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By Mike Johnson on 2012-11-02 10:00:03
I just finished reading Legends of Pro Wrestling 150 years of headlocks, body slams, and piledrivers by Tim Hornbaker. I know it's not meant to have every wrestler, however I think 3 wrestlers should have been included- Ultimo Dragon, ROH's Nigel McGuinness(TNA's Desmond Wolfe) and ROH's Low Ki (TNA's Senshi, WWE's Kaval). Do you think they should be in or not and is there anyone else you think the book missed? with the exception of

Of course they should be in, but you have to remember that with a book, you only have a finite amount of space to include your subjects. That said, most of the names you mentioned are still active while the majority of the names in the book are steeped in history. So, perhaps in the second edition?

I saw on Raw where Beth Phoenix took on AJ Lee. After the match it dawned on me. This was probably her final match for WWE. A unique way of going out. First losing to Lee via roll up then having the match restarted on orders from Vickie Guerrero giving Phoenix the opportunity to attack her from behind and apply her patented front bodyslam move on AJ Lee. It was reported that Beth Phoenix was leaving by the end of October. So is that it? The Phoenix has risen and left WWE forever? If so good luck to her whatever she does.

That was indeed Phoenix' exit from the company for the time being. She has decided to move onto the next stage of her life.

How long will it be before we all know the true identity of Aces and Eights leader?

That would all depend on TNA creative. My feeling is that as long as they continue to deliver a good storyline, it doesn't matter.

Has Hurricane Sandy effected any WWE, TNA and ROH shows? Was the place where Wrestlemania is scheduled to take place affected by the storm?

None of the four really dealt with any issues in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. I would gladly change that they had in exchange for skipping a lot of the heartbreak and damage that the East Coast as seen. It's just terrible,

I didn't know that Beth Phoenix was "fired" by Vickie Guerrero. Afterward Phoenix stated that this wasn't going to be the last time you see her. Is the firing a way to leave the door open for Beth Phoenix to return possibly in 2013?

It's possible but not likely. Phoenix has wanted out of the company for some time and she needed a mental and physical break from it.

Why did WWE cancel the RAW taping (no live audience or matches) and not hold any tribute matches as they did with Eddie. Him and Eddie both passed just before a taping, so why carry on with RAW as normal for Eddie but not for Benoit, as I'm assuming at that point no one knew the full story as to what actually happened.

WWE sources have always indicated that the company learned the true nature of the murder/suicide during the tribute show. My feeling is they didn't hold a tribute show because it would have seemed completely callous for fans to be having fun watching wrestling in the wake of an entire family's death, especially when the original plan for the three hour special was a "funeral for Mr. McMahon."

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