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By Mike Johnson on 2012-11-03 10:00:44
With Hijo de Rey Misterio making his debut at Extreme Rising soon, he will be exposed to a larger number of US fans. Do you think WWE might have an eye on him. With as much as they love Rey Mysterio being a fan favorite and selling so much merchandise, bringing in Hijo de Rey Misterio to take the place of his uncle as Mysterio's career is winding down could make for a good "passing of the mask" story and maintain that character on WWE programming. Thoughts?

I haven't heard anything in the way of WWE being interested in Hijo at this point. To me, he hasn't yet proven that he's at the level of his famous uncle but he's also very young and is still growing as an in-ring performer. The storyline you throw out there is interesting, but he's nowhere near ready for such a thing.

With all the Gimmick PPV's that the WWE puts out there these days to help ppv sales like "Hell In the Cell", "MITB", "TLC" why do they not go back to the traditional Survivor Series? It's one of the best gimmicks they created and there's not a fan on earth that I've met that has been against this ppv, but continually the WWE brass tries their best to make this a generic ppv maybe throwing in one traditional match just to appease the fans. What do you think is the reason for this madness?

I agree with you one hundred percent. To me, the Survivor Series was always just as unique and special as the Royal Rumble in concept and I never truly understood why they moved away from it. I'd love to see them go back to the "Teams of Five Strive to Survive" concept. I think part of the reason is the argument that the concept is antiquated, but it's been so long since they've actually done it and the audience has had such a turnover, that I don't believe that argument to be legitimate anymore.

If someone wanted to write a book about the life and career of a wrestler male or female how would they go about it?

Sit down and do it.

With Wrestlemania just around the corner and the talk of the Undertaker coming back. Who do you feel would be the right choice to face him ?

If he does something, and there's no guarantee he will, I'd prefer he just make a cameo and not wrestle. He's destroyed his body enough.

WWE shown any interest in getting Tough Enough Runner-Up Luke a contract? I thought he was far better in the ring and on the mic than Andy Leavine and could have been a pretty decent heel.

None at all.

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