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By Trent Van Drisse on 2012-10-26 07:50:00

 Here's the Ohio Valley Wrestling Television taping report for October 24th, 2012, which will air in Louisville on October 27th.

This show featured King Mo making his first appearance in the Davis Arena at a TV taping, with Spike TV having a camera crew on hand here to film Mo tonight. In fact, taped on the front door, and on the ticket counter, was a long legalese note telling us peasants that Spike TV is here getting footage for an upcoming program that will be called the "King Mo Special", and that if we agree to sit in the crowd, we agree to possibly appear on Spike TV, and agree not to try to get paid for it. The King Mo Special? Sounds like a menu item at Denny's.

So what exactly did King Mo do at the Davis Arena tonight? Read on..The other main thing on this show was Rob Terry pinning OVW heavyweight champion Crimson in a non title Fatal Four way.

Christopher "The Prince" Bolin announced on his Facebook that he was leaving OVW for the time being, just a few short weeks after his father, Kenny Bolin, announced he was leaving. So OVW is suddenly Bolin-less.

Get well wishes out to Randy Royal who is undergoing a minor heart procedure today.

Here's an interview "Mr. Pec-Tacular" Jessie Godderz did with

Dean Hill, Gilbert Corsey, & Michael Titus were the TV announcers tonight. Terry Boddie was the ring announcer. The attendance was around 140. Ring announcer Ron Hed has been absent for a few weeks now, so he too could be another recent departure from this promotion.

1. Ryan Howe & The Mobile Homers(Ted McNaler & Adam Revolver) w/Brittany DeVore beat Jeremiah Plunkett, Ace Hawkins & Raphael Constantine in a 6 man tag

Dark match. Rocker Ryan Howe & the bumpkin Mobile Homers teaming up? I'm reminded of Donny & Marie Osmond singing "I'm a little bit country, I'm a little bit rock-n-roll". How's THAT for a nerdy and dated reference? Howe and the Homers got then win when the Mobile Homers hit their double team spear spot on Ace Hawkins.

The TV taping opened with OVW Heavyweight champion Crimson coming to the ring in street clothes. Crimson complained about Rob Terry attacking him in the parking lot, calling it a "crime". Crimson has the ability to be passable on the mic, but he's really weak as a storyteller. Doug Williams came out, looking confused and concerned, and asked Crimson if he'd seen "Smooth" Johnny Spade. Seems that Williams fears him. Williams said he did Crimson a favor by attacking Spade to get him off Crimson's trail, which was when Williams turned heel, and now Williams wants Crimson to do him a solid and get Spade off his his trail. Crimson wasn't down with that, saying that wasn't the deal they made. About this time Rob Terry came out to the floor, being held back by referees and OVW Director of Wrestling Operations, Trailer Park Trash. Doug Williams left the ring, only to be attacked by Johnny Spade on the floor. A big brawl between Crimson, Terry, Williams and Spade broke out, until TPT yelled at everyone to stop, which they all did, instantly. Wow, these guys are obedient!

TPT said to settle this tonights TV main event will be a Fatal Four way, but he really stumbled over his words trying to spit that out. Crimson wanted to know what was in this for him? TPT said if Crimson wins, he will get a free pass and not have to defend his OVW title at the November 3rd Saturday Night Special. The other three wanted to know what was it this for them? TPT said if any of them beat Crimson tonight, they will get a title shot against him on November 3rd. Rob Terry said "But I'm already the #1 contender". Such logic was lost on TPT, who went ahead with the plan anyhow.

Backstage "The Best Team Ever"(Jessie Godderz & Rudy Switchblade) asked Dylan Bostic who his mystery partner would be to face them tonight, telling Bostic it can't be his girlfriend Taeler Hendrix. Bostic would not spill the beans as to who it would be.

It was now that King Mo appeared in the Davis Arena, taking a seat in the crowd, where he stayed for the rest of the TV taping. The Spike TV cameras filmed him for the first little bit of it, but that was it. Mo seemed to be having a good time watching the show, smiling a lot, and the guy has charisma just sitting in the crowd around garden variety wrestling fans.

2. James "Moose" Thomas beat Stephon Smith AKA SWAG

This was the first match of the TV taping. Moose took the mic before the match saying it was weird being here without Michael Hayes. Hayes last week announced he was retiring from pro wrestling due to old scar tissue breaking open from his war injuries. Moose beat Smith quickly with the "Moose kick".

Alex Silva was backstage getting ready for a match when The Wildcards(Shiloh Jonze & Raul Lamotta) came over to bug him. Silva said tonight was his rematch against Cliff Compton for the TV title, Compton cheated to beat Silva to win that title last week. Silva warned the Wildcards there would be big trouble coming for them if they interfere with his match tonight. Uh Oh.......

Meanwhile elsewhere backstage, Terry Boddie interviewed Brandon Espinosa. Espinosa talked about the humiliation Jason Wayne laid on his friend Chris last week when he wasn't here, and that Espinosa was planning a party for the returning Paredyse tonight. Paredyse then joined the interview wearing a "Hello Kitty" backpack.

3. Alex Silva beat Cliff Compton by DQ, but Compton retains the OVW TV title

Silva gave Compton a Flair Slam off the top to get this going, while Compton was still wearing his jacket and the TV title belt. Silva then beat on Compton on the floor. In the ring Compton sidestepped a Silva Surfer attempt, which is Silva's finisher. Something happened then, and this match fell apart to a sizable degree, and never really got back on track. Compton pulled the 'ol Tennessee chain from out of his boot, which was what he used to hit Silva with last week to win the TV title, but this week Silva kicked Compton's hand, and caught the chain in mid air, which looked fakey as Hell. Like I said, this match went off the rails for some reason. The Wildcards then ran out and attacked Silva, causing the DQ. Didn't seem like Compton was closely aligned with the Wildcards though, he left quickly. The Wildcards were stooges for Crimson, but it seems like maybe they've been moved away from him too, not sure. It was strange. Sam Shaw made the save for Silva. I see a tag match coming soon. Silva used a lot of punches this match, and that is not a strong part of his repertoire. In fact, I don't really see where Silva is improving in any area of his game.

4. Dylan Bostic & Eddie Diamond w/Timmy Danger beat "The Best Team Ever"(Jessie Godderz & Rudy Switchblade) in a non title match

Bostic was in the ring alone before the match, and without Taeler Hendrix at ringside, when a video played on the sceens of the Eddie Diamond & Timmy Danger "Suckah of the week". They teased it would be Josette Bynum, but then they named both Godderz & Switchblade as the "Co-Suckah's of the week". BTW, say "Co-Suckah" real fast three times and see what ya get....So Eddie Diamond was Bostic's mystery partner. It was all Godderz & Switchblade early, until they once again began arguing and having communication issues. Their ship badly needs a captain. In the end, Diamond pinned Godderz with a neckbreaker. The whole finishing sequence here was clunky as hell, a mess really. Godderz seemed especially lost during it, so two matches in a row here where things fell apart. I was confused anyhow, I thought this was supposed to be a tag title match, it was instead non title. So I guess Bostic & Diamond will now get a title shot? Hell, who knows. I don't think I've ever seen Eddie Diamond win a match, and he here he pins one of the tag champs. It's feast or famine kids!

Out to the ring came Brandon Espinosa & Chris, along with three Vampire-ishly dressed cheerleaders. The same three ladies that just come out with whoever here I guess. Espinosa brought out the guest of honor, Paredyse. They threw some streamers around while "It's raining men" played. Even King Mo was shaking his head at this weird stuff. Finally Jason Wayne came to the floor saying this was disgusting, and I'd have to agree with that sentiment. Wayne said the likes of Espinosa & Paredyse would never have been allowed in his military. Wayne said the rules of war are there are no rules. At this point former Bolin Services 2.0 members Jack Black & Joe Coleman ran out and attacked Paredyse & Espinosa. Wayne later gave them both big boots to the head, leaving them laying. Wayne said his hero was General Patton, wow I thought I was dated, and said Patton always had an Army with him, so now he does too. The crowd seems oddly cold to Paredyse since his return. He was off a few months to appear in "The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity" play in Washington DC.

Backstage Josette came out of the restroom with yet more of Trailer Park Trash's favorite bathroom coffee, only to be met by OVW Women's champion Heidi Lovelace. Taeler Hendrix joined the fray, and a huge argument ensued. Lovelace pinned Hendrix against the wall, and put her arm against her throat, causing Hendrix to choke and gag. Bynum offered Hendrix some of the bathroom coffee, which she took a sip of, and then spit back out violently. Ok, THAT was funny. Trailer Park Trash tried in vain to settle this down, as the screaming and decibel level increased to ear bleeding levels. This segment at least had good energy to it, as unwieldy as it was. Lovelace defends the Women's title in a three way against Bynum & Hendrix on November 3rd.

5. Rob Terry beat Crimson, "Smooth" Johnny Spade, and Doug Williams in a Fatal Four way by pinning Crimson

TV main event time. It was every man for himself here, and most of this was two guys fighting in the ring, while the other two battled on the floor. It wasn't thrilling stuff though, pretty mundane. Things did finally pick up very late in the bout when Johnny Spade gave Doug Williams a wicked kick to the back while Williams was going for his rolling German Suplex finisher on Crimson. Rob Terry then hit Crimson with a jumping spinning round house back kick to get the duke. Yes Rob Terry really did that. Looked like a kick RVD would use. So Terry is the #1 contender, and will face Crimson for the OVW title at the 11-3 Saturday Night Special. OVW is funny, Terry was the #1 contender both before and after the match, so what was accomplished? Even funnier is it was supposed to be Crimson vs Terry at the October Saturday Night Special, but that didn't come off when both guys got other bookings for that date, so they did the match at a TV taping instead, with Crimson cheating to win to retain the title. So now in November they're supposedly gonna do it again at the Saturday Night Special. A funny bunch here, I tell ya....
Dean Hill said both before and after the taping that "something special" would be taking place after the intermission, and asked the crowd to stick around, so I arranged for a top secret source to stick around, but then nothing special happened. Darn you Dean Hill! I mean there was a post taking dark multi-womans tag match, involving the Blossom Twins, but I wouldn't call that "special". My guess is maybe they taped some more with King Mo and wanted it to seem like a crowd was there for it. Like I said, a funny bunch here indeed.

Well, this show didn't make King Mo lose his smile, but it didn't let me ever find mine. An "eh" show at best. Not good would be more accurate. Send any feedback to


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