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By Ian Hamilton on 2012-11-04 15:17:29

WWE SmackDown house show, London, England (November 4, 2012)

Sin Cara beat El Local (Swanton bomb) -decent match, nobody knew who el Local was (note: It was Ricardo Rodriguez elsewhere on the tour).

Post match Miz beat down Cara.

The Usos beat Prime Time Players after top rope splash onto Darren Young. Good tag match, but little reaction for either team.

Kaitlyn beat Natalya when she countered a sharpshooter into a roll up. It was what it was.

Randy Orton beat Alberto Del Rio. Fun match, ADR focused on Orton's arm and shoulder, but Orton won with the rko. Not the fans choice match as this had been promoted as...


Ted DiBiase & "Simply" Johnny Curtis. Someone in this company must love male stripper gimmicks. They took on William Regal and Wade Barrett. Something tells me they won't be working heel tonight. Barrett won with the souvenir on DiBiase. Pretty good match, but the crowd were not used to cheering Barrett.

Kofi Kingston beat the Miz to retain the ic title. Kids loved Kofi tonight. Very slow match with Miz working over the knee, but Kofi got the win with the Trouble in Paradise at the 3rd attempt.

Sheamus vs Big Show. Sheamus was accompanied by six members of the London Irish rugby team. Sheamus won by dq when show pulled the ref in front of a brogue kick attempt. Sheamus hit the white noise on show for a near fall. Post match Sheamus hit the brogue kick to send us home happy.

Strangely WWE made no mention of the London TV dates being in the o2 arena as opposed to Wembley Arena.

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