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By Mike Johnson on 2012-10-26 00:09:12
Devin Cutting sent the following....NXT is moving to late night in Canada! Due to NBA coverage, The Score will be airing NXT at 11:30 PM (ET) on Wednesdays beginning November 7th, 2012. The show currently airs a few hours earlier. Replays of NXT will remain on Fridays at 6 PM (ET).

Tonight's NXT house show is still on, despite the possibility of bad weather from the forthcoming hurricane in that area.

WWE has launched a new series of clothing items featuring the WWE logo, inspired by team logo clothing.

WWE champion CM Punk appeared on the Bower Show on 97.9 ESPN radio to promote the WWE' 13 videogame, Hell in A Cell and more:

Arda Ocal of the Baltimore Sun interviewed Dolph Ziggler about a number of topics. He was asked about Zack Ryder teasing his online show was ending and commented, "You can't blame that kid for making something out of nothing. He's the reason we have a partnership with YouTube. He's one of the main reasons we have all this new social media interaction and WWE is so big on twitter and we get so many different things trending. All because this kid tries something new outside of the box, to go out there and try and get the fans and WWE to notice him and boy did it pay off for him. And not matter what happens in the end, it was a ground breaking, outside of the box maneuver and he did it and I was more than happy to be a part of it because I thought it was something really unique and really cool."

When asked about Raw moving to three hours and how it changes the landscape for himself and other talents, Ziggler commented, "There's a lot of up and coming Superstars who get maybe 30 seconds of a backstage scene, or maybe get to talk for a quick second, or you see him for a minute or two on T.V., every Superstar is fighting every week to be a part of 'I just want to be on T.V. for a few minutes. I just want to let everyone see how good I am at this'. I'm one of the ones who's constantly fighting every week for 30 seconds of air time, or maybe 5 seconds of a promo. And with this extra hour, it's a chance to create new Superstars."

You can read the entire interview by clicking here.

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