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By Billy Krotchsen on 2012-11-05 16:36:42
Raw opened with Miz quitting Team CM Punk at Survivor Series after arguing with Paul Heyman.

*Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara & R-Truth defeated Darren Young, Titus O'Neil and United States champion Antonio Cesaro.

Vickie Guerrero shows video evidence of John Cena and AJ Lee at a hotel. Cena comes out and says it was doctored. AJ threatens to beat up Guerrero, but she won't because she will be fired. Dolph Ziggler shows up and mocks AJ, basically calling her a slut, and she runs off.

*Cody Rhodes beat Daniel Bryan.

*Kane beat Damien Sandow.

*Brad Maddox was interviewed by Michael Cole. Maddox said he didn't do what he did at Hell in A Cell for anyone but himself because he wanted to make an impact and be a superstar, not a lowly referee. He demands a match against Ryback and a contract. Vince McMahon tells him that he has a match next week and if he wins, he can have his contract.

*Vince McMahon brings out Vickie Guerrero and makes her change the Survivor Series main event to Cena vs. Ryback vs. Punk.

*Sheamus defeats The Miz. Big Show was doing commentary.

*Wade Barrett takes Miz's place on Team CM Punk at the PPV.

*Vince McMahon and Vickie Guerrero tell Dolph Ziggler he has replaced CM Punk as the team captain of Punk's team. Punk ca't believe this. Vickie announced Ryback and Cena vs. Punk and Ziggler for later.

*WILLIAM REGAL! makes a cameo backstage.

*Layla and Kaitlyn defeat Divas champion Eve Torres and Aksana.

*WWE Intercontinental champion Kofi Kingston defeated Alberto Del Rio when Randy Orton's music distracted Alberto.

*Zack Ryder and Santino Marella beat Epico and Primo.

*Wade Barrett, who got a monster reaction, defeated Brodus Clay.

*Heath Slater defeated Jey Uso.

*John Cena and Ryback defeated WWE champ CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler.

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