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By Anthony Pires on 2012-10-23 20:21:43

Half of upper deck tarped off. Good crowd of about 8,000.

They aired a Wrestlemania video package. Triple H got the biggest cheer in it.

Dark match opener:

Johnny Curtis vs. Sam Carwin (may have heard it wrong). Curtis is doing a Latin lover gimmick. Curtis wins with a modified skull crushing finale. Modified in the sense that they were face to face when he did the move. Curtis has a good look.

Main Event:

Michael Cole and The Miz present video packages of both Dolph Ziggler and Ryback.

In the match, Ryback completely squashed Ziggler in about 9 minutes, and that includes the commercial break.

Cole and Miz interviewed Paul Heyman to hype the PPV

Sin Cara vs. Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio with the cross armbar for the win. ADR cuts promo and is joined by the Prime Time Players. A 3 on 1 beatdown of Cara ensues until Randy Orton makes the save with RKOs on The PTP. A 6 man tag is made for next week: Orton, Cara and Mysterio vs. ADR and Prime Time Players.

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