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By Mike Johnson on 2012-10-24 12:30:37
Set for "Championship Thursday" on tomorrow's Impact Wrestling from Orlando, FL:

*TNA champ Jeff Hardy will defend against Bully Ray, James Storm, Kurt Angle or Mr. Anderson, who will all try to convince Hulk Hogan why they should get the show.

*TNA X-Division champ Rob Van Dam vs. Zema Ion.

*TNA Knockouts champ Tara vs. Miss Tessmacher.

Hulk Hogan is opening his beach store in Clearwater, FL this Saturday. Jimmy Hart, Abyss, Austin Aries and Jeremy Borash will be there signing, as well as Hogan.

TNA has live events on Friday 10/26 in Poplar Bluff, Missouri and 10/27 in St. Louis with Jeff Hardy, Bully Ray, Austin Aries, Bobby Roode, Mickie James,
James Storm, AJ Styles and Tara advertised.

ESPN picked up the Jesse Godderz TNA debut at this link.

Mickie James is shooting a music video in Nashville today.

Tara, Hernandez and Chavo Guerrero Jr. will be doing a meet and greet on 11/2 from 2-4pm at Direct Auto Insurance (211 South 10th St.) in McAllen, TX.

D'Lo Brown will be doing a seminar on 11/10 for River City Wrestling in San Antonio, Texas.  Hernandez is the top trainer for the promotion's wrestling school.

OVW sent word that SpikeTV will be filming footage at tonight's taping in Louisville, KY. I am guessing they will be filming footage of King Mo training.

The following press release was issued this morning:

Team 3D Academy Student Wins First Major Championship for Zero-1 Promotion in Japan

Kissimmee, FL – October 23 2012 –The Team 3D Academy of Professional Wrestling and Sports Entertainment is proud to announce that one of its students, Raideen O’Connor, has won his first major championship for the Zero-1 promotion in Japan. 

On October 16, 2012, Raideen O’Connor defeated Yusaku Obata in Korakuen Hall to claim Zero-1’s NWA United National Heavyweight Championship.

Originally from Auckland, New Zealand, Raideen relocated and trained at the Team 3D Academy of Professional Wrestling and Sports Entertainment for 1 year.  He then relocated once again to Tokyo, Japan, where he continues training at and working for Zero-1.

Team 3D are 23 time World Tag Team champions, holding championships in every major organization in North America, including TNA, WWE, ECW, WCW, NWA as well as Japan.  They are the most decorated team in the history of Professional Wrestling.

The Team 3D Academy was opened in May of 2007 and prides itself on having trained some of the best young talent in professional wrestling today, having students signed to WWE Developmental contracts, TNA Gut Check, Ring of Honor (ROH), and Zero-1 Japan.

The Team 3D Academy, located in Kissimmee, FL, is under an open enrollment policy and is always accepting new students.   All interested in joining the Team 3D Academy may visit and also on Facebook at  All SERIOUS applicants may schedule a preliminary appointment by calling (407) 390-9005.


Here's the latest edition of the List with Robbie E:

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