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By Mike Johnson on 2012-11-05 17:51:58
Sales of WWE '13, the new WWE videogame released by THQ look to be even more important to the videogame company than one would assume on the surface.

According to, the game maker pushed back several scheduled titles from release, including the long-awaited South Park video game, showed a 23% drop in its latest quarterly earnings release and ended its investor call after 12 minutes without taking questions.

There have been rumors of THQ's well being for many, many months, especially after they sold off the license for UFC videogames. THQ has publicly denied any issues.

However, with WWE '13 being their most high profile release for the near future, sales of the game, which merges the Attitude era and current rosters, are more important for the bottom line of the company going forward then they would have appeared to be a week ago.

Deadline has theorized that the company is up for sale, which has been a rumor making the rounds over the last year as well.

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