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By Dave Scherer on 2012-11-04 09:59:00

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With the era of Raw and Smackdown as separate brands seemingly over, has the idea of unifying the WWE & World titles (or the IC & US titles, for that matter) been tossed around? Two world titles for what is essentially one roster makes little sense, and part of the reason the secondary titles have become devalued is that there's not enough roster depth to justify having so many belts. The Big Gold Belt has been booked as a distant second to the the Big Thugged Out Piece O Bling for years now anyway.

WWE has considered it in the past.  There was actually a lot of talk last year about uniting the belts your mentioned but then the talk went away.  I agree with you, they have too many Championships and they should dial it back.

First off, I really appreciate what you do! Really! But why are you so negative toward WWE? They are on board to have an even better/successful year than 2011. $ 368.9 Mio. revenue and $ 153.6 Mio. profit (up 9%) in 2012 tell the story. I realize, they can be better and I know, they could have better ratings. But really, the numbers are in WWE’s favor. They had the single most successful (in ppv-buys) PPV in wrestling history! That is a strong statement! And PPV-numbers are up – even with a paper champion, that only PWI wants to hold on until 2020. I’m sorry, but where is TNA in 2012? There's a show got beat by WWE Saturday Morning Slam and WWE Main Event in October. So please explain, why are you guys so bragging about a product, that nobody watches (TNA) and bashing a product that is so successful (WWE).

Paper champion?  I don't even know what that means but it's ridiculous that you say that. In a worked business there are no legitimate champions.  I can only speak for myself here.  I am negative because WWE has done an awful job in developing stars and is regularly putting on some of the most poorly booked stuff I have ever seen.  Plus, they continue to ignore logic with the ridiculous stories they book.  I know they can do better and I expect them to do so because I love the business.

Some numbers are up over last year, some aren't.  But last year was hardly a banner year so it's not a great point of comparison.  Some big numbers that are down?  Raw's viewership and the stock price.  They are pretty important ones and show that people are losing interest in the WWE product, so it's not just me.  If you are able to enjoy stupid booking and poor character development, God bless you.  They have plenty more in store to keep you happy. But when I watch them do the same things wrong over and over again, I have to say it.  Maybe you are a newer fan and don't know that WWE used to book an excellent show.  I am discerning, I want that back.  I won't just accept slop and say it's great.

As for TNA, week in and week out it's a better show than Raw, so I like it more.  It's that simple.

At Hell in a Cell (or as Vince calls its... in “The Cell”), Kofi worked a spot where he was missing a boot and risked not being pull off his finishing maneuver in the process. Is it agents who come up with such an idea and the guys just go out and play it out as best as they can or is it the wrestlers themselves doing so?

It is both.  Most of the time, it's devised by management but sometimes things happen and when they do the talents improvise.

When a developmental wrestler like Dean Ambrose isn’t used (and for the love of God, enough with this Creative Has Nothing For You business!!), he simply sits at home and gets a downside guarantee or do they even have one?

Yes, they have a downside.  It's pretty small though in most cases when guys are in developmental.

Why does your site never seem to report on or mention Hulk Hogan without some slight dig at the man? I'm not Hogan's biggest fan at all but it seems somewhat pathetic when every time his name crops up there has to be some snarky remark or personal comment. 99% of the time it adds nothing to the article or story other than underline the fact the author doesn't like Hogan. It reads quite unprofessional.

You have every right to your opinion, just as we do to ours.  Part of the reason is that Hogan has made outrageous statements for years and we remember them.  Now, Hogan and his life has become like a parody and a bad one at that.  It is hard to not point things out when they are so obvious.  I mean, when you have sex with your friend's wife in a house that has video cameras everywhere you have to think there is a chance it will be taped? When you do a video where you pull shorts up to your thong in front of your daughter?  I could go on and on.  It's hard for me to not interject when things are that goofy, brother.  Maybe it's not for you, and that is fine with me.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.


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