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By David Gaztambide on 2012-10-25 01:27:20

Hello everybody I just came from NXT at Orlando Armory and here are the results:

Before the show, Nick Rogers, Garrett Dylan, Emma, and Seth Rollins came out for pics and autographs.

1. Briley Pierce beat Aiden English with the Hot n Bothered finisher.

2. Knuckle Madsen beat Oliver Grey with a Chokeslam.

3. CJ Parker and Jake Carter beat Colin Cassady and Baron Gorbin with the Taste from CJ to Colin.

4. Luke Harper squash Memo Montenegro. Before the match, Bray Wyatt cut a promo about his characters.

5. Audrey Marie beat Anya.

6. Roman Reign beat David Howard with the moment of Silence.

7. Corey Graves and Max Bauer beat Trent Barretta and Ben Sacilly.

8. Richie Steamboat beat Kassius Ohno in the best match of the night with the Slingblade.

1. Lot of new superstars, either as staff or as entertainment
2. Dean Ambrose was present but did not fight
3. Met ton of superstars including The Ascension
4. Great show overall

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