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By Brian Cannon on 2012-11-04 08:27:54

Rob Terry got his long awaited rematch with Crimson for the OVW Heavyweight Title, The POW's went to war with the Mascara Mafia, the Best Team Ever defended the OVW Southern Tag Titles against Eddie Diamond & Dylan Bostic, and we even had a VERY special referee for the triple threat match for the OVW Women's Championship.

Without further ado:
Here we go... 
Ace Hawkins vs. James "Moose" Thomas. Moose slings Ace down as he shows off his clear size advantage. Ace tries to roll up Moose, but doesn't even budge him. Moose goes to stomp him, but Ace moves. Ace with some kicks to the legs of Moose. This doesn't really affect Moose either as Ace argues with the fans. Moose shouts out that this is for Mike, referring to his friend Michael Hayes. Ace looks at him and says he's doing this for Mike? Ace starts hopping around on one leg making fun of Michael Hayes, and Moose's face changes quick. His blood starts to boil and his shoulders start to heave up and down. Ace turns around into 2 shoulder blocks, followed by a splash in the corner, and then Moose hits the Moose Kick for the 1-2-3. WINNER: MOOSE by pinfall. MY TAKE: Moose is a pretty laid back and easy going guy, but don't talk bad or make fun of one of his good friends, or you'll end up squashed on the mat as Ace was tonight.

3 Corner Tag Team Match: David Vaughn & "Marksman" Nick Dumeyer vs. Raphael Constantine & Bodyguy vs. Elvis Pridemoore & Stephon J. Baxter III. Constantine's arm gets worked over by Stephon, then Elvis, then Dumeyer, then Vaughn, then Elvis again. Constantine finally tags out to Dumeyer. Bodyguy is yelling the whole match for someone to tag him in, because he has yet to take off his robe and show everyone his body. Elvis tags Stephon back in and Dumeyer tags Vaughn. Vaughn & Dumeyer work over Stephon's leg as they shake their head no to Bodyguy who is pleading for someone to tag him in. Vaughn misses a legdrop on Stephon, and Stephon tags in Elvis. Bodyguy reaches in and tags himself in on Vaughn. He says it's finally time for everyone to see gorgeousness and gorgeousity. He has them hit his music and disrobes and poses, but turns around into a kick and stunner from Elvis. 1-2-3. WINNERS: ELVIS & STEPHON by pinfall. After the match, the lights go out and the Assassin's music hits. They come back on, and instead of the referee, the Assassin has Elvis' hand raised. He then proceeds to lay him out with a massive clothesline. MY VIEW: This was the first time I have seen Vaughn, and he looks like he has potential. Otherwise, I wish the Assassin had saved us sooner before we had to witness the Bodyguy disrobe. 

The Wild Cards: Shiloh Jonze & "Rudo" Raul LaMotta vs. Team Gutcheck: Sam Shaw & Alex Silva. Shaw & Silva flip the Wild Cards into the ring as they had their backs turned arguing with the fans. They tag in and out as they work over Raul's arm. Raul knees Shaw in the gut and tags in Shiloh. He runs into an armdrag takedown from Shaw. Shaw tags in Silva and he works over Shiloh's arm. Shiloh grabs him by the hair and pulls him into the corner. He goes for a chop, but Silva ducks out and delivers 2 chops to Shiloh. He rips Shiloh's shirt off and tags in Shaw, who comes in and delivers a chop. He tags Silva back in and Shiloh is able to get Silva into his corner where he tags in Raul. Raul delivers some chops of his own to Silva, but Silva chops back. He delivers a couple armdrags and a slam to Raul and the same to Shiloh who runs in. He tags in Shaw, but they are able to take Shaw down and work over him for a bit, before he makes the hot tag back to Silva. Silva comes in on fire and clotheslines both of them in each corner. After clotheslining Raul, he tags in Shaw, who clotheslines Raul again from the outside. Silva goes to the other corner for the Silva Surfer, but Shiloh trips him and pulls him out of the ring. Shaw was going up top, and Raul hits the ropes racking him across the top rope. Raul grabs him and Shiloh goes up top, but Shaw reverses and sends Raul into Shiloh, making Shiloh fall across the top turnbuckle. Shaw rolls up Raul and gets the 1-2-3. WINNERS: TEAM GUTCHECK by pinfall. After the match, the Wild Cards get back up and attack Team Gutcheck as they are celebrating from behind, and leave them laying. MY TAKE: Team Gutcheck worked solidly together. Once they get rid of the Wild Cards, could they be making a case for a future tag team title shot?
"Smooth" Johnny Spade vs. Doug Williams(?). Spade comes out, but Williams' music plays twice and there's no sign of him. VIP's music hits and he comes out with Jose Del Barrio saying that it is time for the spotlight to be taken off of Spade and be placed on him. He comes from Vegas every week and it's his time to shine, not someone who is 34 years old and past his prime. With Spade distracted, Del Barrio attacks from behind and they double team Spade. Del Barrio throws him into the ropes, but Spade ducks Del Barrio and superkicks VIP. He then turns and delivers 2 superkicks to Del Barrio. MY TAKE: Spade will remain on the manhunt for Doug Williams who actually laid out the challenge to Spade and then no-showed. What is Williams' excuse for his absence?
SPECIAL 6-"PERSON" TAG MATCH: The POW's (Platoon of Wayne): "Sergeant" Jason Wayne, "The Wrecking Ball" Jack Black, & "The Jacked Knight" Joe Coleman vs. The Mascara Mafia: Paredyse, Espy, & "Chris". Paredyse starts out with Coleman and pummels him in the corner. Espy is tagged in and gets some, before tagging back to Paredyse. Coleman retreats and tags Wayne who wants Chris. Paredyse tags Chris in and when Wayne circles around to the point his back is turned, Paredyse & Espy jump in and deliver a double atomic drop. Chris tags Espy in and Espy hits a sick kick to the head of Wayne. He runs off the ropes, but Black kicks him in the back. Paredyse tries to get in, but the ref tries to keep him in his corner as the POW's triple team Espy. The POW's do a lot of switching in and out without tagging. Espy takes a lot of abuse for a while including Wayne doing the choking pushups. Black comes back in, but Espy is able to reverse Black's move into a DDT. Espy gets the tag to Paredyse and he is on fire. Black goes to splash Paredyse in the corner, but he moves, and referee Josh Ashcraft is squashed instead. The POW's try to triple team, but Paredyse & Espy are able to double team them back. They take Wayne down, Paredyse rams Black's & Coleman's heads into each other on the apron and then kisses Black making him fall to the floor! He then goes up top and jumps to the outside on Black. Espy flies through the ring and dives out onto Coleman. This leaves Chris alone in the ring with Wayne getting back to his feet on the inside. Wayne makes Chris get on it's knees and then do push-ups. He has Chris cornered as he yells and asks if Chris is a man or a woman. All of a sudden, Moose runs out and delivers the Moose Kick to Wayne laying him out. Chris looks unsure of what to do with the referee still out. Wayne starts to get up and Moose says to look at him, he did it to Wayne. With Wayne distracted, he turns around into a low blow from Chris. Chris covers him for the pin as Josh is finally back to his senses and makes the 1-2-3. WINNERS: MASCARA MAFIA by pinfall. MY TAKE: It looks like the Mascara Mafia won this war, but a new one has sprouted between Jason Wayne & Moose. One can only assume that Moose's close ties to a true American Hero in Michael Hayes has fueled his hatred for Jason Wayne and Wayne's blatant disrespect.
OVW SOUTHERN TAG TEAM TITLES: "White Kryptonite & Pink Dynamite" Eddie Diamond & Dylan Bostic (w/Timmy Danger) vs. The Best Team Ever: Rudy Switchblade & "Mr. Pec-Tacular" Jessie Godderz [c]. We start off with Rudy laying down some rhymes and Danger with a rebuttal. EFD starts off with Rudy and takes him down with a headlock takedown. Rudy reverses and gets EFD in an armbar. He goes to tag in Jessie, but he has his back turned and is posing to the crowd. EFD with a roll up attempt for 2. He tags in Dylan, but Rudy gets out of an armbar and tags in Jessie. They go for a double team maneuver, but Rudy jumps off the top rope and almost hits Jessie as Dylan ducks out of the way. They argue and then Jessie charges after Dylan, but Dylan ducks as he pulls down the top rope and Jessie goes flying out. He delivers a drop toehold to Rudy and tags EFD in. EFD ends up taking a lot of abuse for a while after the BTE regain advantage. Jessie misses his signature legdrop and EFD makes the tag to Dylan. Dylan's on fire, and the BTE run into each other. They start arguing again, and then Jessie turns into a kick to the head from Dylan. Dylan delivers a backcracker to Rudy. Dylan charges Rudy in the corner, but they crash into each other head first. Dylan tags in EFD, but Rudy goes for a tag, and Jessie has jumped off the apron and went to the back. Rudy goes to the outside and says to just count him out. Dylan & Eddie are inside yelling at Rudy to get back in. Their backs are turned to the curtain as Jessie sneaks back out with a title belt and bashes Dylan in the back of the head. Rudy gets back in and he & Jessie deliver their double team finisher to EFD for the pin. WINNERS and STILL OVW SOUTHERN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: BEST TEAM EVER by pinfall. MY TAKE: Is the Best Team Ever still on different pages, or are they now using their "mishaps" as a ruse to trick their opponents? It appears that they are using their "problems" to their advantage and remain tag champions. Will Dylan & EFD get another shot, or with teams like the Mascara Mafia, the Mobile Homers, & Team Gutcheck making waves in the tag division, will they be next in line for BTE?

TRIPLE THREAT OVW WOMEN'S TITLE MATCH: Taeler Hendrix vs. Josette Bynum vs. Heidi Lovelace [c]. Josette & Taeler continue their arguing as they await the bell to ring. Trailer Park Trash's music hits and he says that with all the arguing, they may not have even noticed that there is no referee in the ring yet. He said he knew OVW's hands would be full with this match, so they needed more than just a regular referee. He went to TNA, and got not just any TNA referee, but specifically the TNA Knockouts referee for this match tonight, Taryn Terrell!
Josette & Taeler continue to argue, push, and shove. Heidi does a double hurricanrana takedown. Heidi delivers a spinning hurricanrana to Taeler. She goes for a hurricanrana on Josette, but Josette throws her off. She runs at her, but Heidi ducks, and as Josette hits the ropes, Taeler grabs her by the foot from the outside tripping her and pulls her out of the ring. They argue again on the outside as Heidi goes to the top rope and dives out onto both of them. She gets up and rolls Taeler in the ring, but as she gets on the apron to get in, Josette gets back up and trips her and then slams her leg across the side of the ring. Taeler then slams Heidi's knee across the steel ringpost. Taeler & Josette actually start working together until Taeler goes for a pin, which angers Josette. They start slapping each other across the chest back and forth until Taeler knocks Josette to the outside. Taeler turns into another hurricanrana from Heidi. Taeler reverses Heidi into the corner, though and begins choking her with her boot across the throat. Taryn breaks her off, which annoys Taeler. Taeler starts pushing Taryn, but finally Taryn pushes back and knocks her to the mat where Heidi runs out of the corner and hits the Shining Wizard for the 1-2-3 as Josette tries to crawl back in and stop the count. WINNER and STILL OVW WOMEN'S CHAMPION: HEIDI by pinfall. MY TAKE: Taeler learned that she can't push everyone around, that some push back, and that's exactly what TNA Knockout refree Taryn Terrell did tonight. After the match, Josette & Taeler fight on the outside as Taryn tries to separate them. Taeler grabs a water bottle from the announce table and throws it at Josette as they fight to the back.

OVW HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: Rob Terry vs. Crimson [c]. Crimson walks out with the Wild Cards and Terry grabs a mic and says this is exactly what he is talking about. Crimson says this is a show of good faith. He tells the Wild Cards this will be a fair 1-on-1 match and to go to the back and no matter what, not to come out. He then asks Terry if the title is what this is all about. He said they go way back in TNA, and can give Big Rob anything he wants. Money, cars, women, he can make it happen. Terry shakes his head as Crimson goes for a cheap shot, but Terry catches it and elbows him down. He slings Crimson across the ring twice and hits a fall away slam. Before he can go for a pin, Bodyguy & Ricky Chevy run out. Terry takes them both out, but it allows Crimson to get back up and take advantage. He hits a running knee and then puts Terry in an abdominal stretch using the ropes for leverage when the ref isn't looking. Terry fights back and hits Crimson with giant axehandles. Crimson rolls out of the ring, and Terry follows. They fight around the outside. Crimson tries to throw Terry into the corner ringpost, but Terry reverses as Crimson goes face first into the steel. Terry continues to pummel and choke Crimson on the outside as VIP and Raphael Constantine run out. Terry is able to take both of them down with a clothesline and headbutt to the face respectively, but it again allows Crimson to recover and take advantage. He throws Terry into the announce table, and then rolls him back in the ring. He goes up top and hits an axehandle off the top. He follows up with 2 big clotheslines, and then puts Terry in a submission torquing his neck. He tries to pin, but Terry kicks out at 1. He puts him in a sleeper, but Terry elbows out before Crimson pokes Terry in the eye. He hits a snapmare on Terry and then hits a running knee with Terry sitting on the mat. Another pin attempt, but kickout at 2. Crimson goes up top again, but Terry hits the ropes and Crimson falls across the top turnbuckle. Terry with a suplex off the top rope and a loud crash to the mat. Jose Del Barrio runs out and tries to chokeslam Terry, but Terry breaks away and hits the spinning kick to take Del Barrio out. The Wild Cards run out and beat Terry down until Team Gutcheck run out and chase after them to the back. Crimson tries to pin again, but Terry kicks out. Terry fights back and has Crimson in a powerbomb position, but with Crimson in the air, Crimson has his kneebrace in his hand and hits Terry across the head for the disqualification. WINNER: TERRY by DQ. MY TAKE: Another cowardly way out by Crimson. Will there be a third time that is the charm for Terry? If so, it needs to be a match that either prohibits outside interference or is no disqualification, or both! 

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