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By Dave Scherer on 2012-10-29 09:59:00

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Quick question regarding the Aces & storyline which looks a lot like the FX show the Sons of Anarchy the suggestion has been Bully Ray however could we either see maybe Matt Morgan or even Bobby Roode as the president?

Morgan is fighting against the machine, but he really doesn't seem like a biker type and since he has been on TV since his return it wouldn't make that much sense to me.  I could see him as a member, but not the leader.  Roode makes no sense since he was the champion and didn't need to come back to something he was already involved in.  To me, the leader has to be someone we haven't seen and someone that had been banned from the company in the storylines.  Jeff Jarrett fits that role.

Does CM Punk or any other wrestler that is on the cover of a video game get more money for being on the cover?

Yes, the more merchandise a guy is involved in, the bigger bump they see in their check.

What are your thoughts on the PWI 500 list? Do promoters and wrestlers take it seriously? Do you usually agree with the guys who make the top 10?

I don't even look at it to be honest with you so I couldn't give you any thoughts other than it isn't relative to me.  Many workers back in the day paid attention to it and some still do today but it's not like the old days when magazines in all genres mattered.  They are dinosaurs today.

I am a big fan of CM Punk but the ratings have been steadily declining during his title reign. While I agree that creative has a big part in it, I also think that he has to take responsibility. Fingers were pointed to Diesel (Kevin Nash) when he was the champion but they haven’t been at CM Punk. You can blame Cena but Punk has as many segments (and usually more) than Cena during a normal Raw. As an example, there was a ratings bump when Vince McMahon came back but it was not maintained. Why do you think Punk gets a pass?

I think the big difference here is that WWE completely changed the way that they booked Punk after they put him on top.  It's like you climb within 1,000 feet of the summit of Mount Everest using the proper gear and then switch to shorts and sneakers for the rest of the trip.  Bad things will happen.  Nash was booked as a monster before and after the title so it was apples to apples in his case.  With Punk, WWE took away all of the stuff that made him break out in the first place once they put him on top.  Plus, as you mentioned, he has been booked as secondary to Cena.  Those are the big differences to me.  Well, that and the fact that most of the storylines WWE has come up with are really bad.

There's been a lot of hype over "Heyman Guys", Lesnar returning, Punk, the online article did... Would it make sense for WWE to bring in other Heyman guys and have them as a heel stable? I mean, Lesnar, Punk, some of the ECW talent, they could even have Big Show win at Hell in a Cell and then hey could come out and say he's a "Heyman Guy", anyone who did this would have instant heat on them and it could also help bring up some of the talent that's been getting buried, Slater, McIntyre, they could be Heyman guys and just start taking out faces, I think its what WWE needs right now, some solid, non goofy heels, with the Mad Scientist at the helm, thoughts?

Ass kicking, hard-edged heels are sorely lacking from WWE.  I would love to see more of them.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.


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