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By Dave Scherer on 2012-10-30 09:59:00

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This question is meant mostly for Mike, as he seems to attend more live events. When attending these events, or you there solely as a reporter, or do you allow yourself to taunt/ cheer on the action? I ask this question in comparison to reporter who attend live sports events in the press box, where there is a rule that cheering is not allowed. Just wondering in what capacity you will attend, say a Wrestlemania.

If we are put in a press box situation, we have to act professionally.  We are doing our job and have to act accordingly.  If I am sitting in the stands, I act the same way.  It's my job to watch so I can be able to report on what I see.  That doesn't mean I don't pop for good stuff, because even sports reporters do that.  But it's not just a fan experience for us.  I have also sent this to Mike to answer.

I too have been concerned about the Punk-Ryback outcome at Hell In A Cell. Wouldn't the best outcome be a screwjob finish with the Rock getting involved (Survivor Series is not that far away) or even Cena getting involved, such that both Punk looks strong while losing and Ryback keeps his undefeated streak alive without having to win the title due to disqualification. Thoughts?

My only problem with that is that they, once again, make Punk look weak, which I hate.  I want the guy to look strong and be a credible champion.  Instead they book him to be a guy who hangs on to his title by the skin of his fingernails.

Is the NXT title belt a mockery of the TNA X Division championship considering the NXT belt has a giant "X" on it?

I don't see that as being a mockery.  X is the middle letter of the name. 

Just curious on your thoughts, What if HIAC goes way beyond expectations and serves as the launching pad into superstardom for Ryback..... any chance several years from now we're looking back at this point in time as the beginning of the end of the Cena era?

We can only hope so because the Cena era has gotten really stale.  Cena has been on top too long now and Vince's reliance on him has kept other guys from breaking out.

Is it me, or is TNA's product much better than WWE's? It's really had to see a decent bit of TV/PPV programming by the WWE since Raw 1000. TNA may have it's pitfalls but I think there's more and higher quality wrestling on their shows. What do you think?

I have been saying for months now that TNA is better than WWE so it's not just you!

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