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By Richard Trionfo on 2012-10-27 10:24:15
This week’s show will have a Halloween theme.

In the main event, Antonio Cesaro will face Derrick Bateman.

We start off with our other match this week.

Your announcers this week are Miz and Josh Mathews.

Match Number One: Brodus Clay (with the Funkadactyls) versus Epico (with Primo)

Epico is not sure what to do while Brodus shimmies in the ring. Epico with a waist lock but Brodus powers out of the hold and he struts. Epico yells at Clay and he kicks the rope in frustration. Clay tries for a hip toss but Epico blocks it. Clay blocks a hip toss and he dips Epico before giving Epico a hip toss and arm drag. Clay with a slam.

Epico rolls to the floor to discuss strategy with Primo. Epico bumps into Primo when they went in opposite directions. Epico and Primo try to surround Clay and Primo gets on the apron to distract Clay. Clay bumps Primo to the floor and then Clay catches Epico and hits the sheeeplex. Clay with the splash for the three count.

Winner: Brodus Clay

We go to commercial.

We are back and Kane says that we might know him as the angriest and most vengeful monster in WWE history. Kane says that there are other monsters who have drawn him to the dark side.

The first one is the Boogeyman, who had his worms with him. He was a nightmare come true. You never knew when he would strike.

Next is Papa Shango. He had powers from beyond and used black magic. In the end, he was consumed by the darkness and was sent to parts unknown.

He mentions his greatest enemy and his greatest ally, the Undertaker. He has been doing this for more than two decades. His ultimate legacy is his undefeated streak at Wrestlemania.

The most disturbing monster is himself. He has destroyed all who have stood in his way. Anger management will not stop him from unleashing his terror on the WWE.

We move to the other side of the ledger and we go to Kaitlyn who talks about preparing a Halloween costume.

She says that she will be transforming into a penguin. She mentions the clothing that you will need. Then she applies some feathers. Next it is the makeup on the face to finish the penguin look.

It is time for the Third Degree and the Superstars tell us what their favorite Halloween costume is.

Alicia says that she loves being Pocahontas

R Truth says that he enjoys being Superman.

AJ Lee says that she likes being a strong female video game character.

Miz says that his favorite costume is of himself and that everyone should want to be the Miz for Halloween.

Ted DiBiase says that he was a cowboy.

Brodus Clay likes being part of the two man horse costume.

We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time for the main event.

Match Number Two: Antonio Cesaro versus Derrick Bateman in a Non Title Match

Derrick comes to the ring with an American flag and he gives it to the Miz.

They lock up and Cesaro backs Bateman into the corner and he says something to Derrick about the US. They lock up again and Bateman poses while chanting USA. Cesaro and Bateman criss cross and then Bateman stops Cesaro and gets a USA chant going. Bateman with a jackknife cover.

They criss cross again and Cesaro tries to stop Bateman with a Switzerland chant but when he goes for the take down, Bateman counters and gets a back slide for a near fall. Bateman with a Japanese arm drag. Cesaro with a nerve hold and he sends Bateman to the mat. Cesaro returns to the nerve hold. Bateman escapes and he gives Cesaro a drop toe hild and he applies a nerve hold.

Cesaro escapes and he appears proud of his actions, but Bateman sends Cesaro into the mat and then sends Cesaro to the floor. Cesaro has some words for Miz at the announce table and we go to commercial.

We are back and Cesaro works on Bateman’s leg with a step over toe hold. The crowd chants USA to try to motivate Bateman to escape the hold. Cesaro with a dead lift side salto and he gets a near fall. Cesaro with another near fall on Bateman. Cesaro returns to the leg and he works on the ankle.

Bateman uses his legs to roll Cesaro out of the hold. Bateman with a back body drop and then he drops Cesaro on his chest and gets a near fall. Cesaro with a giant swing and he sets for a lariat but Bateman moves and Cesaro goes over the top rope to the floor. Bateman struggles to get his equilibrium back after the giant swing but he is able to hit a tope.

Bateman returns Cesaro to the ring and he goes up top but misses a cross body. Cesaro picks up Bateman and hits the Gotch Style Neutralizer for the three count.

Winner: Antonio Cesaro

We go to credits.

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