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By Mike Johnson on 2012-11-05 17:59:54
Scott Steiner filed another lawsuit against TNA today in Nashville Chancery Court, according to The Nashville City Paper.

Steiner, in his latest lawsuit, alleges that TNA allowed a chemically incapacitated Jeff Hardy in the ring during a house show in Mount Pleasant, Michigan "while under the influence of alcohol and possibly drugs" according to the report. This time, Steiner claims TNA allowed wrestler Jeff Hardy to enter the ring during a match last year in Mount Pleasant, Mich., while under the influence of alcohol and possibly drugs.

Steiner, who is claiming nerve damage to his neck and back as well as an injury to his biceps due to Hardy's work while allegedly intoxicated, is alleging that "[TNA] knew or should have known that their agent, employee, representative, and/or servant was too incapacitated, intoxicated and/or under the influence of a controlled substance and should not have been allowed to enter the ring thus endangering the life, health, well being and safety of Scott Rechsteiner."

The Nashville City Paper cites that Hulk Hogan was responsible for "writing and approving the script" of the bout (which sounds off on paper, considering it was a house show).

Steiner is seeking $750,000 in damages.

Steiner and TNA have a hearing set on 11/30 in regard to TNA attempting to dismiss Steiner's first suit against the company, a counter-suit filed alleging they breached his contract for failing to give a proper accounting of royalties owed as well as failed to pay royalties. TNA's argument is that Steiner, contractually, has to give them 30 days' notice of the breach and to give them a chance to repair it before he can file for breach legally. That suit is in response to TNA suing Steiner for disparaging the company and its management, including Hulk Hogan, Dixie Carter and Eric Bischoff, via his Twitter account.

TNA has not yet been served with the lawsuit. will have more on the new lawsuit tomorrow.

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