropes by Cara and then Rey with a 619. Cesaro staggers into Little Jimmy and the three count.

Winners: Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara, and R Truth

We go to commercial.

We are back and Jerry Lawler will be back next week on Raw after suffering a heart attack in Montreal.

In case you missed Raw last week and the ‘overwhelming’ evidence from Vickie Guerrero about the affair between John Cena and AJ Lee, you get to relive it. They walked into an elevator together.

Vickie Guerrero makes her way to the ring and she says that she is very proud of herself and her accomplishment. She is thrilled that AJ Lee resigned as General Manager of Raw. Vickie says that hanky panky is not allowed and people must act like professionals. That is something that John Cena has a problem with.

Vickie wants everyone to join her and look back at this ‘scandal’. We go to video clip one. John asking AJ out (remember that John said it was a joke). Video clip two shows a slow motion hug of John after AJ resigned. Video clip three is the elevator ride of lust. Then we go to John Cena’s explanation of the situation because, heck John was there so he knows what happened.

John Cena’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring.

Vickie says that John will not stop her from showing . . .

John says that he heard Vickie talk about running a clean show. John says that is like him learning another wrestling move and that ain’t gonna happen. John says that Vickie is going to expose this scandal, but he reminds Vickie that she was married to Edge when she was in charge of Smackdown. Then after Edge left her, she hooked up with Dolph Ziggler. John says that Vickie is not a cougar.

Vickie says that John is employing the oldest trick in the book by turning the tables.

We go to the newest video clip and AJ is wearing a bathrobe and she enters a hotel room.

Vickie has footage from the alternate angle of the security footage. We see John Cena emerge from the room and he has a towel around his waist.

Vickie asks John if it was one heck of a business meeting.

John points out that the footage is from two different cameras. John admits to putting a Do Not Disturb sign on his door because he did not want to be bothered.

Vickie suggests that AJ come out and tell her side of the story (which Vickie will say is not true).

AJ appears on the TitanTron and she is not happy. She tells Vickie that she does not want her to come out there. She says that if she goes out there to explain herself, she will give Vickie the beating of her life. Vickie will fire her and then she will be out of a job doing what she loves to do.

Dolph Ziggler appears next to AJ and he says that we all know what she loves to do.

Vickie cackles as John Cena goes to the back.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Paul Heyman says that the Miz is contemptable, conniving, and cowardly. That is why he wants Team Punk to have this man on its team. We see that it is Wade Barrett.

Wade says that this is the same tired routine from last week. He refused him last week and he refuses him now. He does not trust Paul. Wade walks away and he comes back and he says that he will do it on one condition. That condition is that Paul owes him. Wade says that he wants it in writing.

Match Number Two: Daniel Bryan (with Kane) versus Cody Rhodes (with Damien Sandow)

They lock up and Bryan with a clean break but Cody with a kick and drop down uppercut. Cody chokes Bryan in the ropes. Cody with a head butt. Bryan flips over in the corner and hits a flying clothesline. Bryan with kicks to Cody. Cody with a kick but Bryan sends Cody over the top rope to the floor. Cody retreats from Kane and Sandow attacks Kane from behind. Bryan with a kick to Cody and then Bryan with a suicide dive onto Sandow.

Cody with Beautiful Disaster off the apron and then Rhodes hits CrossRhodes for the three count.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

Cody says that was an impressive victory for one half of the next Tag Team Champions. Cody says that Damien Sandow can beat Kane just as easily as he beat Daniel Bryan.

Sandow does not appreciate Cody’s proclamation and Kane pulls Sandow into the ring. Sandow goes to the floor and Kane follows after him as we go to commercial.

Match Number Three: Kane (with Daniel Bryan) versus Damien Sandow (with Cody Rhodes)

Kane works over Sandow in the corner and Kane with a back elbow and elbow drop. Kane with a back body drop and Sandow backs into the corner. Kane with punches to Sandow. Kane with punches and elbows in the corner. Sandow with forearms and a shoulder.

Kane with an Irish whip but he runs into an elbow. Sandow comes off the turnbuckles and into an uppercut. Kane with a boot to the chest. Rhodes gets on the apron but Bryan pulls Cody off the apron and Bryan with kicks. Rhodes runs through the ring and Bryan is sent to the back by the referee.

Cody is sent to the back as well.

Kane with an Irish whip and clotheslines. Kane with a side slam and then he goes up top for the clothesline and he hits it. Kane with a choke slam and the three count.

Winner: Kane

We go to commercial.

We are back and Michael Cole is in the ring and he brings out the most controversial referee in WWE history, Brad Maddox.

Michael asks Brad about the Board of Inquiry and then we see footage of the nut shot heard round the world.

Michael asks Brad for his explanation and he wants to know if Brad is working with Paul Heyman and CM Punk.

Brad takes the mic and he says that it was all him. He says that it was his plan. All his life, all that he has ever wanted to do is be a WWE Superstar. For years, he tried to get his foot in the door and for years, everybody shut the door in his face. Brad says that he has sent tapes everywhere. He has been to tryouts and live Raw and Smackdown events. He paid $2,000 for a tryout.

Finally, after all of that, he was given a chance with a developmental contract. Brad says that even down there he wasn’t good enough. Is it because he is six feet tall and he weighs 207 pounds. Is it because he isn’t a giant, have a mohawk, or doesn’t wear a mask. Is it because he can’t flip three times in the air.

Brad says even when WWE officials told him he would never never never never never make it to the main roster of WWE, his dream did not die. His dream got stronger because he wants to be somebody. He doesn’t care how many people tell him that he is nobody.

Brad says that he made a vow to do whatever it takes to get to the WWE. That is why he became a referee. When Raw expanded to three hours, AJ called him for a job. All he needed was one chance to make an impact.

CM Punk had no idea what Brad was going to do. Punk was as surprised as Ryback and the fans. He made an impact and they were driven by his desire to be someone. He says that he is famous now. People know his name everywhere. They know his name in England.

His dream is to be a WWE Superstar. That is why he wants a contract and a match with Ryback. People will not forget who Brad Maddox is now.

Vince McMahon comes out and he asks Brad if he wants a contract and to face Ryback. Vince says that it is one thing to want to be famous, but it was one thing to have a death wish.

Vince says that he does not believe a word that Brad said and he thinks that Punk and Heyman are involved with him.

Vince says that he will give Brad a million dollar contract if he can beat Ryback next week. Vince tells Brad to get out of his ring.

Vince walks to the back and he brings out Vickie Guerrero. Vince says that he does not want to usurp her authority to offer Brad a contract. Vince asks Vickie if she thinks that Brad worked with Punk and Heyman.

Vince wants to know why Vickie is letting CM Punk hide behind four other men and not defend his title? Vince asks Vickie if she was thinking about that. Maybe CM Punk could face . . .

Vince wants Vickie to say it . . .

Vickie mentions Dolph Ziggler and Vince says that maybe Vickie will give a shot to the man who got screwed at Hell in a Cell. Vickie says Ryback and Vince likes that.

Vince says that Vickie is thinking that is not good enough. It should be a Triple Threat Match. Vince tells Vickie if she says Dolph Ziggler, he will fire her on the spot.

Vickie says that the person that she thinks Vince is talking about is involved in a scandal.

Vince encourages Vickie to add John Cena to the match.

Vince says that sometimes Vickie makes the right decision.

Vickie goes to the back and Sheamus makes his way to the ring for his match and he shakes hands with Vince.

We go to commercial.

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