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By Mike Johnson on 2012-10-30 18:14:17
First, just a quick note to thank everyone who wrote asking about myself and everyone else here at the site.

Stu Carapola and I were both in the path of the storm and escaped with no real damage or problems. We didn't have to deal with any flooding or losing power, so we ended up a lot more lucky than most. My cable and Internet are out and since T-Mobile, my cell provider, also decided to have issues with my Hot Spot today, I was pretty much cut off from posting. I should (knock on wood) be back to normal going forward.

That said, given all the damage to the Eastern Seaboard, Stu and myself were extremely lucky. I have been seeing a lot of the damage locally and on TV today and I wanted to send my deepest condolences to those of you who have suffered in any way and will have to deal with an incredible amount of stress and problems in the days going forward. Hang in there and I and everyone else at the site send you our best wishes.

This was a really frightening 24 hours and I saw a lot of landmarks I grew up with badly damaged, a lot of neighborhoods I knew wiped off the face of the earth and a lot of really great people faced with unspeakable tragedy and damage. If anything ever reminds you to treasure every day, this is it.

On behalf of everyone with the site, we wish everyone the best and hope things will quickly, somehow, get back to normal.

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