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By Dave Scherer on 2012-10-28 20:01:15

Welcome to my Hell In A Cell PPV blog. I would tell you whether I am looking forward to the show or not but believe or not, there are a few people on the message board who think for some bizarre reason that if you are not looking forward to a show going in to it, you can't be impartial when you write about it. Yeah, that doesn't make sense to me either when I have already given my opinion on audio, the Newsletter and the Tip Sheet concerning how I feel about a show but hey, it must make sense to them!

With that said, I will now tell you what my thoughts are going in (yeah, I hate message boards, what can I say). While I don't think the build for this show has been good I have to say I am very interested to see how they book the main event. I am curious to see what they do with Ryback and whether they can realize that a strong CM Punk is a good CM Punk. We shall see. ... Oh yeah, once again I refused to pay the extra 10 bucks for HD. To me that is a travesty. SD looks good enough on a 51" plasma.

We are opening with Alberto Del Rio vs. Randy Orton. The announce team is Michael Cole, Jim Ross and JBL. I figured we would star with Miz vs. Kofi. ... It's back and forth early until ADR gets control and starts working on Orton's forearm. After a few minutes, Orton breaks free and uses the right arm for clotheslines. ADR then locked on the cross arm breaker but Orton fights back as a one-armed man. ... With Orton down, ADR mocks him by viping on the mat. This let's Orton get a DDT off of the ropes and take control. Cole uses "vintage" for the first time.

Ah, but Orton screwed up. As he went to vipe he hit the mat and hurt his hurt arm so ADR is back in control. Briefly as Orton got a two with a powerslam. ADR gets a two count with a sick move off of the top. Back and forth they go until Orton goes for Ricardo. ADR uses that to lock on the armbreaker. Orton does his best to break it finally and finally rolled ADR for the two. Ricardo let go and Orton pulled the RKO out of nowhere for the win.

The match itself was really good. I don't get why they put the made guy over when ADR really needed the win here. Orton was hurt and it wouldn't have hurt him a bit to lose, but he won. Meanwhile, ADR really needed a win, and he lost.

They are showing twitter clips of John Cena and Vickie Guerrero going back and forth about her proof of his and AJ's whatever it is. Argh. Then they showed him in the ring from earlier answering questions when Dolph Ziggler came out and attacked him, but got nothing in. Of course. You can't get anything in on Superman.

Vickie has proof she says. She invites AJ to come to Raw tomorrow and defend herself. I can't wait for that. Actually, I can. A long time.

Paul Heyman comes out and Vickie says she won't cancel the match with Ryback. She says Punk is scared of Ryback. That is how you want to book your champion! Heyman says Punk is not afraid of anyone. He says she is handling AJ right and she is doing a good job. She doesn't want to mess it up. He is putting fear in her heart!

Tag Title time. Rhodes Scholars say they will be the champs by the time it's over. ... Cole says that Hall Of Famer Ron Simmons was visiting backstage. Good for him! Always liked Ron. ... This was what you would expect early, Kane in control and when Bryan comes in, he gets worked over. ... JBL just mentioned Stan Hansen and Bruiser Brody. I would like to say that kind of pandering doesn't work on me but it does. Good job JBL. This business could use the 2012 version of both of those all timers. ... Kane came back and was in control. As Kane was going for the win, Bryan tagged himself in. He could have had it but Kane stopped him. They argued, Bryan said he was trying to help. This led to the heels trying to take advantage. Bryan accidentally threw Rhodes on Kane, then kneed him when Rhodes moved. They began pushing eahc other on the floor. Rhodes did double sliding kicks (Sandow came up a bit short). Rhodes hit Crossrhodes on Bryan but Kane broke up the pinfall and went nuts on the heels, getting DQ'd. Some fans booed the decision. Champs lose, but retain. It was OK.

Afterward, Bryan and Kane argued. The story was that Kane was saving Bryan because he can beat him up but no one else can. Bryan is oblivious to that.

Wow there was a commercial for a National Geographic show. On a PPV. That is so wrong.

Josh Matthews interviews Miz. He will beat Kofi. Time for the IC match. The champ comes out first. I always hate that. The champ should come out last. ... The match saw Miz largely dominate and wear Kofi down. Miz worked over the leg. Then, when it seemed like time for Kofi to make a comeback he instead hit Trouble In Paradise with the good leg and got the pin. ... I liked where they were going until they suddenly got there. It came out of nowhere. it's kind of hard to say if it was a good match or not. Incomplete works better.

Matt Striker then interviewed Kofi in the ring. He thanked The Miz for bringing the wildcat out in him. That ended hour one.

Hour two thoughts begin on the next page!

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