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By Mike Johnson on 2012-10-29 19:03:38
Due to the hurricane conditions in NYC right now, there will likely not be a Raw Post Game Show. I'd like to thank everyone who checked in with me over the course of the day. I live in the third floor of a brownstone nowhere near any of the evacuation areas and so far, electricity has been fine. My cable and Internet is out, but thanks to Dave's Slingbox and my cell phone hotspot, I'll be watching as much of Raw as I can and have been posting all day. For those of you inside the path of the storm, please be careful and safe.

Jim Ross teased on Twitter that there will be an announcement regarding Jerry Lawler on tonight's Raw, so it appears Lawler may be close to returning to the announcing booth soon.

For those who have asked, Ric Flair was not backstage as of 6:45 PM. As we noted in the Elite section, sources close to Flair were claiming he could be returning at this Raw.

Our friends at are running a promotion where the first 30 people who order a Cliff Compton Hoodie will receive a phone call from Compton. I can pretty much guarantee that will not be a PG rated call!

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