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By Mike Johnson on 2012-11-01 10:00:46
Lately WWE has been conscience of the fact that October is breast cancer month by featuring one of their ring ropes on Raw with the color pink. Has TNA done anything to reconize October as breast cancer awareness month? I haven't noticed anyone wearing anything pink including ribbons. Why not?

You haven't been paying attention. TNA has done more than its share of helping the Susan G. Komen Foundation, both this year and in the past.

How is legendary wrestling manager Bobby Heenan doing these days?

Bobby Heenan is hanging in there. Obviously, his health is not the best, but he's loving being a grandfather and is still a huge baseball fan. He is traveling from time to time to conventions and still has a great wit. He's one of the all-time best and is a treasured person.

Now that AJ Lee is no longer Raw GM will she be getting back into the ring as a wrestler? Do you see a Vickie Guerrero vs AJ Lee match anytime soon?

As you saw on Raw, she is already back as a wrestler. The long-term goal here is to build to AJ vs. Vickie obviously.

With Hulk Hogan filing lawsuits left and right about the infamous sex tape will he be serving one to himself? After all he isn't the innocent victim in all this is he? He should sue himself. What do you think? My judgement: Hulk Hogan should resign from TNA immediately. TNA shouldn't suffer from his stupidity. That wouldn't be fair.

Hogan may be victim of stupid judgment in this situation, but he's not going to quit TNA over it.

So WWE adds a third hour to RAW over the summer and a brand new program in Main Event, yet no new talents debut. How does that even makes any sense? Developmental is full of prospects that can benefit from all this extra TV time, yet all we see is way too much Sheamus and Big Show on all the programs. Dean Ambrose was being planned to debut since Wrestlemania, yet there is still no sight of him whatsoever. Seth Rollins has been in developmental over two years now. How much polishing could he need? At least 3 hour Nitros had cruiserweights and young talent. WWE just has an extended version of what they have been presenting over the last few years. Thank god for me Canada shows NXT.

From what I am told, now that Triple H is in charge of the developmental system, he does not want any new talents debuting unless there is a long-term plan for them and they are ready for the pressure of getting themselves over on the main roster. There is a great amount of talent stockpiled down in Florida, so hopefully, when they are revealed, WWE gets the most out of them.

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