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By Richard Trionfo on 2012-11-04 01:21:03
It is time for the latest edition of Ring of Honor Road Rage from Glory By Honor: The Unbreakable Hope from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Your announcers are Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness.

Tonight we will see Davey Richards versus Jay Lethal in the main event. In addition, we will see what happened in Rahway.

Our first match is Roderick Strong versus Tadarius Thomas.

Truth Martini is in the interview area. He says that tonight they continue to dispel the rumors. Everything is fine with between the House of Truth and Roderick Strong. Truth says that he does not feel sorry for many people, but he feels sorry for what is going to happen to Tadarius Thomas tonight.

Roderick Strong comes to the ring and he is not dressed to wrestle. Truth Martini follows close behind Strong as he makes his way to the ring.

Roderick says that this is bulls***. He says that Tadarius Thomas had beaten nobody and he does not deserve to be in the ring with him. Roderick threatens to attack Thomas. He has listened to enough bulls*** from Truth. He is not on strike from the House of Truth, he quits the House of Truth.

Martini gets on his knees and he begs for Strong to reconsider.

Strong says that he is out here to quit the House of Truth and then sit in the front row and drink beer while watching Michael Elgin fail against Kevin Steen.

Truth begs for Strong to come back and he follows Strong through the curtains.

Truth brings Rhino out with him to face Tadarius Thomas. Truth says that everything is fine and dandy with Roderick Strong. He has the hired mercenary who speaks the language of money. He does what he is paid to do. Truth wants Rhino to enter the ring to face Tadarius Thomas. After this victory, the House of Truth, including Roderick Strong are going to celebrate. He tells TD that he will D-I-E at the hands of the G-O-R-E.

Match Number One: Rhino (with Truth Martini) versus Tadarius Thomas

The match is joined in progress and Rhino with a belly-to-belly suplex to Thomas. Rhino sets for the GORE but Thomas is tripped by Martini and Rhino wants to know why Martini did that. Rhino moves to a different corner for the GORE. Thomas with a kick to the head and Thomas with a La Magistral fro the three count.

Winner: Tadarius Thomas

After the match, Rhino is not in a good mood. Rhino grabs Martini and Truth gets some extra money to make sure that Rhino does not split him in half. Rhino presses Martini over his head and then he throws Truth to the floor and Truth hits the guardrail.

We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time to go to footage from Rahway, New Jersey. Kevin Steen was defending the Ring of Honor World Title in Jay Lethal’s back yard. Lethal’s family was in attendance.

The battle moved outside the ring and after Steen was finished biting Lethal in the face, Jay’s mother threw a drink in Steen’s face. After being the victim of an assault and battery from Lethal’s mother, Steen spat at Jay’s mom. Jay attacks Steen and then things broke down. Lethal takes shots at numerous ringside officials and then they try to separate Lethal and Steen.

Jay has some unkind words for Jim Cornette after Jim tried to explain the situation. Jay says that if anyone spits on his mother again, he will murder them. Lethal goes to the back.

We go to Lethal throwing Cornette into a table in the back while he continues to look for Kevin Steen.

Kevin Kelly says that the match was a No Contest.

We go to a phone call from earlier in the week with Jim Cornette. Jim says that Jay’s parents got a little excited and threw a drink at Steen. Steen then spat on Jay’s mom and Jay went a bit too far attacking Steen and some of the Ring of Honor officials.

Jim says that he re-aggravated a back injury and he will not be able to travel.

Jim mentions that Jay’s parents have talked about suing Steen. Steen then complained to Ring of Honor Management and he got what he wanted because Ring of Honor wanted to avoid a lawsuit.

Jim says that since he is not able to travel, he will have to appoint a troubleshooting matchmaker.

We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time to go Inside Ring of Honor.

Our first topic is Matt Hardy. He was at Death Before Dishonor and he talked to Adam Cole. We go to comments from an interview that was held with Matt Hardy. Matt talks about the Briscoes. Matt mentions that they have been tag team champions seven times and then he can remember when him and Jeff were only seven time tag team champions.

He mentions Davey Richards and says that he is talented. Matt says that he wrestled on every continent while in his teens.

Matt talks about Jay Lethal and he says that Jay is very entertaining. He talks about Jay’s new attitude to move ahead. Matt says that this is a dog eat dog world and you have to step on people to get up the ladder.

He says that he is a fan of the Ring of Honor talent. It is a good mix where talent can move ahead based on their skills, not politics. Ring of Honor needs a mainstream character whose face is known globally. They need someone to take Ring of Honor to the next level.

It is time to take a look at some highlights from the Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Title Match from Glory By Honor when Kevin Steen defended against Michael Elgin. Steen was able to retain the title.

Roderick Strong attacked Elgin after the match with a Sick Kick.

After Steen’s win, he was presented with a box by Nigel McGuinness. Inside the box was an El Generico mask.

What is the future of the House of Truth after Glory By Honor?

The next step for Ring of Honor is Final Battle (insert subtitle here) on December 16th from the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York.

Matches for Final Battle will be announced next week.

We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time to take a look back at highlights from Survival of the Fittest because the final two men from that match will be wrestling in our main event.

Jay Lethal is in the ring and he says that he had a closed door meeting with Joe Koff and he was told never to bring up what happened in Rahway. He does not care because this is live. He tells Kevin Steen that what he did in New Jersey was on purpose so Kevin Steen can kiss his ass. Through all of the confusion, he ended up putting Jim Cornette in the hospital. The fans seemed happy with what Jay did and Jay acknowledges that too.

Jay says that the finger of blame has been put in his direction. Ring of Honor told Jay Lethal was too nice. Ring of Honor told Jay Lethal that he needed a mean streak. Ring of Honor told Jay Lethal that he needed a killer instinct. Jay says that Ring of Honor can kiss his ass.

Jay says that he would say the same thing about his opponent tonight but he has respect for Davey Richards. After everything that he has gone through over the last few days, Davey will be the wrong person at the wrong time.

Match Number Two: Jay Lethal versus Davey Richards

Lethal goes for the leg but Richards avoids him. They lock up and they go into the corner. Lethal with a clean break but then he pushes Richards. Richards pushes back and Lethal with a punch. Lethal wit ha waist lock but Davey with a hammer lock into a snap mare but Lethal counters with a hammer lock.

Richards with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Richards with an O’Connor Roll and then Richards with a rocking chair into a rollup for a near fall. Lethal responds with the rocking chair of his own. Richards with a step over toe hold into a trailer hitch but Lethal gets to the ropes. Lethal with a slap to the face and Richards has something to say to Lethal.

Richards pushes Lethal and Lethal tries to punch Richards but Davey with a block followed by a back heel kick and head butt. Lethal with a hip toss followed by a cartwheel into a drop kick for a near fall. Lethal with a kick to the back of the head and then to the chest. Richards with punches to Lethal. Lethal with an Irish whip and flying shoulder into the corner and Lethal gets a near fall.

Richards works on the leg and then he goes for the arm and he stretches Lethal and bridges with a top wrist lock using the leg. Richards gets a few near falls. Lethal punches Richards but Richards kicks Lethal in the chest. Lethal with an enzuigiri. Lethal chops Richards in the corner but Richards with forearms. They go back and forth and Lethal gets a near fall. Lethal with a figure four head scissors as we go to commercial.

We are back and Lethal sends Richards to the apron but Richards with a leaping head butt. Lethal avoids being sent into the turnbuckles. Lethal with a springboard drop kick and then he hits a suicide dive onto Richards and both men are down. Lethal sets for the Lethal Injection on the apron but Richards blocks it. Richards with an enzuigiri to the head but he misses the running kick.

Lethal hits the Lethal Injection on the apron and Richards falls to the floor and Lethal is down as well. The referee starts his count but both men return to the ring. Lethal with the first punch but Richards with a punch of his own. Lethal slaps Richards and the go back and forth with punches. Richards with the Alarm Clock but it catches Lethal in the chest. Lethal fires back with a super kick. Lethal with the Lethal Combination and then he applies the Koji Clutch but Richards gets to the ropes.

Lethal tries for a dragon suplex but Richards with a snap mare. Richards with a German suplex and Lethal pops up. Richards with a super kick and a German suplex and bridge for a near fall. Richards with a running forearm into the corner. Both men try for suplexes but they are able to block them. Lethal picks up Richards for an inverted suplex but then he turns it into a sit out front driver and he gets a near fall. Lethal pulls Richards into the center of the ring for the elbow drop but he takes too long and Richards recovers and he punches Lethal. They fight on the turnbuckles.

Richards with a superplex and he rolls through but Lethal counters with an inside cradle for a near fall. Lethal tries for an O’Connor Roll but Richards holds on to the ropes. Richards with an Ace Crusher and then he kicks Lethal in the head and then hits a brainbuster but Lethal kicks out.

Richards goes up top for a double stomp and he connects but Lethal kicks out. Richards with an ankle lock and a kick to the head but Lethal kicks out at one. Richards and Lethal exchange punches. Lethal with a super kick and Richards bounces off the ropes. Lethal hits a second super kick but Richards kicks out at two. Richards rolls to the apron and so does Lethal. They go to the turnbuckles and Lethal tries for a sunset flip power bomb through the table at ringside but Richards holds on. Lethal with a kick to the head and Richards falls to the table, but the table does not break.

The referee makes the count but Richards gets back into the ring at nineteen. Lethal goes up top for the elbow drop and he hits it but Richards kicks out. Lethal with a dragon suplex and he gets a near fall. Lethal sets for the Lethal Injection but Richards moves and then he applies the ankle lock.

Richards pulls Lethal into the center of the ring but Lethal with an elevated cloverleaf. Richards escapes and tries for a Cloverleaf of his own but Richards is sent into the turnbuckles head first. Lethal with a super kick to the back of the head followed by the Lethal Injection for a near fall. Lethal with the Koji Clutch and Richards passes out.

Winner: Jay Lethal

We go to credits.

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