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By T. Boler on 2012-10-28 14:03:11

There were announcements throughout the night that certain wrestlers would be doing autograph signings. James Storm, ODB, Hernandez, Tara, Daniels and Bobby Roode started off. Then, Mr. Anderson had his own, but I overheard one of the security guys yell out TNA-related merchandise only, not ticket stubs would be accepted.

Luckily, I had Anderson's action figure so no biggie. However, when it came time for a Jeff Hardy/AJ Styles combined signing it was never clearly stated by the announcer that you had to purchase a special 2-pack Hardy/Styles figure set (which conveniently was available at the merchandise table for $20 a piece) to be admitted in. I stood in the line with my Jeff Hardy figure (big plug to for shipping all my TNA figures the day before the event). If that wasn't enough, there were souvenir collector cups that sold for $10 at the concession stands that featured Hardy quite prominently on the cup that I naively purchased. As soon as it was my turn to go behind the curtain, one of the stooges looked down inside my hand and told me only 2-packs only. I walked away and did not bother to argue since it would be a waste of breath.

 Personally, I did not care to meet AJ Styles stemming from when I met him before for a meet and greet back in 2007, he was pretty unfriendly with me. Nevertheless, the matches were good from top to bottom and they did help take my mind off the disappointment of the miscommunication issues.

This was my third TNA show in my town and I always recalled past incidents where you are told one thing and something else is done entirely the opposite, disorganized overlapping lines, whether or not cameras are allowed, etc. A company that has been around for 10 years should have their stuff together by now. For any people who bought a ticket for an upcoming TNA show in your town to take heed and be aware so this does not happen to you.

This was the very first time that TNA moved their show from the Family Arena, which is in a suburb that is 30 minutes away from St. Louis to the Chaifetz Arena, which is in the heart of St. Louis. Not nearly a sell out by no means roughly 600-700 in attendance tops. And most filled the lower bowl/ringside area.

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