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By Mike Johnson on 2012-10-25 23:05:00

EVOLVE released the following video to tout their Wrestlecon weekend tournament to crown the first EVOLVE championship on 4/5:


The promotion also released the following "Book It Cam" video featuring Chuck Taylor:

Wrestling Bus Trips ( present our next trip on Saturday December 8th to the CAGE OF DEATH!  CZW and EVOLVE will team up for a double header with EVOLVE kicking off ar 4 PM and CZW's CAGE OF DEATH following afterward.  A full day of wrestling, carnage, insane spots and more!

The cost of the trip will be $125 ($128 if you pay via paypal) and will include:

*Round trip transportation back and forth to Voorhees, NJ with our coach bus including charger outlets, monitors playing great crazy wrestling action all the way there and back!

*Your GA tickets to EVOLVE and CZW's Cage of Death!

*Early admission to both events!

*A FREE iPPV replay of CZW's Cage of Death!

*For everyone who PAYS by FRIDAY NOVEMBER 30th, a FREE CZW CAGE OF DEATH t-shirt.  You MUST pay by 11/30 in order to receive the free t-shirt.  CZW will not be able to order shirts after 11/30.  So, PLEASE, do not delay!

*Possibly more - stay tuned!

We will pick up

12:45 PM Queens, NY at the White Castle in Elmhurst, NY

1:15 NYC at the Hammerstein Ballroom

1:45 PM Rahway, NJ at The Rec Center

We are currently accepting payments via paypal at  If you wish to pay via money order, email us and we will give you payment information. 

If you have any questions, concerns, queries, suggestions or anything else, email!


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