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By Dave Scherer on 2012-10-31 09:59:00

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Jericho says that Ryback should destroy Punk, and this is what makes a new star for years to come. He also said Punk has gone as far as he can go. Am I a 23 year old who is out of touch with what younger fans like, or is Jericho completely out of his mind?

I totally disagreed with him when he said it.  I think he is looking at it from his frame of reference and let's face it, he is a middle aged man now.  I think Vince McMahon has a similar problem.

My question is, is there a reason Shawn Michaels never left the WWF back when his buddies left for WCW? I mean Syxx left too, (who is smaller the Michaels) and had a decent push for a while so for that guaranteed money, it seems that Shawn, during his mindset and personal problems in 1996-1997 would of jumped at the chance to take it. Or, did he, like Bret Hart see that WCW would of never of used him right and decided to stay where he would remain on top? Or after seeing what happened to Triple H during his stint in WCW turn him off too? But then again, Nash and Hall were wasted during there first stints in WCW too and yet, they still left for the money. Any thoughts?

He was signed with WWE when his friends' contracts expired.  He had a good bond with Vince McMahon and stayed.  Hall and Nash were offered ridiculous money so he went.  Michaels stayed loyal and it worked out pretty well for him.

Which you think was the best go home show (from HYPE PPV view point) Impact Wrestling from 10/11/12 for BFG 2012 or Raw from 10/22/12 for HIAC 2012?

Neither was great but the go home Raw for HIAC was terrible, so I will go with TNA.

I know this question is a blast from the past but here it goes. Many moons ago when Kevin Nash and Scott Hall left WWF for WCW as the Outsiders, I remember during and episode of Raw that Jim Ross introduced two guys that were supposed to be Kevin and Scott’s “replacements”. I was wondering who were the two guys that were in those roles also it seemed that JR was not happy about it, is there an inside story? Thanks for the site and keep up the great work.

One was Kane (fake Diesel) and the other was Rick Bogner (fake Razor).  Bogner mostly worked internationally.  Obviously, it bombed.  Very few people thought it was a good idea at the time.

I personally think this would be a good idea but with the problems there having with Ryback Punk outcome for HIAC, wouldn't it be good to throw Punk with Lesnar as a little stable and get Lesnar to help him beat Ryback?

I think it would be terrible to book Punk as needing help to beat Ryback.  I think it would be smart to show that he can fight Ryback on even terms.

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