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By Mike Johnson on 2012-10-30 20:58:51

In a surprising move, Extreme Rising announced today that Raven has been added to their 11/17 event in Monaca, PA at the Golden Dome. I say surprising since the segment with Raven at their debut event did more to turn the audience against the show (which had its own issues, obviously) than any other singular segment of the event. Rising bringing him back shows they are putting all hands on deck, perhaps to their own detriment, for their Pittsburgh debut. This move follows the announcement that Shane Douglas, who had publicly pulled himself out of the ring after the debut show, would be main eventing the "November to Remember" tribute show.

Previously announced for the show:

*Shane Douglas vs. Matt Hardy.

*Sabu vs. Devon Storm

*Jerry Lynn vs. Homicide

*The FBI vs. BLK Out

*Bestia 666 vs Pesadilla

*Perry Saturn vs. Luke Hawx

*Stevie Richards vs. Papadon

*Rhino, The Sandman, New Jack, Blue Meanie, Balls Mahoney, Facade, Christian York, Jay Bradley, Marcos Cordova, Joel Gertner and Robbie Mireno are also scheduled for the event.

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