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By Mike Johnson on 2012-10-24 09:32:39
Dragon Gate USA star Sami Callihan worked a dark match at Smackdown tonight, losing to Johnny Curtis. Callihan, who has been on the WWE radar for some time, received good reviews for his attitude and ring work. There are quite a few Callihan fans within the company, although the one thing that's been noted is that some in the company could immediately dismiss him when they see his size.

Callihan has not signed with the company. He's still booked for the DGUSA iPPV trilogy on 11/2 in Everett, MA (vs. Samuray Del Sol), 11/3 in Voorhees, NJ (vs. El Generico Best of Three Falls) and 11/4 in Long Island, NY (vs. CIMA). If he gets signed, it could be his final appearances, but we'll see.

Callihan is under contract to DGUSA but the company has willingly released talents if they can get work with WWE, not wanting to hold them back.

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