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By Dave Scherer on 2012-11-05 09:59:00

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Why does the NWA feel the need to have the ™ symbol next to their initials in every press release that they send out? WWE doesn’t do this. While on the subject, what is the benefit of a promotion being a member of the NWA™ today? The organization doesn’t even own their history, WWE does.

They do that because they are trying to make it seem important.  WWE does sometimes put the symbol in press releases as well.  What is the benefit of being in the NWA?  If you tell me, we will both know!  To me, it's been nothing but a shell of what it was for years.  I respect that they want to run the organization but it just seems like it's past the point of mattering to me.  It is basically a bunch of indy groups at this point, not strong promotions as it was in the past.

Does it surprise you that Jeff Hardy continues to be pushed in main event programs and given the top title, despite his past unreliability? It's been speculated that his current title reign is an effort by TNA management to keep Hardy happy due to his contract expiring soon, but would WWE realistically have much interest in re-signing him?

By all accounts, since his meltdown at Victory Road 2011, Hardy has been a different guy since he returned.  It doesn't surprise me that they would push him since he has shown himself to be a changed guy.  America is all about second chances.  Given the dearth of top talent in WWE, I think there would be interest in Jeff, for sure.  He didn't have the major issues until after he left there.

Most polls are now suggesting Linda McMahon will again fail in her Senate bid. I can't imagine her wanting to return to WWE afterwards. Do you think this may put more pressure on Vince McMahon to reduce his WWE duties to spend more time with his wide and their grandchildren?

First, I am not sure if Linda loses that she won't try and run again in four years.  With almost 100 million dollars spent, she obviously wants to be a Senator very badly.  No matter what happens, if she decides to retire it will have no affect on Vince.  It most certainly would not make him cut back his role in WWE.

Call me crazy, but I really like Justin Gabriel. He can really work, not to mention flat out fly. That springboard moonsault and 450 splash of his are things of beauty. I know this isn't going to be a popular opinion with you guys, but when he beat U.S. Champion Antonio Cesaro, I was thrilled, because I foolishly thought it meant the beginning of a push for him. Then he lost at Hell In A much for that. My question is, do you ever see my dream coming true of him actually getting a decent push? He's 31 years old, and father time is going to catch up with him someday too.

OK, you are crazy.  Seriously, Gabriel has a lot to offer and I like his work too.  But given the way that they have booked him I am hesitant to say I am confident that he will get anything more than a mediocre push.

Any idea as to why the tag titles, and IC title weren't brought to the ring during the Survivor Series team Foley announcement?

My theory is that WWE creative just doesn't think that they matter much.  They sure aren't booked like they do.

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