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By Mike Johnson on 2012-10-23 08:00:23

October 23rd

On this day in history in ....

1940 - Yvon Robert defeats Lou Thesz for the Montreal World Heavyweight Title, beginning his fifth reign.

1956 - Junzo Yoshinosato defeats Isao Yoshiwara in a tournament final to become the first Japanese Light Heavyweight Champion in Tokyo.

1956 - Ben & Mike Sharpe defeat Bill & Ed Miller to win the San Francisco version of the NWA World Tag Team Title for the 12th of 18 times.

1958 - Ronnie Etchison & Buddy Rogers win the San Francisco version of the NWA World Tag Team Title from Gene Dubuque & Mike Valentino in Oakland, California.

1963 - Mickey Sharpe defeats Silento Rodriguez for the NWA Gulf Coast Heavyweight Title in Mobile, Alabama.

1965 - Kurt & Skull Von Stroheim defeat Sam Steamboat and Ron Etchison for the Florida version of the NWA World Tag Team Title in Tampa, Florida.

1967 - The Sheik defeats Gino Brito to win the vacant Montreal International Heavyweight Title.

1967 - Abdullah the Butcher & Dr. Jerry Graham defeat Chris and John Tolos for the Vancouver version of the NWA Canadian Tag Team Title in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

1967 - Spoiler #1 and Gary Hart defeat Brute Bernard and Mike Paidousis to win the NWA American Tag Team Title in Fort Worth, Texas.

1970 - Pantera Negra defeats Dale Lewis in Los Angeles, California for the NWA United National Heavyweight Title.

1974 - Robert Fuller defeats Jerry Lawler to win the NWA Southern Heavyweight Title in Nashville, Tennessee.

1978 - Kendo Kimura & Hiro Sasaki defeat Jose Rivera & Invader I for the WWC Tag Team Title in Caguas, Puerto Rico.

1980 - Bob Brown defeats Mike George to win the NWA Central States Heavyweight Title in Kansas City, Kansas. This started Brown's 12th reign and ended George's fourth.

1981 - Ken Patera defeats Jack Brisco for the Missouri State Heavyweight Title in St. Louis, Missouri, ending Brisco's second title reign and beginning the second run for Patera with the belt.

1981 - La Fiera defeats Lizmark to win the NWA World Welterweight Title in Mexico City, Mexico.

1981 - El Satanico defeats Solar I for the Mexican National Middleweight Title.

1983 - Ringo Mendoza defeats El Satanico for the NWA World Light Heavyweight Title in Guadalajara, Mexico.

1983 - Enrique Vera defeats Dos Caras and Canek in 3-man tournament to win the vacant UWA World Heavyweight Title.

1985 - Jon Cortez defeats Johnny Saint to win the British World Lightweight Title.

1988 - Jerry Lawler defeats Kerry Von Erich in Memphis, Tennessee for the WCWA Heavyweight Title.

1989 - The Soultaker defeats Jerry Lawler for the USWA Unified Heavyweight Title in Memphis, Tennessee, ending Lawler's second reign with the belt.

1992 - Black Bart & Johnny Mantell defeat The Ebony Experience (Harlem Heat) to win the GWF Tag Team Title in Dallas, Texas.

1994 - WCW held their Halloween Havoc Pay-per-view at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan. Here are the results:
- In a dark match, Booker T defeated Brian Armstrong.
- WCW Television Champion Johnny B. Badd vs. The Honky Tonk Man ended in a ten minute draw.
- Paul Orndorff & Paul Roma defeated The Patriot & Marcus Bagwell to win the WCW World Tag Team Title. Bagwell had Orndorff pinned with a fisherman's suplex, but the referee was getting Patriot out of the ring, allowing Roma to hit Bagwell with a top rope elbow and roll Orndorff on top for the pin.
- Dave Sullivan defeated Kevin Sullivan via countout when both men were brawling on the floor and Dave rolled back in just before the ten count.
- Dustin Rhodes defeated Arn Anderson by reversing a sunset flip after the referee made Anderson let go of the ropes he was using for leverage, allowing Rhodes to get the pin.
- United States Champion Hacksaw Jim Duggan defeated Steve Austin via disqualification when Austin backdropped Duggan over the top rope.
- Vader defeated The Guardian Angel. Angel suplexed manager Harley Race into the ring, and when he did so, Vader splashed Angel and got the pin.
- The Nasty Boys defeated Terry Funk & Bunkhouse Buck when Jerry Saggs gave Funk a piledriver onto a pumpkin (yes, a pumpkin piledriver) for the pin.
- WCW World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan defeated Ric Flair in a steel cage match with a legdrop. Mr. T was the special referee. As the result of a pre-match stipulation, Flair had to retire. After the match, a masked man who had been brawling with Sting during the match attacked Hogan, and was helped by Kevin Sullivan and John Tenta. The masked man was revealed to be Brutus Beefcake.

1995 - Brian Christopher defeats Jesse James Armstrong for the USWA Southern Heavyweight Title, beginning his nineteenth run with the title.

1995 - The early stages of the Monday Night Wars waged on, with WWF Monday Night RAW featuring Owen Hart winning a 20-man Battle Royal, Avatar (Al Snow) defeating Brian Walsh, and Alundra Blayze winning her third WWF Women's Title by defeating Bertha Faye, posting a 2.2 rating. WCW Monday Nitro won the night, however, with a 2.6 rating. That show featured Randy Savage pinning Kurasawa, Eddie Guerrero and Mr. J.L. (Jerry Lynn) defeating Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko, and Lex Luger and Sting defeating Harlem Heat.

1996 - Carlos Colon wins his 20th WWC Universal Heavyweight Title, by official decision, from Huracan Castillo, Jr.

1998 - Halcon Negro Jr. defeats Olimpico for the CMLL World Welterweight Title in Mexico City, Mexico.

1999 - Kenta Kobashi & Jun Akiyama win their second AJPW World Tag Team Title by defeating Mitsuharu Misawa and Yoshinari Ogawa in Nagoya, Japan.

1999 - Former ECW World Champion The Sandman makes his return to Extreme Championship Wrestling in dramatic fashion at the end of a television taping at the ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. During the main event of Tommy Dreamer & Raven vs. Lance Storm & Justin Credible, with Dreamer in trouble, the lights went out, and Sandman appeared in a balcony as "Enter Sandman" blared. Sandman had been working as Hardcore Hak in WCW prior to his return. In a bit of a swerve, ECW had teased a "former ECW World Champion" returning that night, but had former champion Mikey Whipwreck (who had also been in WCW) return in the opening match of the card, losing to current ECW World Champion Mike Awesome, to throw off the fans expecting a Sandman return. Also on the card, ECW Television Champion Rob Van Dam battled Sabu to a 30-minute draw.

2000 - The Hardy Boyz defeat Edge in a handicap match for the WWF World Tag Team Title, beginning their third reign as champions.

2000 - The Monday Night Wars continued, with WWF RAW is WAR's 5.6 rating solidly defeating WCW Monday Nitro's 2.2 rating. The respective main events that night were WWF Champion Kurt Angle fighting The Rock and Triple H to a no contest, and Scott Steiner defeating Mike Awesome.

2000 - Karloff Lagarde, Jr. defeats El Astro Rey, Jr. in Puebla, Mexico for the Mexican National Welterweight Title.

2001 - The Dudley Boyz defeat The Hardy Boyz for the WCW World Tag Team Title (at this point, controlled by WWF) in Omaha, Nebraska.

2002 - AJ Styles defeats Syxx-Pac for the NWA-TNA X Division Title in Nashville, Tennessee to begin his second title reign.

2004 - CM Punk defeats A.J. Styles for the IWA Mid-South Heavyweight Title in Highland, Indiana, beginning his fifth reign as champion.

2004 - Alex Montalvo wins his seventh WWC Junior Heavyweight Title by ending the third reign of Brent Dail in Camuy, Puerto Rico.

2005 - TNA holds their Bound for Glory pay-per-view from the iMPACT! Zone at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Here is Mike Sharn's PPV report, followed by Mike Johnson's live thoughts on attending the event:

Mike Sharn

Segment with Jeff Jarrett, Gail Kim, and AMW begins... setting up the night.

Match 1: Alex Shelley vs. Roderick Strong vs. Austin Aries vs. Sonjay Dutt

The bell rings and a quick talk begins. Strong and Shelley start off with a tie up, Shelley ties up Strong, and more psychology is put throughout the match. Takedown by Shelley. Sonjay Dutt enters in and ties up with Shelley, a few attempts at pinfalls, and two takedowns. Sonjay walks the top rope and hits a chop on Alex Shelley, Shelley hits a kick, though Sonjay hits a huracanrana. Quick pause and the crowd chants TNA. Shelley takes a cheap shot at Shelley. Shelley runs out and Sonjay chases him and re-enters the ring. Roderick Strong re-enters the ring. Strong jumps over, and Sonjay hits a Huracanrana on Strong. Chops by Strong. Austin and Strong in the ring now. Aries exits and re-enters the ring quickly and hits Strong. Then avoids Shelley. Sonjay hits another Huracanrana. Sonjay pushes Shelley off the ring apron, and Roderick Strong gives Dutt a backbreaker and gets a two count. Strong and Dutt are in, though Aries tags in, followed by Shelley. Shelley with a cradle submission move on Sonjay. Roderick Strong saves Dutt from Shelley's submissions. Aries tags in Shelley and takes down Sonjay. Aries hits a drop and gets a 2 count. Strong in now and drops Dutt on his shoulders. Strong chops Shelley hard and Shelley chops back. Strong gets a necktie submission. The four wrestlers have a four way submission going which is quickly broken up. All four men in the ring hitting different moves. Chops by both Aries and Strong to each other. Strong blocks a kick on Shelley. Shelley hits a DDT on Strong. Dutt breaks it up. Aries, Shelley, and Dutt in the ring. Dutt hits an elbow drop on Shelley. Dutt goes for 2, Strong breaks it up. Strong lifts up Dutt for a 2 count broken up by Aries. Aries hits a brainbuster on Strong. Aries attempts a 450 though Dutt knocks him off. Dutt on top, Strong attempts to superplex him though Sonjay knocks him off and hits a Dragon rana at the 13 minute mark.

Winner: Sonjay Dutt
|Grade: C+ - Decent match though it went slow at times and seemed out of place.

Shane Douglas interviews AMW about their title win at last night's Impact in a room that also includes Gail Kim. Mike and Don West introduce the show and talks about Bound for Glory. Raven walks out and cuts a promo about Larry Z and is accompanied by Cassidy Reilly. Larry Z enters the ring and talks about who he will choose tonight. Raven chokes out Zbyszko. Rhino walks out and starts belittling Raven as Raven is being held back by security. Raven and Rhino then fight it out as security attempts to break it up. Cassidy Reilly belittles Rhino in the corner, does the Crucifix pose and gets gored for his efforts.

Rhino gives Reilly another gore. Tenay cuts back to Shane Douglas interviewing AJ Styles about Chris Daniels. Styles talks about Daniels and relates him to a football analogy of Georgia and Florida. Back to Tenay who continues to hype up Bound for Glory. A video is shown of TNA's history from Victory Road, Turning Point, Against All Odds, No Surrender, Unbreakable, up until now.

Match 2: Samoa Joe vs. Jushin Thunder Liger

Joe enters the ring with the TRA Warriors. Liger enters the ring as streamers fly. Simon Inoki is at ringside. The tie up and Joe throws him down. They lock up again and Liger is pushed into the corner. Liger gets a headlock on Joe. Joe gets shoulderblocks on Liger. Liger takes down Joe. Liger kicks Joe and both hit a sequence of moves. Liger off the top rope and knocks down Joe. Liger tries to attack Joe from the top rope though Joe answers with a Samoan Drop. Joe throws Liger in the corner, and answers with a knee to the face of Liger. Joe hits a kick, a kneedrop, and a knife edge chop to Liger in rapid succession. Joe holds Liger in a submission. Liger breaks out though Joe slams Liger and goes for a 2 count. Liger breaks out and Joe puts Liger in another submission. Liger breaks out and Joe shoots him off into the corner though Joe misses Liger. Liger tries to suplex Joe and succeeds though only gets a 2 count. Liger with a Frog Splash on Joe. Joe kicks Liger. Joe picks up Liger on the top rope. Liger throws Joe off. Liger attempts to go for a 2 count though does not succeed. Liger to the top though Joe gets Liger and hits him with a musclebuster and gets Liger in a choke. Joe wins at the 8 minute mark by making Liger tap out.

Winner: Samoa Joe
Grade: B+ - Great match though it could have a been a bit longer.

A video is shown of the Fan Fest from yesterday, 10/22/05.

Match 3: Diamonds in the Rough (Skipper, Young, Diamond) vs. Apolo, Sonny Siaki, and Shark Boy

Shark Boy and Simon Diamond start off. Diamond kicks Shark Boy down. Shark Boy with a chop though Diamond gets him, throws him into the corner and knocks him down. Diamond continues to take advantage of Shark Boy. Diamond whips him into the corner and knocks Shark Boy down. Shark Boy does the bite on Diamond to distract him. Tag into Skipper. Tie up with Skipper and Shark Boy. Shark Boy knocks down Skipper after a brief exchange. Shark Boy tags into Apolo. Apolo drops Skipper and goes for a 2 count. Apolo hits a half nelson slam on Apolo. David Young on the top rope and he hits knocks Apolo down. David Young stays in the ring briefly before tagging back into Skipper. Skipper knocks Apolo and goes for a cover which gets 2. Skipper tags in to Skipper, and Apolo tags into Siaki who hits Skipper with Clotheslines. Siaki is chopping Skipper. Though David Young whips Siaki into the corner. Skipper jumps off of David Young's back and knocks down Siaki. Shark Boy goes over the top rope and Skipper does too. Apolo superkicks Diamond and then hits a highspot outside the ring. Chaos has broken loose. Siaki and Skipper in the ring. David Young slams Siaki for the win at the 9 minute mark.

Winners: Diamonds in the Rough
Grade: C: It was okay for what it was. Nothing terrible though nothing great.

Tenay and West talk about what happened earlier in the night. Shane Douglas interviews Jeff Jarrett and Gail Kim. Shane asks Jarrett about who he will face. Jarrett insults all possible competitors. Monty Brown enters the picture and asks Jarrett to insult him. Jarrett acts as though he doesn't know what Monty was talking about. Jarrett peps up Monty Brown for his match with Lance Hoyt.

Match 4: Lance Hoyt vs. Monty Brown

Tie up between Lance and Monty. Monty slams down Hoyt and slaps him. Hoyt comes back with right hands, and then Hoyt hits a shoulderblock and clothesline. Hoyt slams Monty and Monty retreats. Monty slaps Hoyt and throws him into the steel steps. Monty throws Hoyt back in and trash talks to the camera. Hoyt takes down Monty and gets back in the ring. Monty takes control and punches Hoyt then eventually hits some knife edge chops. Hoyt throws Monty into the corner and beats on him. Hoyt hits a 10 punch count on Monty and then slams him down. Hoyt gets on the top rope and Monty pushes him off. Monty then takes control and hits a snap suplex. Monty in control and throws Hoyt back in. Hoyt throws Monty in the corner though Monty returns back and slams down Hoyt. Hoyt gives Monty a big boot. Hoyt drags Monty and hits a moonsault though it only gets a two count. Monty throws Hoyt into the corner and then hits Hoyt with an Alpha Bomb for 2. Monty tries to take control though Hoyt slams him and only gets 2. Monty holds onto the rope and both men exchange right hands. Monty hits the pounce on Hoyt and gets the win at the 10 minute mark.

Winner: Monty Brown
Grade: C+ - Good big man match.

Shane Douglas interviews 3 Live Kru. Kip James offers assistance to 3 Live Kru and while Killing and BG agree, Konnan disagrees and argues with Kip James. Kip walks off.

Match 5: Team Canada (Eric Young, A1, and Bobby Roode) vs. 3 Live Kru (BG James, Ron Killings, and Konnan)

Usual promo by 3 Live Kru to fire up the crowd. Konnan in the ring with Eric Young. Young and Konnan fight and exchange kicks, slams, and punches. Konnan throws Young over the top rope and knocks down Roode, and then sends out A1. Killings hits a top rope leg drop. Killings and Roode are in the ring now. Killings hits a hurricanrana. A camera shows Kip James at the ramp. Killings and Roode continue fighting and Killings knocks down Roode with a kick which only gets a 2 count. Roode slams down Killings though only gets a two count. Roode slams Killings in the corner. A1 tags in and beats on Killings. A1 hits a powerslam on Killings. Roode is back in and prevents Konnan from saving Killings. Killings tries to fight out of the corner with Bobby Roode and knocks Roode down. Tag into BG James, as BG fights off all three members of Team Canada. BG James hits a knee drop and covers Eric Young though only gets 2. BG James is in with Young, Killings with Roode, and A1 with Konnan. Back in the ring, Roode hits BG with a hockey stick for the win at the 8 minute mark.

Winners: Team Canada
Grade: C: Average match with a lame finish.

Kip James enters the ring and cleans house of Team Canada.

Shane interviews Larry Z.

A video for the Ultimate X is shown.

Match 6 - Ultimate X: Matt Bentley vs. Chris Sabin vs. Petey Williams

Petey tries to go up top and is taken down by Sabin and Bentley. Bentley fights Sabin and takes him down. Petey Williams back in, throws Sabin back in the corner, and attempts to charge into him though misses. Bentley with right hands on Williams. Bentley tries to knock down Sabin as Sabin attempts climb the rope. Traci distracts Williams by pushing his face in between her chest while Bentley climbs to the top to try and grab the X. Sabin chops Bentley and follows with a headbutt and a forearm shot. Sabin throws Williams into Bentley. Bentley is down though recovers and takes down Sabin from the cables high up. Sabin hits a hurricanrana on Bentley off of the top rope. All three men in the ring fighting it out. Bentley then takes out both Sabin and Williams. Bentley attempts to go the top and climbs across though is followed by Sabin. Soon both fall after a sequence where Bentley attempted to stay high on the cables and Sabin knocked him down. Sabin now attempts to climb to the top and Petey Williams follows him. Williams knocks Sabin down though attempts to climb and holds down Sabin in the corner. Petey and Bentley are both outside the corner since Bentley tried to knock down Sabin. Sabin attempts to climb though also gets knocked out. All three men are out of the ring... though Sabin recovers and enters the ring and begins to climb the cables. Bentley then enters the ring and spears Sabin at the top though it knocked the X off of the middle of the cables. The referee calls for the X to be hung up again. A fight insues outside as Sabin fights both Bentley and Williams. He knocks down Williams and fights with Bentley. Bentley knocks Sabin down. Bentley and Sabin are both hung up on top and then both fall. The X then falls again though this time Petey Williams is there to grab it and is awarded the win at the fifteen minute mark.

Winner: Petey Williams
Grade: B+ - Good match that was ruined by a poor finish. Petey Williams is definitely a great competitor though it is finishes such as these that make him look weak.

A video is shown of Jarrett winning the NWA Title in Canada and AMW winning the Tag Titles as well as scenes from the funeral.

Match 7: NWA Tag Team Championships: America's Most Wanted (Chris Harris and James Storm) vs. The Naturals (Chase Stevens and Andy Douglas)

The Naturals run into the ring and start fighting with AMW in a very fast paced sequence. Chase Stevens and James Storm fight inside the ring, while Andy Douglas and Chris Harris fight outside the ring. Stevens hits a running powerbomb on Harris and Storm. Harris gets on his knees and begs for a truce though Douglas and Stevens beat him down and continue beating him outside the ring near the entrance ramp. Stevens throws Harris into the steel safety rails on two different sides of the arena. Douglas continues to beat of Harris outside in the ring and hits another slam into the steel safety rail. Douglas hits Storm with handcuffs though Gail Kim distracts Douglas. Douglas is busted wide open by James Storm. AMW then double team Andy Douglas and then Storm chokes Douglas with the wrist tape. Storm hits the Eye of the Storm though it only gets a two count. Douglas tags into Stevens and fights both members of AMW. Stevens dodges Douglas as Harris plows into his partner. Stevens goes for a two count. Gail Kim tosses AMW a bag of powder though it backfires and Harris slames Storm. Andy Douglas has Harris in the death sentence and Stevens hits from the top rope though it only gets a two count. Gail Kim distracts the ref though eventually Douglas grabs Gail Kim, though Storm handcuffs Douglas to the steel safety rail. Stevens is now at a 2 on 1 disadvantage. Gail Kim distracts the ref long enough for James Storm to use a bottle to knock down Stevens as Andy Douglas is taunted at ringside. Harris sets up the Death Sentence and Storm hits it for the win at the 13 minute mark.

Winners: AMW
Grade: B: Good match that further elevates both tag teams and moves along their feud.

A video highlighting Monster's Ball is shown. Shane interviews James Mitchell in the back.

Match 8: Monster's Ball 2: Abyss vs. Sabu vs. Rhino vs. Jeff Hardy

Sabu and Rhino start off. Sabu throws Rhino off the top and jumps off the top rope onto Rhino. Abyss and Hardy are fighting each other while Sabu and Rhino are fighting each other respectively. Sabu's eye is busted open. Hardy hits Abyss with a swanton from the top of the bleachers. Sabu has Rhino in a hold then nails him with a chairshot. Sabu grabs a chair back in the ring and hits another top rope move on top of Rhino. Hardy and Abyss continue fighting in the ring until Abyss hits Hardy with the Shock Treatment. Rhino hits Abyss and Sabu with chairshots. Hardy uses Sabu's back to elevate himself and hit Abyss in the corner. Hardy tries get Sabu to return the favor though Sabu kicks Hardy in the stomach. Rhino walks in and hits everyone with kendosticks. Rhino tries to Gore though walks into a chokeslam by Abyss. Jeff Hardy continues to fight with Abyss outside the ring and then grabs the ladder. Rhino and Sabu fight in the ring with Rhino using a weight-belt on Sabu. Abyss sets up a table while Hardy is in the corner near the entrance ramp. Hardy recovers and hits Abyss with chairshots. Back to the ring, Rhino is trapped on a table, as Sabu sets up a chair and legdrops Rhino through the table. Hardy on the other side climbs the ladder and Hardy climbs to the top of the TNA logo and hits a Swanton on Abyss through the table. Back in the ring, Sabu attempts to take control of Rhino though Rhino hits him with a kendostick. Sabu recovers and then hits Rhino with a moonsault though it only gets two. Sabu then goes off the top rope with a chair and hits Rhino. Sabu, Rhino, and Abyss are in the ring. Abyss catches Sabu and throws him down into a table. Abyss has the thumbtacks, though Rhino gores Abyss through the table. Rhino and Hardy fight in the ring now. Rhino hits Hardy with the Rhino Driver and gets a three count just as Sabu attempts to break up the count at the 15 minute mark.

Winner: Rhino
Grade: B+ I admit I have a weakspot for hardcore matches and spotfests and this was no exception. A good match and very entertaining with a good finish.

Shane talks with Larry about what will happen with the Main Event tonight who mentions about the Gauntlet and the winner will face Jeff Jarrett.

Match 9: 30 Minute Iron Man Match for the X-Division Title: AJ Styles vs. The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels

Styles and Daniels start and begin fighting with Daniels quickly gaining control. Daniels hits an overhead press slam on Styles and then the two fight in the corner with slaps. Styles then hits Daniels with knife edge chops and then Styles hits a backbreaker on Daniels. Daniels retreats to the outside. Back in the ring, both men avoid each other with a series of moves. Styles knocks Daniels over the safety rail and then retreats back outside only to jump over the rail from far away and knock Daniels down. Back the ring, Styles goes for a cover and only gets a 2 count. Styles has Daniels in a submission and tries to wear Daniels down. Daniels tries to counter Styles though is countered back by Styles as Styles continues to apply the side headlock on Daniels. Daniels powers out though Styles puts the side headlock back on. Daniels then breaks out and works on Styles' arm though Styles counters and then works on Daniels arm. Daniels breaks it, whips AJ into the corner and misses a dropkick. AJ throws Daniels into three different turnbuckles in the ring. AJ knocks down Daniels and goes for a pin though doesn't succeed. AJ has Daniels in a reverse chinlock, and then hits Daniels with a headbutt. Styles then puts Daniels in a deathlock and a chinlock in the same time. Daniels then bites Styles' hand to get out of the hold to further the action. After a brief sequence of moves, Daniels slams Styles out of desperation. Daniels fires Styles into the corner and clotheslines Styles down. Daniels twists Styles' head and continues to work on him. Daniels then hits a tilt o whirl backbreaker on Styles and goes for a cover though only gets 2. Styles attempts to get a cover, though Daniels eventually gets a Koji clutch and locks Styles in. Styles tries to power out though fails the first time. Styles then tries again and breaks out. Daniels then begins a punching sequence to Styles' head after getting a two count at the halfway point. Styles attempts a Tilt O Whirl backbreaker though misses as Styles gets a DDT. AJ hits a spinkick on Daniels and Daniels falls down. Styles works the arm. AJ goes for a Pumphandle Slam on Daniels though turns it into a backbreaker mid-move and goes for a cover and gets a 2 count. Daniels hits a Death Valley Driver on AJ Styles for a 2 count. Daniels hitting a powerbomb off the top rope and goes for a cover on AJ though only gets a two count. AJ Styles hits a Neckbreaker on Styles. Daniels hits the Best Moonsault Ever for 2. Daniels attempts to grab AJ though AJ counters and puts Daniels with a Torture Rack and slams Daniels down. AJ throws Daniels in the corner and misses trying to hit him though Daniels knocks AJ outside and hits a suicide dive at 8:37. Daniels rolls AJ back in and AJ hits a pele kick on Daniels. While Daniels is stunned, AJ flies out of the ring with a flip dive. AJ enters the ring with less than 7 minutes to go. Daniels hits a backdrive suplex on Styles and both men fall to the outside. Under 5 and a half minutes now. Daniels struggles to get into the ring and Styles attempts to get in as well, though Styles retreats before momentarily entering again. Daniels attempts a roll-up on Styles though once again only gets a two count. Both men go for a sequence of near falls. Less than 3 minutes to go with both men down. Both men have some brief exchanges as we go under 2 minutes. Daniels attempts to grab the trunks of AJ for a 3 count. Both men continue to fight as we go under 1 minute. AJ levels Daniels and goes for a cover and only gets a 2. Daniels goes for an Angel's Wings though AJ counters and eventually goes for a Styles Clash in the last few seconds to retain the title in the 30 minute match.

Winner: AJ Styles
Grade: A+ - This match could have closed the show and I would have gotten my money's worth though there is still two matches to go.

Tenay and West plug the November 13th PPV, Genesis.

Match 10: Ten Man Gauntlet to determine the No. 1 Contender for Jeff Jarrett's NWA Title

Samoa Joe and Ron Killings are the first two entrants. Truth mocks the Polynesian dancers and Joe beats on Truth. Truth powers out of the corner and knocks down Joe. Entrant No. 3 is Sabu and throws a steel chair at both Joe and Truth. Sabu hits a moonsault on Joe using the Chair and then hits another move using the chair as well. No. 4 is Lance Hoyt as Joe and Hoyt exchange right hands though Hoyt levels Joe with a big boot. Hoyt battles Killings though Joe fights Killings as well. Abyss is No. 5 as he enters the ring does a stare down with Joe. Joe and Abyss exchange knife edge chops and choke each other at the same time. Jeff Hardy is No. 6... and we have a huge sequence of wrestlers battling each other. Hardy on Abyss, Joe on Hoyt, and Killing and Sabu. Monty Brown is No. 7 and pounces Sabu. Monty Brown and Jeff Hardy are both eliminated as Monty throws Hardy over and goes over with him. Rhino is No. 8 and battles Lance Hoyt and eliminates him to the outside. Abyss, Rhino, Joe, Sabu and Killings are all in the ring. Kip James is entrant No. 9 and battles Abyss hitting him with the Famouser. Entrant No. 10 is AJ Styles... AJ Styles battles Abyss, Truth battles Rhino, and Joe battles Kip James... Joe hits a Jawbreaker on Kip James. Joe attempts to throw Killings over the top rope. Abyss and Rhino then battle and Joe and Killings also continue their battle. AJ tries to eliminate Killings though fails. Kip James is then eliminated. AJ and Killings have a brief exchange of kicks. Kip James tries to help Killings stay in the ring though fails as he is dragged away by referees. Killings is eliminated by Samoa Joe. Abyss eliminates Joe and Styles. Rhino gores Abyss and then throws Abyss over to win the match at the 12 minute mark.

Winner: Rhino
Grade: C+ - Decent match and surprising that Rhino was given the win.

Jeremy Borash introduces Tito Ortiz as the special guest referee.

Main Event: NWA World Title Match: Rhino vs. Jeff Jarrett

Jarrett goes on the attack and beats on Rhino and hits a dropkick. Jarrett continues to beat on Rhino and then drives Rhino into the steel safety rail and then slams his face into the announce table as well. Jarrett is in control over the weakened Rhino. Tito Ortiz commands for both men to get back in the ring as Jarrett slams Rhino into the casket. Jarrett goes up top and commands Rhino to get up and hits him with a top rope clothesline. Jarrett then goes up top and gets caught in a chokeslam and then gets hit with a low blow by Jarrett. Gail Kim gets involved to distract Tito Ortiz, then Jarrett hits Rhino with the guitar for a 2 count. AMW gets involved, as Chris Harris gets on the top rope only to get punched by Tito Ortiz. Rhino then gores Jeff Jarrett for the win to gain the title at the 12 minute mark.

Winner: Rhino
Grade: B-: Decent match with Jarrett pulling out all the stops.

A huge brawl breaks out as 3 Live Kru, Team Canada, and AMW. Jarrett hits Rhino with the guitar as Jarrett loads Rhino into the casket. Team 3-D then enter the ring to beat on the heels and scare them out of the ring. Team 3-D hit a 3-D on Eric Young and throw him into the casket. Rhino holds the belt above his head and celebrates with the rest of the faces to end the show.

Final Thoughts: This was an excellent PPV event and is highly worth a replay. There are many things to be seen here, and I without a doubt got my $30.00 worth.

Final Grade: A-
by Mike Johnson

TNA played up last night's Bound for Glory PPV as their version of Wrestlemania, and in many aspects, it was treated that way with the talent going above and beyond the call of duty, a passionate crowd that loved their stars and what they were given, a nice surprise in the crowning of Rhino as the new NWA champion, an insane spot by Jeff Hardy, and a monster pop for Team 3-D. Even with destiny having a different finish in mind for the Ultimate X match, nothing could put a downer on the evening for TNA's stars and fans. There were a lot of guys going beyond their usual good work by pulling out big bumps and dives. If TNA is trying to catch a younger audience with a fast paced, frenetic style, they are going in the right direction based on the live crowd (see below). They need to fill in the niches that WWE doesn't by pushing the characterization of the talents as hard as their in ring work. As long as they keep accentuating their positives and politics don't become an issue, TNA is on the right road.

It was a weird sight live before the PPV went on the air as the audience was happy to be there but somewhat subdued. There were no big chants, no feel of electricity in the air as there have been for major shows I've attended over the years. Once TNA started the show, however, it was like a light flipped on and the place went nuts, with an audience loved their stars. It was interesting to note the demographics of the crowd, with a lot of teenage girls and women in their early 20s at the show, much higher than usual for a TNA event. The crowd seemed to be there to have a good time and enjoy themselves, as opposed to the smart fans that sometimes pervade wrestling shows today, trying to get over and make themselves more important than the show itself.

The Four Way opener with Sonjay Dutt defeating Roderick Strong, Austin Aries, and Alex Shelley was one of the best matches I've seen live in a long time. Roderick Strong is really coming into his own and at the rate he's improving, it won't be long before he's considered a top tier worker. He reminds of of a mixture of Dean Malenko and Ron Garvin. He's really upped his look and shown some dedication to his craft. Austin Aries' new look really suits him and he comes off like a wrestling machine. Dutt and Shelley both looked awesome here as well. Shelley has commented that he was inspired by Dean Malenko in the past and it really showed here as he's amazingly fluid in the ring. Dutt seemed really inspired here. It's amazing to think about a year ago, he was gone from the company. The one spot to watch for during this was the four way submission, with each man trapping not one, but two opponents. A really original spot that we'll likely see variations of in lots of indy Four Ways from this point forward. They did a good job setting the ton for the rest of the evening.

They then did an angle where Raven demanded his NWA title shot, until Rhino showed up and called out Raven for getting soft noting that a few years ago he took someone's family hostage and crucified a man (Sandman in ECW on both accounts) but now he's gone soft. Rhino accused him off letting a girl get into his head, although I have no idea if that was leading somewhere. It ended up with a brief brawl and Raven being dragged off. Rhino gored Cassidy Riley. The crowd called for him to do it again so Riley got drilled a second time. He bumped the hell out of himself taking the gore both times. The angle worked to explain Raven's absence from the remainder of the show and did a good job of enticing fans at home to want to buy the PPV portion of the show.

The main show opened with a lot of pomp and circumstance from Samoa Joe's fun Polynesian dancing entrance and the streamers tossed by the fans for Jushin Liger's TNA debut. The match itself wasn't what a lot of people expected it to be going in, but it was more about the moment of Joe choking out a legitimate legend clean in the middle of the ring. As a Joe fan, I couldn't help but be happy for the guy. A few months ago, he was in a position where he wanted to take time off because he wasn't making money financially and now he's one of the top names in several companies of note. Beyond that, with his performances of late, one would think he's going to be getting a Japanese offer at some point as well.

The six man tag with the Diamonds in the Rough defeated Shark Boy, Apollo, and Sonny Siaki was placed right where it should be with the right mix of comedy. Apollo hitting the dive outside the ring to the floor was a sight to see. It was good to see the Diamond be given a win as they needed to put some momentum behind the group. I'd like to see a valet added to given them a little pizzazz.

Monty Brown vs. Lance Hoyt was a lot better than I expected going in. There were some fans heckling Hoyt, calling him Test and Edge. You could tell this crowd was made up of a lot more of fans that traveled in as opposed to the Orlando regulars as Hoyt is usually one of the biggest babyfaces in the venue. They did a great spot where Brown went for the Pounce but got hit with a big boot to the face. Brown's final Pounce was awesome as well.

3 Live Kru vs. Team Canada was what one expected going in. They finally got the New Age Outlaws storyline going again. It was weird to see Ron Killings suddenly like the idea of Kip James in their corner. I liked the swerve of James saving Konnan when he could have creamed him with the chair, which was reminiscent of the great angle where Shane Douglas saved Cactus Jack from Sandman and Terry Funk in ECW. I actually thought they'd have Konnan apologize to James on the mic for doubting him, but they've got to save something for TV.

One had to feel for the guys in the Ultimate X match as they were doing some crazy stuff and building to something when the X fell from the ropes. They tried hard to improvise by going outside the ring while the ring crew set the X back, but when it fell again, I thought the spot featuring Petey Williams praying for it to fall was a thing of beauty. Unfortunately for Williams, the call was made to ring the bell as he was the scheduled winner. Everyone involved was upset about the curtain being closed but realized it was out of their hands. To me, I thought it was a great finish from one standpoint because it came off like a great fluke play in baseball. From a performance standpoint, it killed the feel of the match and the moment and that's a shame. However, the guys can always save whatever they had planned for the future, hopefully the primetime special. All three get an A for effort for this match, especially Michael Shane who think one of the sickest bumps I've seen in a while going to the floor off the top rope. The lesson to be learned from a production standpoint from the match is to come up with a new way to hang the X I guess.

America's Most Wanted vs. The Naturals was the usual good match you get from these four being that they have great chemistry. James Storm and Gail Kim's TNA characters are awesome. At some point, Storm will have to get his comeuppance with a bottle upside the head, but until then they are doing a great job of making him stand out as a real drunken jerk cowboy. For the first time, he feels like something more than just Chris Harris' partner, which only makes the team stronger. They've had better matches but this wasn't one they should have been ashamed of either.

The Monster's Ball was plain awesome. As someone who loves those great, out of controls brawls, this was a top flight version in my opinion. Jeff Hardy takes a lot of flak for his performances sometimes, deservedly so, but one can't deny that when he wants to be, he's one of the craziest bumpers of all time, doing a dive that New Jack would have been jealous of. The early brawls in the crowd were fun with lots of insane and stiff shots. I was glad they didn't do the thumbtack spot as its been done quite a bit lately and you don't want it to lose its effect. Everyone here did a great job. A wonderfully brutal violent ballet. I also wanted to note that Jim Mitchell is one of the best talkers going, as only he could cut a promo and drop the term "copious amounts of blood" and make it work without it sounding campy.

What does one say about AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels that hasn't already been written or that those of you reading this aren't already aware of. These guys are the heart and soul of the company and have done a tremendous job of growing from overlooked talented performers to top tier main event players. I thought this was as perfect as a match could have been, with a great slow build, some awesome false finishes and back and forth pin attempts, Styles' brilliant and desperate attempts to get to the ropes to escape Daniels' submission attempts, the awesome sight of Styles diving off the stairs and over the referee into the crowd onto Daniels and the perfect moment of Styles, in a last minute bid to win, going for his finisher and getting it and the pin with a second left. Styles was crying after the bout and with good reason, he had just given all of his heart and soul in one of the best matches of his career. Daniels did a great job of selling how upset he was at losing but the crowd didn't care who won or lost, they were appreciative of both for their effort in one great match.

The main event was booked as perfectly as it could have been with TNA turning the unfortunate negative of Kevin Nash's health issues into a positive. The Gauntlet was interesting to watch. When Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles came back out injured after the performances they put on earlier in the evening for a chance to wrestle for the NWA title, the company added a ton of prestige to their top title. The Gauntlet was interesting to watch from both a booking and crowd standpoint. When Samoa Joe came out first, the crowd perked up, almost as if shocked he was put into that position. Its amazing to see Joe, who had his doubters when he debuted, as one of the most popular wrestlers in the entire company after a tenure of just a few months. The crowd was highly behind him. The tease of Joe vs. Abyss was great with the two chopping the hell out of each other as the crowd ate up all of it. I was surprised to see Monty Brown out so quickly, but from a storyline standpoint, he can say that no one threw him over the ropes. It was interesting to see Billy Gunn tower over Samoa Joe at one point as well. The crowd loved Rhino going over, which was teased earlier in the night during the Raven segment.

Jeff Jarrett vs. Rhino was as good as one could hope for. The crowd was into the idea of a title change in a big way and the decision to put the NWA title on Rhino went over huge, much larger than anyone could have predicted. The audience sees him not as a WWE castoff, but as an ECW guy who wasn't given his shot and now has what he deserves. The post-match beatdown and sequence of run-ins was perfect, with the crowd loving every bit of the mayhem. When Team 3-D's music hit, the building exploded into what had to have been one of the biggest pops in company history. The entire build was a textbook for a big finish to a wrestling show meant to sent the crowd home happy and it did just that. Brother Ray especially seemed energized by the reaction and even told the crowd on the house mic that of all the places they had worked over the years, this night was the best, which is impressive when you think of the list of major shows and buildings that team has worked. The 30 minute post-match back and forth/brawl/beatdown on Eric Young was a nice plus for the crowd and I can't imagine who might have attended the show live and not wanted to come back for the TV tapings this week.

Given the state of the business and the need for a new competitor to WWE to stand up, TNA made their stand tonight. If the event came off anywhere as good on TV as it did live, this is a show worth going out of your way to order a replay of. In many ways, TNA is an amalgam of some of the best wrestling styles popularized over the last decade, energized by one hell of a crew with a tremendous work ethic, an intensely intimate building, and a spin on some old concepts. I cannot state what the future holds for the company, but if there's any justice, all the work that has been put into the last month will translate into the company's biggest buyrate to date. It's certainly deserved, as it was a really entertaining evening that showcased a really talented crew.

2006 - Monty Brown and Larry Zbyszko departed TNA.

2006 - The Hogan family appeared on Howard Stern.  Ed Jones filed the following report on the appearance:

The whole Hogan clan; Hulk, Linda, Brooke and Nick were all in studio for their appearance on the Howard Stern Show on Sirius. The Stern crew was enamored with Brooke's outfit, described as a mini-skirt with a vest on top with her bra showing. They asked Hulk how he allowed her to dress like that being how strict he is, but Hulk has seemed to mellow a bit and said she is 18 now and she can do what she wants.

They prodded Brooke with questions on her sex life (she claims to really like Howard, and sadly it doesn't seem tongue-in-cheek!), and she still claims to be a virgin, and hasn't done anything "below the waist." They made her swear on her unborn kids, a Stern show trait when trying to get the absolute truth, and she did swear. Howard was amazed how great they raised her and that he wanted to drop his own daughters over at the Hogan house since Howard doesn't know what his girls are up to!

Meanwhile, you may question how great their parenting skills are, since both the Hogan children stopped going to school, Brooke got her G.E.D., and Nick is starting the process. They even admitted they pulled him out of school and even stopped his home schooling so he could be on the show, otherwise he would never be there! (Wow, that is scary, I wish I had money in my family like that!)

Hulk and Linda admitted to some trying times in their relationship, and they kinda teased that divorce is always a possibility. They appeared to be on shaky ground, but neither the kids, Howard, or Hulk and Linda could really see them not being together, so it may have been all talk.

They talked to Nick a bit about his racing, but Howard was more interested in who Nick was "banging." They talked about the double standard that Brooke and Nick face, Brooke was completely protected and sheltered whereas Nick was found with condoms when he was 14! (There are even more perks to being the son of the Hulkster!)

They got to the music, bringing in Paul Wall (rapper) and the backup dancers. They busted on Paul for a while since he is a white rapper, who sounds "black" according to Howard and the gang. They performed their song, and said they would also be on TRL (Total Request Live) on MTV tomorrow (don't think I'll be home for a report on that one, maybe I'll DVR it and if Hulk is on I'll send a report!) they didn't really make fun of the dancers, they just said they had never had that before and were amazed. Plus the show goes on Howard TV (his On Demand channel), so it would be on TV (although music always has issues on his show, those pesky clearance issues, just like WWE and past music).

That was basically it, no wrestling questions, they said they would welcome Howard into the family if he married Brooke and became Hulk's son-in-law! Howard said he would be on the show and take Brooke's virginity, and the next scene would have Hulk putting Howard's head through the wall! The only real wrestling moment was that Brooke wanted to put Howard in a chicken wing, and Hulk claimed both him and Bubba The Love Sponge could not get out of her chicken needless to say Howard quickly declined!

2007 - TNA signed Talia Madison, who would be re-named Velvet Sky and go on to become one of the primary members of the Knockout division.  In announcing her signing, Madison wrote, ""So it's official, I have signed a contract with TNA wrestling! I'm extremely excited and happy to be a part of this company, as there's some great talent there and theres an ACTUAL women's division! I believe this is going to be a great opportunity for me. Just want to say THANK YOU to all of my fans who have supported me thus far! You guys are the greatest and I appreciate you all! Also thanks to everyone in the wrestling business who has guided me and helped me be who I am today. Special thanks to Jason Knight, (my official trainer) and Afa The Wild Samoan and his family as well! Thank you to all of my friends as well for always believing in me."

2007 - The Palm Beach Post in Florida featured a long interview with John Todd Miller, who is set to begin a 18 month prison term after being nabbed on providing steroids to a 13-year old professional in-line skater.  

Miller, who owned the Pasco Medical Clinic in Tampa, was heavily investigated for his links to professional wrestlers, including Eddie Guerrero and Ric Flair, and allegedly providing them enhancement substances.  Miller noted that he was close friends with a number of top names, commenting, "Having a clinic that had steroids, you kind of get to meet a bunch of them."

Miller, who opened his clinic in 2001, was introduced to the late Guerrero by a doctor around the same time period.  The friendship with Guerrero opened the doors for other performers to utilize the Clinic, including Ric Flair, Paul Wight, Hector Guerrero, Dan Spivey, Billy Kidman and Joe Malenko.  

Miller claimed in the article that he had dinner at Flair's home numerous times and commented, "When you take a guy that's that old and you make him look good, guys are going to notice that and want to know how you did it."

The wrestlers cut off their relations with Miller after his Clinic was raided in a federal investigation in 2003.  When some of the personalities were interviewed by investigators, they found out they weren't the only ones pulling a work in their chosen profession - Miller wasn't a doctor.

When Eddie Guerrero was interviewed under oath by detectives, he "assumed Miller was a doctor even though he never represented himself as one" according to the article.  Hector Guerrero also commented he thought Miller was a doctor. Guerrero's brother Hector, a former pro wrestler, also said he thought Miller was a doctor.  The article noted that the raid on the clinic stunned other local business owners who also believed Miller was a doctor.

"I was just surprised," former WWF and NWA wrestler Dan Spivey commented in the article, "I didn't think anything illegal was going on."

Miller responded, "I'm not a doctor. I just owned the clinic. Yes, I was trained by a physician to give injections and I did give injections when he wasn't present, but I didn't do anything that he didn't order.  It was pushing the envelope but I always figured if something happened, it would be the doctor, not me.  He was the one ordering everything that I was doing. You go to work, you follow directions. But I did own the office, so ... "

14 felony counts were dropped against Miller in the initial investigation against him, including running an unlicensed medical practice and possession and delivery of a controlled substance. Miller claimed in the article that the charges were dropped because the authorities' search warrants weren't secured before the raid.  The Hillsborough Sheriff's office would not comment.

Miller was eventually caught by authorities after being nabbed for providing steroids for an underage professional in-line skater.  Miller then turned informant on the person responsible for getting the steroids for the skater, the skater's own father.  Miller, who admitted being bitter over heading to federal prison, said he is cooperating with other investigations.

WWE did not respond to the article when asked for comment.

2007 - Sci Fi issued the following press released:


New York, N.Y., October 23, 2007 - SCI FI Channel and World Wrestling Entertainment's today announced that the hit program, ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling®, will continue on the network through 2008.

WWE is also the producer of the No. 1 weekly basic cable TV series, “Monday Night RAW" on USA Network.

This year (Jan-Sept), SCI FI has been the #1 cable network for men ages 18-34 in ECW's Tuesday 10pm time period.

For more information go to and

SCI FI Channel is a television network where "what if" is what's on. SCI FI fuels the imagination of viewers with original series and events, blockbuster movies and classic science fiction and fantasy programming, as well as a dynamic Web site ( and magazine. Launched in 1992, and currently in 85 million homes, SCI FI Channel is a network of NBC Universal, one of the world's leading media and entertainment companies.

World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (NYSE: WWE), is an integrated media and entertainment company headquartered in Stamford, Conn., with offices in New York City, Los Angeles, Toronto and London. Additional information on the company can be found at <> and <>.

2007 - WWE broadcast ECW on SyFy.  Mike Johnson filed the following TV report:

Welcome to the ECW Lives (well, the letters do, at least) edition of ECW on Sci Fi!

Extreme Expose and the Miz made their way to the ring as Joey Styles and Tazz reminded everyone about the "statement" Big Daddy V made last week on ECW.  The Miz said Cyber Sunday was a fan's dream come true by being able to vote who would be able to challenge ECW champion CM Punk.  Miz began running down V and John Morrison, before proclaiming the "Mizfits will overflow the voting" to bring the Miz into the PPV as Punk's challenger.

Miz said they had another piece of business to attend to and says that Kelly Kelly went out on a date with Balls Mahoney last week when she was forbidden to do so.  Miz said that she violated her contract and said that he could fire Eric, er Kelly.  He said that's not going to fire her but he's going to make her life miserable week after week after week.  He's going to make her join the creative team?

John Morrison heads to the ring.  He insults Miz, but admitted they both don't want V to make it it to Cyber Sunday.  Morrison then said Miz needs to realize that no ECW fan would ever vote for Miz.   Well, none of them are watching ECW in 2007, either.  Morrison said that the fans would vote for him because it was his destiny to challenge Punk.  Morrison then turned his attention to Kelly asking why she's wasting her time with Miz when Morrison has something that no one else has to their credit, beating CM Punk.  He tells Kelly that she obviously wants to spend a night with him and when she does, she'll scream her name.  Kelly Kelly, the exhibitionist, slapped Morrison.

Balls Mahoney hit the ring to his theme music to defend the honor of the lovely Ms. Elizabeth.  He went after Morrison, but Miz attacked him from behind.  Morrison and Miz disposed of Mahoney, then Morrison attacked Miz and tossed him (well, he tried, but Miz was dead weight) over the top rope.  Miz finally fell to the mat.  Morrison's music hit but ECW champion CM Punk hit the ring out of nowhere and nailed Morrison with a leg lariat.  Morrison was knocked to the floor as Punk challenged him to get back in the ring.  The crowd saw Punk as a star.  I enjoyed the first segment for what it was.

Joey and Tazz plugged Kane vs. Big Daddy V was next.

WWE plugged The Undertaker's 15-0 DVD.  That's a Wal-Mart exclusive but my guess is the WWE website will sell it as well.

John Morrison and The Miz were face to face, nose to nose, cliche to cliche backstage.  Armando popped up and told them to learn to get along because they were teaming against CM Punk and Balls Mahoney later tonight.    Morrison said they could handle them.  Miz said that Morrison was to listen to him tonight.  They started arguing over who was in charge of their team.  They had some good intensity while they were arguing.  This hasn't been a bad show at all so far.

Big Daddy V (with Matt Striker) vs. Kane

I am really surprised they are giving this away so soon, but when you need to prop up the ratings, Kane is the right guy to use towards that goal.  Personally, I'd like to see them send Ric Flair over here, but that's just me.   Scott Armstrong is the referee.  

Kane went right after V with rights and rebounded off the ropes with a clothesline, but V didn't go down.  V took over and took Kane right to the mat, then tried to smother Kane by stepping on him, Andre the Giant style.   V screamed at Kane to fight him.  He began chopping him in the corner.  Kane escaped a splash in the corner and began hitting some offense, but was cut down with a sidewalk slam.  Kane was sent to the floor.  V followed and threw Kane into the ring steps.  They returned to the ring as they went to commercial.

When we returned, V was smothering Kane with a sleeper.  Kane finally fought back and hit a flying clothesline of sorts off the ropes.  Mark Henry hit the ring and attacked Kane for the DQ, which makes no sense.  The Great Khali then came to the ring, signaling we were in wrestling hell.  (credit my friend Charlie).  All three monsters beat up Kane who made a save for himself.

We get the Smackdown rebound.

CM Punk and Balls Mahoney were backstage.  Balls thanked Punk for helping him earlier.  punk said that unlike the other two, they had no reason not to get along and said let's get through tonight.  He then asked Balls what he did on his date with Kelly Kelly.  I really can't believe they didn't do date vignettes.  Mahoney just cackled and had a sick look on his face as he smiled.  Punk said that was disturbing and Balls quipped, "That's what she said."  Balls walked off, leaving a befuddled and frightened Punk.

They announce a Monster Mash Battle Royal next week with all the monsters.

Nunzio vs. Elijah Burke

Nunzio got right in Burke's face, blaming him for their loss last week since Burke abandoned him.  Nunzio got some early offense, including two dropkicks before Burke took over dropping Nunzio across the top turnbuckle face-first.  Burke dragged Nunzio over the apron and began nailing him with forearm splashes.  Burke hit a catapult, snapping Nunzio's throat under the ropes.  Burke did a running charge through the ropes, snapping Nunzio against the ropes as he flew through.  Burke got a two count.  Burke teased the Outer Limits elbow but instead slid outside the ring and continued beating down Nunzio.  This is the best Burke has looked in some time.  Burke locked in a version of the Cobra Clutch but Nunzio fought his way out.  Nunzio escaped a charge in the corner and hit the Sicilian Slice.  Nunzio came off the ropes with a series of forearms.  Nunzio came off the ropes but was caught with a combination clothesline and legsweep.  Burke drilled Nunzio with the Elijah Express and scored the pin.

Your winner, in a good match, Elijah Burke!

Backstage, The Great Khali was arguing with his manager.  They didn't even try to explain it.

When we returned, Matt Striker was telling Big Daddy V that he had Kane right where he wanted him.  V said that in the Monster Mash Battle Royal, he'll prove he's the dominant force.

ECW champion CM Punk & Balls Mahoney vs. John Morrison & The Miz

Punk and Miz started out with Miz trying to work on Punk's sore ribs.  The crowd chanted for Balls, so Punk tagged him in briefly.  The babyfaces worked over Miz and went for some early covers.  Miz and Morrison took control.  They worked over Balls, who started to mount a comeback, but was taken down by Morrison.  Balls finally clotheslines Miz and makes his way to Punk for the hot tag.  Punk drills Morrison with a running knee strike in the corner, then a DDT.  Miz gets one for his troubles, then nails a springboard clothesline on Morrison.  Miz broke up the pin.  He shot Punk into Morrison and then clunked heads.  Miz went to clothesline Punk but got his partner.  Balls tossed Miz out of the ring.  Punk nailed Morrison with the GTS and scored the pin.  OK tag.

Your winners, CM Punk and Balls Mahoney!

Hey, um, whatever happened to Stevie Richards and Tommy Dreamer, anyway?

2008 - WWE signed Chris Cage and "Silverback" Ryan Reeves to their second developmental deals each.

2008 - TNA broadcast a live episode of Impact from Las Vegas, featuring the debut of the Main Event Mafia group:

Tonight is a historic night for TNA Impact. While they have broadcasted a live episode of Impact in March from the Impact Zone, this is the first time that Impact has gone on the road. What will happen when Sting teams with Kevin Nash to face those young punks, A.J. Styles and the former Champion Samoa Joe? Will Jay Lethal put the title match that he earned in the Giant Red Birdcage at Bound for Glory to good use as he faces Sheik Abdul Bashir? Will Awesome Kong become a two time Women’s champion when she faces Taylor Wilde? Which member of the team of Angelina Love, Velvet Sky, and Kip James will Christy Hemme face tonight? There is going to be a big announcement coming from Mick Foley that was teased at the end of last week’s show as Mick and Jeff started their Thelma and Louise-esque cross country journey. Over the last few weeks, we have tried to figure out two things about Booker T. The first thing is what is he trying to say and which dialect is he using. The second thing is what is in the briefcase that Sharmell has been holding and giving Booker to use. In case you missed the Monster’s Ball Match at Bound for Glory, we have a rematch in a hardcore gauntlet that will see the entry determined by a fan text vote. All of this is going to bring us closer to the Turning Point pay per view in a little more than two weeks.

We begin with a video package featuring wrestlers and a lot of rain. Over the six years of the company, things have grown until tonight where they are in Las Vegas. We are in HD tonight.

We are live from Las Vegas, Nevada and your announcers are Don ‘HD’ West and Mike ‘Home Sweet Home’ Tenay.

Match Number One: Velvet Sky with Kip James and Angelina Love versus Christy Hemme
Christy with a spear and punches to Velvet and the referee pulls her off. Christy with forearms and the ref pulls her off again. Christy with a monkey flip and Kip gets on the apron. Angelina sprays Christy in the face and Velvet with a clothesline and she slams Christy’s head into the mat. Velvet tosses Christy by the hair and then she steps on Christy’s hair as she pulls her up. Velvet with a chop and then it is time to slam Christy’s head into the turnbuckles. Velvet is tossed to the mat and then she misses a charge. Christy with a clothesline and elbow followed by a flying double sledge. Christy avoids a clothesline followed by a kick to the midsection and a kick to the head. Christy pulls Velvet to the mat. Kip tries to interfere but Christy knocks him off the apron. Christy with the leg drop from the turnbuckles for the three count.
Winner: Christy Hemme

We go to Don and Mike at ringside. They run down the card for tonight’s show.

TO THE BACK where Jeremy Borash is in the high roller lounge with Kurt Angle. Jeremy talks about the call he received from Kurt Angle to meet with Kurt so he can out announce Mick Foley. Kurt Angle says that after hearing Mick and Jarrett talk about their big announcement and ride off into the sunset. He had to make a decision that would change the face of wrestling forever. Kurt says that he called some very important people. By midnight, the deal was done. Booker and Sharmell are on the other side of the room and Booker says that they are here with the best of the best. Booker talks about the lions in his home country. Booker says that they want respect from now on. Kevin Nash is at the end of the couch. He says that he walked away because he had nothing to accomplish. Nash says that the business is about money, power, and respect. Nash says that Joe gave him and Scott Hall no respect. Nash says that he has always taken this as a business, but Joe made it personal. Borash says that the three of them together are icons and legends, but the odds are against them. Angle says that this business was built on honor, dignity and respect. Booker yells out respect for the fourth or fifth time. Angle says that he is not going to go into the battle with a stick, he is going to go into it with heavy artillery. We see the final member of the group, and it is Sting, at least without his makeup. Sting asks why Jeremy should be surprised. They tried individually and the nice way to get some respect. Booker says respect again. Sting says that they have given seventy-five years combined for this business. They asked nicely, but there will be no more asking. There will be demanding. Angle toasts the ‘Main Event Mafia’.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Lauren is outside. She says that she is waiting for Mick Foley to arrive. A Volkswagen arrives and Mick emerges. She asks Mick about the announcement. Mick says the announcement is bigger than Jeff said. Mick goes in without telling Lauren anything.

It is one fourth of the Main Event Mafia as Booker T and Sharmell come out to the ring with the Main Event Briefcase. Booker tanks everyone. He says that the time has come to share the ting that will change the landscape of TNA. It is the one thing that will immortalize Booker forever. He opens the briefcase and it is a sack with a title belt. Booker says that it is the TNA Legends Championship. He says the title belongs to him and him alone.

Christian Cage comes out and he has mic. He tells Booker that when he hears the word legend, it has a few meanings. A legend is not someone who looks like a second rate Little John impersonator with a ridiculous accent. A legend is someone whose career and track record commands respect. Christian says that Booker has the career and track record, but he does not have the respect. Christian says that he comes out with a title that he just invented and did not beat anybody for. He says that Booker expects everyone to respect that.

Booker tells Christian that he did not come out to cause any trouble. Booker tells Christian that tonight is a celebration and a big ting. Tonight was not about him, it was about Christian. In his country, Christian is a legend. Christian should join the Main Event Mafia. Christian tells Booker that he appreciates the offer but he does not accept the offer. Christian suggests that Booker wrestle someone for the Legend’s title. Why not wrestle him for the title at Turning Point. Christian says that he does not want or need the title. He knows that when he beats Booker, it will piss him off. Christian says that they call that a challenge in his country.

Booker tells Christian that he is right. Booker says that Christian deserves a title shot. The match is on for Turning Point. When he wins, Christian will have to join the Main Event Mafia, with no questions.

TO THE BACK with Lauren who is interviewing Abyss and Matt Morgan. Lauren gives us a long disposition of the match. Matt says there will only be one of them tonight going to the ring. Morgan tells Abyss he is not going to the ring because of what happened at Bound for Glory. Abyss suffered third degree burns over ten percent of his body. Matt won’t let Abyss go to the ring. He says that he is a bad friend because he put Abyss in that position. Abyss says that Matt is his dearest friend. Abyss says that he talked to his therapist and he was told that he needs to made decisions for himself. Abyss talks about the burnt skin and he says that it will heal. Abyss tells Matt that they need to deal with the tag match and Kurt Angle.

Matt Morgan yells at Abyss and tells him that he has everything under control and Abyss better not go near the ring. Abyss says that he needs to do something about Kurt because Matt is his best friend.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Jeremy Borash is with Jeff Jarrett in his suite. Jeremy asks Jeff about the big announcement. Jeff says that he is not going to spoil it for Mick and Mick will make the announcement. Jeremy asks Jeff if he will wrestle Kurt at Turning Point. Jeff says that he will not be coaxed into the ring again. Jeremy is teased again.

Match Number Two: Jay Lethal versus Sheik Abdul Bashir for the X Division Title
Bashir attacks Lethal before the bell rings and he hits a belly-to-back suplex and then he poses. Bashir punches Lethal followed by a snap mare and reverse chin lock. Lethal with a head scissors and drop kick that sends Bashir to the floor. Lethal with a suicide dive and Bashir goes into the announce table. Lethal rolls Bashir back into the ring and Lethal misses the elbow drop from the top turnbuckle. Bashir with a DDT for a three count.
Winner: Sheik Abdul Bashir

TO THE BACK where Lauren is with Samoa Joe and A.J. Styles. A.J. says that is appears where there were two, there are now four. A.J. talks about how TNA came to people like him, Joe, Low Ki, and Christopher Daniels six years ago about coming to this company. Things have disintegrated. A.J. says that this is about TNA. Joe calls Nash a scumbag and he tells Nash to look at what he created. He says that Frankenstein is coming home. Joe says that since Nash took his title, he is going to take away his career. Joe does not care who he has to go through. We go to commercial.

We are back and we go to the back and Rhino is telling Sheik Abdul Bashir that he is sick of the political comments coming from him. Rhino says that he is challenging Bashir and he will deport him. Bashir with a kick to the groin and then he hits Rhino with the mic before choking him. Bashir drops a light on Rhino while Lauren screams and checks on Rhino.

Match Number Three: Hardcore Gauntlet
The first two participants are James Storm with Jacqueline and Brother Ray. Storm attacks Ray as he enters the ring but Ray with a chop. Ray with another chop followed by a hip toss and clothesline and slam. Ray sends Storm to the apron but he is able to get back into the ring because the next man is Robert Roode and he takes the attention of Ray. Storm and Roode double team Ray. Ray charges into a boot and then gets an enzuigiri from Storm and a leap frog neck breaker from Roode. Ray and Storm with a double suplex.

The fourth man is Devon. Devon punches Storm and Roode. Devon with a flying shoulder tackle to Roode and a neck breaker to Storm. Storm misses a charge and Devon with a flying clothesline. Team 3D with a side slam and leg drop combination.

Hernandez is out next and he hits a slingshot shoulder block on Team 3D. Hernandez with a shoulder tackle to Roode. Hernandez catches Roode off the turnbuckles and hits a power bomb. Hernandez punches Devon and Ray hits him from behind. They set for the Doomsday Device and hit it on Hernandez.

Out next is Homicide. Homicide with a double missile drop kick to Team 3D. Devon charges into a boot and Homicide hits a tornado DDT. Homicide misses a charge and Homicide hits a rana from the top. Homicide with a back elbow to Devon.

Out next is Matt Morgan. Matt with a clothesline to Storm and a boot to Roode. Morgan with a fallaway slam to Homicide and Homicide is then eliminated followed by Devon. Hernandez charges at Morgan and Morgan eliminates Hernandez. Morgan punches Ray and Roode.

The final participant comes out and it is Abyss. Morgan yells at Abyss to stay out and Morgan is eliminated by Roode and Ray. Storm and Roode attack Abyss outside the ring.

The weapon of choice is tables.

Ray tells Devon to get the tables. Devon also has some lighter fluid while Abyss fights with Storm and Roode. Abyss comes into the ring and he punches Ray and Devon. Abyss picks up a lighter. Devon hits Abyss with a low blow and Abyss is eliminated.

It is time for the match beyond the gauntlet between Team 3D and the tag team champions. All four men fight. Roode tries for a suplex through the table, but Devon escapes the hold. They hit the 3D on Roode and Jackie pulls the referee out. Storm spits beer in Devon’s face and he gets the three count.
Winners: James Storm and Robert Roode

We go to commercial.

We are back and Don and Mike talk about what is still to come. Mike talks about Kurt Angle’s attempt to one up Mick Foley.

Speaking of Kurt Angle, he walks to the ring. Kurt says that tonight is a historical night because of the birth of the Main Event Mafia. They are a group of special people who will change the face of wrestling. Angle tells Jeff Jarrett that he has not forgotten about him. Angle says that he does not give a damn about Foley’s announcement because he will get his hands on Jarrett. Angle threatens to visit Jarrett’s kids and he does not give a s***. Angle wants Jarrett to come out.

Jarrett comes to the ring. Jarrett says that it is over and there is no reason for him to be in the ring because of the talent roster. Jarrett is going to pass the torch, and Angle should think about doing the same. Jarrett talks about some of the wrestlers this is about and Angle cuts Jarrett off. He says that TNA is about him because he is the greatest. He only cares about whooping Jeff’s ass tonight. Jarrett tells Angle that he is going to take no for an answer. Jarrett says that there is a locker room of people who want to have a match with him. There is also someone standing behind him.

Abyss punches Angle and then he gets Angle by the throat but Angle with a kick to the legs. Abyss tries for the Black Hole Slam, but Angle gets out of the hold.

We go to commercial with Mick Foley in the back looking at memorabilia.

We are back and Awesome Kong and Raisha Saeed are with Lauren. Saeed tells Lauren to be quiet. Saeed says that Kong is sick and tired of Taylor Wilde and she wants new blood. After tonight, Kong will never face Taylor again and she will get the TNA Women’s title. Tonight will not be Taylor’s last match with Kong, but her last match ever.

Jeremy is with Taylor Wilde and Jeremy asks for her response. Taylor says that she can only go out and do what she has been doing. She knows what Kong is capable of. Taylor reminds Jeremy that she is the champion. If Kong wants to beat her, she will have to end her career.

Match Number Four: Awesome Kong with Raisha Saeed versus Taylor Wilde for the TNA Women’s Title
Taylor with a kick and forearm but then she runs into the wall known as Kong. Kong misses a splash and Taylor goes up top for a drop kick but Kong with a clothesline for a two count. Kong tosses Taylor across the ring and then chokes her in the corner. Kong with an Irish whip and splash into the corner. Kong with a choke slam to Taylor for a two count. Kong tries for an Awesome Bomb but Wilde with an X Factor. Wilde with two drop kicks and Kong stays up. Taylor hits a missile drop kick for a two count. Taylor with a rana for another two count. Saeed trips Wilde but Wilde punches Saeed. Kong grabs Taylor and it is Awesome Bomb time and she gets the three count.
Winner: Awesome Kong

We see the Main Event Mafia in the back as Sting and Nash get ready for their match. We go to commercial.

We are back and Nick Bockwinkel is in the crowd.

Match Number Five: Sting and Kevin Nash versus Samoa Joe and A.J. Styles
A.J. and Nash start thing off and Styles with punches to Nash followed by shoulders. Nash with a knee to the midsection. Joe is tagged in and Nash goes to tag in Sting. Joe wants a piece of Nash. Joe slaps Sting and then it is time for punches back and forth. Joe with a running back elbow and Pele kick in the corner. Styles tags in and he kicks A.J. followed by a slam and knee drop. Styles with a discus forearm to Nash on the apron. Styles is able to hit a jawbreaker and Nash with a clothesline as Nash tags back in. We go to commercial.

We are back and Sting tags back in and A.J. tries to punch his way out of trouble. Styles tries for a sunset flip and hits it for a near fall. Styles with a Pele Kick and both men are down. Nash tags in and he cannot stop Joe from making the tag. Joe with punches to the midsection and a Yakuza kick and senton for a near fall. Joe with punches and he tries to get Nash on the turnbuckles. Joe senses Sting is coming at him and he moves as Sting hits the Stinger Splash on Nash. Styles hits a plancha on Sting while Nash hits Joe with the title belt for the three count.
Winners: Sting and Kevin Nash

After the match, Styles goes for Nash’s knees and he punches Sting. Joe puts Nash in the choke while Styles punches Sting. Angle and Booker come out and Booker hits Styles with the red belt. Angle punches Joe while Booker kicks Styles. Styles and Joe are bleeding and Angle with a European uppercut on Styles.

Mick Foley is still walking as he finally might have made his way the part of the Hard Rock where the show is being taped as we go to commercial.

We are back and Mick Foley makes his way to the ring. Mick says that it is time for a major declaration here on TNA. Mick wants to take everyone behind closed doors to the meeting he had with Jeff Jarrett. Mick and Jeff talked about how much money he has made in the business. Mick says that Jeff asked him about the rumors that Mick was the cheapest and most frugal wrestler ever to lace up the boots. Mick says that there is not a lot for hair styling or wardrobe. Jeff tells Mick if he made a lot of money, he probably didn’t spend any of it. Mick says that Jeff suggested an investment.

Mick is interrupted by Kurt Angle who is joined by Booker, Sting, and Nash; but Angle tells them to stay back. Foley says that Angle screwed up the big declaration. Angle says that he heard Foley talking derisively about him. Angle with a headbutt to Foley and then he asks Foley if it is funny. Angle says that he doesn’t hear anyone laughing. Foley says that it is kind of funny because Foley asks Angle if Jeff was giving to give him some stock tips. He wanted to know if Foley wanted to make an investment in TNA. Foley says that he is a major shareholder in TNA. Kurt Angle just head butted his new boss. Foley with a cheap pop as only he can. The first thing that Foley is going to say to Angle as his boss is ‘You’rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre free’ to work here if he wants to. Foley says that he believes in all of the fans and all of the people in the back. He believes in the guys who made TNA something. Foley asks Kurt if he remembers what it was like when something major was going to happen when they were in the WWE. They were there when they saw the business explode. They are on the verge of being involved in something big. Foley asks Kurt if he wants to be a part of history . . . or history.

We have confetti and we have credits.

2009 - TNA ran Chicago, IL.  Gregory Davis filed the following live report:

Here's my live report from the TNA Live Event from the Odeum in a suburb of Chicago, Illinois.

Now I didn't go to ECW shows here at the Odeum in the late 90s, so I can't say if it was always like that, but from the outside, the venue looks like a dump. The inside was alright.

Doors opened around 6:30, and the show started around 7:30. TNA does a great job with their pre-show music. First it's standard arena rock. Then at 7:20, a TNA announcer (this is all prerecorded on an iTunes Playlist by the way) says the show will start in ten minutes, which the crowd pops for. After a playing of Enter Sandman, the announcer then says it'll start in five minutes, which is followed by Welcome to the Jungle. At this point the music seems to be getting louder as well. After that, it's an announcement of one minute, with rotating spotlights flashing on the crowd, followed by a pump-up rock theme, and right at zero, the show begins.

Seating was setup with three rows of reserved ringside seats, with the remaining ringside seats and lower-level seating being general admission. The floor looked full, with maybe 1/4 to 1/3 of the built seating filled. No more than 1,000 there.

Earl Hebner was signing at the Merchandise table. They had a new souvenir program, probably released in time for Bound For Glory. From what I saw, it's much improved over the previous one. I'll probably buy it tomorrow, since someone stole my other one tonight.

As usual, Jeremy Borash is your host. He did the usual bit of awarding backstage passes to the loudest fans. Although I'm a little annoyed at him, as he posted the location of the night's hidden backstage pass on the @TNAOnline twitter account, and not the @JeremyBorash account like he normally does. Boo. Maybe next time.

Hebner received a personal introduction coming out to Man in the Box.

Alex Shelley defeated Shark Boy with a Frog Splash. As noted recently, Shark Boy has been on the Chris Harris diet. I thought this was a solid match. It started off as face vs. face, but half way through, Shark Boy faked a leg injury, and turned heel with a sneak attack on Shelley. However, Shelley won with a Frog Splash.

Rhino defeated Kip James with a Gore. Rhino did prematch whining promo. I found it funny when he said TNA wanted to keep James due to his six-pack. Nothing much of a match, but the crowd did cheer and boo the two respectively. Kip, of course, did a lot of DX stuff. In the end, Kip missed a famouser, and ate a Gore.

Borash read a text message from Samoa Joe, saying he should "tell the morons of Chicago that he'll win the World Title tonight."

ODB, accompanied by Sun Times writer Elliot Harris, defeated Alissa Flash. Flash refused to take off her jacket. Boo. Harris is a Quick Hits writer who like to post photos of hot women in his articles, and he promoted the show and match in his Thursday article. He also accompanied Christy Hemme in the Bound for Glory dark match last year. Not a fan of this one. Flash was crisp (I'm a SHIMMER fan, sue me), and ODB was very slow, and the crowd didn't seem to care that much. I think ODB won with a TKO, but I'm not sure.

Matt Morgan defeated Scott Steiner with the Carbon Footprint. Steiner ran down pretty much every local sports team, both professional and college. Morgan got a good reaction as well. Steiner did a lot of pre-match jaw-jacking, and at one point, ran out of the ring to the guardrail after one particular comment. Morgan then decided to pose up in the lower level seating. Decent match, with the crowd into it.

Time for Intermission. They must have sent fifty folks backstage.

Lethal Consequences defeated World Elite of Sheik Abdul Bashir and Kiyoshi with a combo suplex/cross-body. Bashir has a pre-match promo that no one could understand. Match of the night. Lots of hard hitting action, counters, and high-flying moves. After, Creed told the crowd that THIS was Total Nonstop Action. He then brought in a military guy and thanked him for his service, and the three had a quick dance off.

AJ Styles defeated Samoa Joe with the Pele to retain the World Title. Surprising lack of a reaction for Styles. OK match, but disappointing for what it could and should have been.

After the match, AJ said he wanted to bring the whole crowd backstage, which JB didn't want. Then he said as the TNA Champion, he's ordering backstage to come out instead. So we had an autograph signing with Shelley, Morgan, ODB, and Lethal. AJ posed in the ring for photos at $20 apiece, which had a line of at least several hundred. One of the fans had an engraved Jeff Jarrett guitar from last year's Bound for Glory. He either brought it back this year, or bought it from the merchandise table, so congrats Don, someone finally bit on it.

No Shows from the online advertised lineup include Beer Money and Chris Sabin, and from the promoted flyers were The British Invasion and Hernandez.

An OK show, but I did expect better.

2009 - WWE broadcast Smackdown.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

We start off with a recap of the situation between CM Punk and the Undertaker and the submission match that will take place with all of the participants in Montreal Screwjob II: Straight Edge Boogaloo involved.

We are live on tape from Columbia, South Carolina and your announcers are Jerry ‘Get well soon JR’ Lawler and Michael ‘Congrats on your wedding Todd’ Cole.

Chris Jericho comes out to the ring and we see the face off between Team Raw and Team Smackdown during the scheduled Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho match. Jericho says on Sunday his legendary status will be further cemented because in addition to being one half of the tag team champions and the face of Smackdown, he will be known as the mastermind of Team Smackdown after their crushing victory over Team Raw. Jericho says that his greatness is omnipotent. In order to shut up DX, he needs to tweak his team a little. He wants to know if the men on his team are worthy of standing in the same ring as Chris Jericho. Jericho says that they will prove their dominance at Bragging Rights, just like him and Kane will prove their dominance by beating Rey Mysterio and Batista.

Cryme Tyme’s music plays and JTG comes out and yo yos his way to the ring. He appreciates Jericho’s comments, but he is going to pass tonight. Jericho asks JTG where his partner is and Jericho suggests that maybe Shad is in jail. JTG says that Shad has the flu and he wanted to tell Jericho. Jericho says that it makes him sick that he has to be on the same team as JTG. Shad might have gotten the flu from the parasites and germ incubators, but he does not care. Jericho asks JTG if he knows what kind of an honor it is to be in the ring with him or stand up to his standards.

Before JTG can answer, we get a few Excuse Mes from Vickie Guerrero and she says that as the official consultant for Team Smackdown, it gives her great pleasure to introduce the future of Smackdown and her boyfriend, Eric Escobar. They come to the ring. Eric says that he heard a lot of talk on Monday from DX saying that they don’t know who he is. He says that after he leads his team to victory on Bragging Rights, they will never forget the name Eric Escobar.

Dolph Ziggler comes out and he throws out his own excuse me. He wants to get down to business. If anyone is going to be responsible for Team Smackdown winning, it will be him. He is not going to let anyone screw it up for him. JTG asks Dolph what he knows about winning because he lost his last four Intercontinental Title matches. JTG also talks about Dolph dumping Maria.

Drew McIntyre makes his way to the ring. Drew says that he is the ace up the sleeve because he was personally picked by Vince McMahon and signed. Drew wonders why he wasn’t named captain.

Not to be outdone, Kane comes out to complete the Team. Kane says that as far as he is concerned, none of them deserve to fight next to him. Jericho agrees. Kane says that he advised Chris Jericho that since they are busy with Rey and Batista, the four of them should be busy tonight. Kane asks them if they want to be on the team. Jericho wants to know if they have the tenacity to be on the team and since one of the team members called in sick, he doubts it. Jericho says that they were going to have a ten man tag match since Raw had one, but there is a bigger twist than Monday. If they lose, they will be replaced by their opponents at Bragging Rights.

Match Number One: Dolph Ziggler, Drew McIntyre, JTG, and Eric Escobar versus Matt Hardy, David Hart Smith, Tyson Kidd, Finlay, and R Truth in an Epsenhart Special to be Team Smackdown at Bragging Rights

JTG and Kidd start things off and lock up. JTG with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. JTG with a kick and leap frog leg drop for a near fall. Finlay tags in and puts JTG in a side head lock and hits a shoulder tackle and gets a near fall after briefly working on the arm. Finlay with a European uppercut and clothesline followed by a kick. JTG sends Finlay into his corner and Ziggler tags in and kicks Finlay. Ziggler punches and kicks Finlay but Finlay with a short arm clothesline. Finlay with an Irish whip and shoulder in the corner. Ziggler with a forearm to the back but he misses a splash into the corner and goes to the floor. We go to commercial.

We are back and Escobar has Finlay in a reverse chin lock and Finlay escapes the hold. Escobar with a clothesline and kick. McIntyre tags in and he punches Finlay in the corner. McIntyre stops Finlay from making the tag and then he kicks Finlay while we see Kane and Jericho watching in the back. Ziggler tags in and he gets a rollup and a near fall. Ziggler with a leaping elbow drop for a near fall. Ziggler with a reverse chin lock as Finlay tries to make the tag. McIntyre tags in and Finlay tries to escape but McIntyre and Ziggler stop him. McIntyre with an elbow and then he tags Ziggler back in. Ziggler returns to the chin lock. Ziggler knocks Truth off the apron but that distraction allows Finlay to tag in Hardy. Hardy with clotheslines and a flapjack for a near fall. Hardy with a slam and then he goes to the turnbuckles for the screaming elbow to the head and he gets a near fall. Hardy with a side effect for a near fall. Escobar breaks up the cover and Finlay comes in and hits a clothesline that sends both men over the top. JTG tags in and he hits the wrap around clothesline. Smith interferes and McIntyre breaks it up and sends Smith to the floor. Kidd tries to interfere but McIntyre back body drops him onto Smith. Truth clotheslines McIntyre over the top rope and he joins Drew on the floor. Escobar sends Hardy into the turnbuckles and JTG waits for Hardy to get up. This gives Finlay enough time to get his shillelagh and use it on JTG’s leg, allowing Hardy to hit the Twist of Fate for the victory.
Winners: Finlay, R Truth, Matt Hardy, Tyson Kidd, and David Hart Smith

CM Punk is in the office with Scott Armstrong and Punk does not think that Scott understands the severity of the situation. Scott says that he does understand the severity of the situation. Scott talks about what this has done to his reputation and his family’s reputation. Punk calls Scott selfish. Teddy Long is also in the room. Punk says that this is about him becoming Straight Edge Champion for the fourth time. Teddy reminds Punk that he is still on probation and he could lose his job, or worse, lose his life over this. Punk has heard enough from them and wonders how they understood what needed to be done in Montreal but they don’t understand it tonight. Scott says that his father taught him that a man is nothing without his good name. Scott leaves the room after telling someone else to do the dirty work. Scott bumps into Vince McMahon and Vince tells Scott that they need to talk.

John Morrison is walking in the back as we go to commercial.

We are back and we see Miz facing Marty Jannetty on the last Raw.

As Mike Knox comes to the ring, he gives us an interesting dissertation about the human liver.

Match Number Two: John Morrison versus Mike Knox

Morrison with a side head lock followed by a back elbow and forearm. Morrison with a kick but when he comes off the ropes, he is met with a Knox cross body. Knox with a gutbuster for a near fall. Knox with an Irish whip as he continues to work on the abdominals and then he puts Morrison in an abdominal stretch. Morrison with a rollup for a near fall. Knox misses a punch but Morrison does not miss. Morrison with a clip to the knee and then he returns to punches. Morrison with a leg lariat followed by a Shining Wizard for a near fall. Morrison slides short of the turnbuckles on an Irish whip but he runs into a bicycle kick from Knox. Knox tries for another cross body but Morrison drops down and Knox bounces off the ropes. Morrison hits the split legged corkscrew moonsault on Knox for the three count.
Winner: John Morrison

After the match, John Morrison gets on the mic and he reminds us that he faces his former tag team partner, the Miz at Bragging Rights. While the Miz is trying to prove that he is Shawn Michaels and not Marty Jannetty, Morrison goes through his nicknames and then he poses.

We go to commercial.

We are back and did you know that a lot of photos were viewed in

We are in the interview area and Chris Jericho and Kane stop by to address the members of Team Smackdown Version 2.0. Jericho applauds their performance and says that they are worthy of being on his team. Kane says that they expect them to follow their lead on Sunday. Truth tells Jericho to save the Patton speech. He says that they might not like him, but they respect Jericho. Finlay says that they do not have to question their loyalty. Matt says that they are looking forward to embarrassing Raw on Sunday to show them who the superior team is. Jericho says that is what he wanted to hear from them. Jericho tells everyone to watch him and Kane destroy Batista and Rey Mysterio in the same manner in which they will win on Sunday. Jericho leaves and Kane stays behind to tell them ‘good talk’.

Mae Young and Mickie James are in the back and they are talking. Michelle McCool interrupts the conversation to say hello to Mae. Michelle says that it is good to see Mae, but not so much for Mickie. Michelle says that it is a shame that Mickie didn’t make the Smackdown team for Bragging Rights. Mickie can tell how sincere Michelle is. Michelle tells Mickie that there is always next year. Mickie tries to tell Michelle why she didn’t make the team and Michelle jumps in and says that Beth Phoenix and Natalya are better than her. Mickie says that she knows and they know that Michelle is scared because Mickie would show her up and that she is Michelle’s biggest threat. Mickie says that Michelle knows that she is going to take the title from Michelle. Mickie tells Michelle to break a leg on Sunday. Beth stops by and says that Mae looks great. Beth tells Michelle that she is proud to be a part of Team Smackdown but she tells Michelle not to hold the title so long. Mae tells Michelle that Beth told her. Michelle tells Mae to shut up and Mae slaps Michelle in the face. Michelle walks away.

It is time to take a look at the match between Rey Mysterio and Batista from last week.

We go to the locker room and Batista and Rey are still arguing about whether Batista’s shoulder was up. Rey tells Batista that he watched the Batista DVD with his family and he learned a lot about Batista that he did not know. Batista says that there was something he wishes there was something they would have put on the DVD and that is him winning the World Title for the sixth time at Bragging Rights. Rey and Batista show that they are still BFFs and we go to commercial.

Match Number Three: Rey Mysterio and Batista versus Chris Jericho and Kane

Jericho and Batista start things off and Jericho slaps Batista and Batista responds with a clothesline and gets a near fall. Batista with an Irish whip and Rey is tagged in and Batista Irish whips Rey into Jericho’s yam bag. Rey with a snap leg drop for a near fall. Rey with a forearm and then he hits the drop toe hold that sends Jericho into the ropes. While the referee is dealing with Batista, Kane trips Rey and pulls him to the floor. Batista goes to check on Rey as we go to commercial.

We are back and Kane has Rey on his knee. Kane with an uppercut and then he tags in Jericho. Kane with another back breaker and Jericho kicks Rey in the head. Jericho with a forearm but Rey with a bulldog out of a wheelbarrow position and both men are down. Kane tags in and he knocks Batista down to stop Rey from making the tag. Jericho punches Rey while the referee reminds Batista to stay in the corner. Kane with a snap mare and drop kick for a near fall. Kane with forearms to the upper chest and then he steps on Rey’s head while he tags Jericho back in. Jericho with a delayed vertical suplex and then he gets a near fall. Jericho with a chin lock and he has one of Rey’s arms isolated. Rey gets to his feet but Jericho with a knee and Irish whip. Jericho gets Rey up for a power bomb, but Rey is able to send Jericho to the floor with a rana. Rey crawls to the corner and he makes the tag and Kane is in as well. Batista punches Kane and then hits a running clothesline into the corner after an Irish whip. Kane misses a splash into the corner and Batista with a flying shoulder tackle. Batista with the spinebuster and it is time to shake the ropes. Batista sets for the Batista Bomb but Jericho with an enzuigiri. Jericho gets a spinebuster from Batista but Kane with a big boot to the head. Kane sends Batista shoulder first into the ring post. Kane sets for the choke slam but Rey takes one for the team. Batista with a spear for the three count.
Winners: Batista and Rey Mysterio

After the match, Batista checks on his little buddy to see if he is okay.

We are in Vince’s office and he is talking to Scott Armstrong while Punk watches intently and Teddy looks like he is there against his will. Vince says that he is excited about the title match. Punk is happy too. Vince says that he is proud of Punk’s accomplishments. Vince tells Teddy that he is proud of this match and gives Teddy a gold star. Vince wants an impartial referee to do their jobs. Vince says that you can smell the change in the air like something is going to happen and is imminent. Vince mentions Wrestlemania and what starts here ends at Wrestlemania. Vince mentions Fan Axess and the Hall of Fame during Wrestlemania weekend. Vince tells Scott that he is thinking about having Scott’s father Bullet Bob Armstrong in the Hall of Fame. Vince thanks everyone for their contribution to the title match tonight. Scott says that he is ready, but his eyes are saying something else. We go to commercial.

Match Number Four: Mickie James versus Layla

They lock up and Mickie with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Mickie with a drop kick for a near fall. Layla throws Mickie to the floor but Mickie trips Layla. Mickie goes up top and Layla with a snap mare by the hair and Layla gets a near fall. Layla with knees to the back while we see Michelle watching from the back. Layla with a rollup for a near fall and Mickie with a rollup of her own. Mickie with a forearm but Layla with a side slam. Layla slaps Mickie in the head but Mickie slaps back. Mickie with forearms and a clothesline or two followed by a running back elbow. Mickie with a neck breaker for a near fall. Layla with a knee but she misses a kick. Mickie with a Thesz Press and punches. Mickie with a back kick for the three count.
Winner: Mickie James

Michael Cole makes reference to the song ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ and that leads to some comments about the late Captain Lou Albano. We go to the video package paying tribute to Lou Albano.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a video package to remind us why John Cena and Randy Orton will be meeting in an Iron Man Match on Sunday night.

Cole and Lawler are in the ring to run through the card for Bragging Rights.

CM Punk says that he cannot explain how empowering it is when he walks into the arena like this one when he knows that he can dissect and beat down everyone. He knows that he could reduce everyone at home to tears in the blink of an eye. All of that does not add up to how he feels when he makes the Undertaker tap out for the second time. Punk looks at Scott Armstrong after that comment. Punk says that he knows that everyone thinks that the Undertaker might be able to come up with some dark miracle to win, but he can’t and he won’t. Punk says that his bragging rights start tonight when he becomes the Straight Edge champion one more time. Punk says that there is not a thing that anyone can do about it.

Match Number Five: CM Punk versus Undertaker in a Submission Match for the World Title

Taker reluctantly gives referee Scott Armstrong the belt as he gives Scott ‘the look’.

Taker with a punch that knocks Punk to the mat. Taker with punches in the corner and then he works on the arm. Taker with a slam but he misses an elbow. Punk tries for the Anaconda Vice but Taker escapes the hold. We go to commercial.

We are back and Taker throws Punk over the top rope and follows after him. Taker throws Punk into the ring bell pit. Taker sends Punk into the announce table and then connects with a forearm across the chest. Taker slams Punk’s head into the ring steps and then they return to the ring. Punk moves out of the way when Taker tries for a big boot in the ropes. Punk with an enzuigiri to Taker on the floor and then he slams Taker’s head into the ring steps. Punk Irish whips Taker into the ring steps and Taker hits them with his knees. Punk with kicks to the head. Punk tries for the springboard clothesline but Taker grabs him by the throat. Punk escapes the hold with a kick. Taker and Punk with punches and then they exchange head butts and more punches with Taker gaining the advantage. Taker with an Irish whip and splash in the corner. Taker with snake eyes and a running boot and a vintage leg drop. Taker tries for Hell’s Gate but Punk is able to escape the attempt. Taker slams Punk’s head into the turnbuckles. Taker goes Old School but Teddy Long rises from his seat and that allows Punk to pull Taker from the turnbuckles. Punk with a running knee into the corner followed by a bulldog. Punk wants the chair from Teddy Long but Teddy hesitates to give it to Punk and Teddy gives it to the referee. Punk takes the chair but he charges into the corner and Taker kicks the chair into Punk’s face. Taker choke slams the referee for his chair conspiracy. Teddy Long has the urge to go to the back and Taker signals that he is finished. Punk hits Taker in the ribs and back with the chair. Punk hits Taker in the head with the chair. Punk tries to wake up the referee and then Punk tells Teddy to get another referee. Punk puts Taker in the Anaconda Vice and Teddy wants them to ring the bell. We have another referee and Taker is able to put Punk in the Hell’s Gate and Punk taps out.
Winner: The Undertaker

2010 - An Eagle mascot began accompanying Jack Swagger to the ring, played by Chavo Guerrero.

2010 - Brock Lesnar lost his UFC Heavyweight championship to Cain Velasquez.  Here is Mike Johnson's coverage of the fight:

Lesnar, wearing a full beard, came out to Metallica's "Enter Sandman." Herb Dean is the official referee of record.

Round One:

Lesnar shot in with Velasquez, nailing a flying knee.  Velasquez stood toe to toe with Brock and they exchanged wild strikes.  Brock finally drove him to the mat but Velasquez immediately got back up.  Lesnar worked him to the cage and muscled him against it, trying to wear him down.    Lesnar took him down but Cain immediately got back to his feet.  They exchanged strikes and Velasquez missed a kick.   Velasquez shot in on Brock and took him down, .then began nailing shots to the head.  Lesnar got back up and began swinging. Lesnar missed a punch and wildly staggered.  Cain took  him down with punches and a knee to the belly.   Velasquez maintained the pressure on Brock with 90 seconds left, nailing elbows and punches.  Lesnar got up but was taken back down.  Cain worked over Brock with punches until they called it with 15 seconds left in the first round.

Your winner and new UFC Heavyweight champion via TKO, Cain Velasquez!

Huge pop for the win. When Lesnar got back to his feet, he was bleeding from his left cheek.

After the bout, Velasquez said that he was surprised the bout went down the way it did and that he trained for five rounds.

Lesnar was interviewed by Joe Rogan after his loss. Some boos for Lesnar. Rogan asked him his game plan going in. Lesnar said he had a great training camp and that he had to admit Velasquez was the better man tonight. Rogan said that he had to go train and come back better. Lesnar remarked, "That's what a champion does, right?"

Paul Heyman, The Undertaker, Michelle McCool and Roddy Piper were all in attendance at the fight.

2010 - TNA ran Saginaw, Michigan.  Jason Harper filed the following live report:

TNA ran the Dow Event Center in Saginaw, Mi on October 23.  Due to OHL hockey being played in the arena, TNA ran the theatre portion of the Dow Center.  This resulted in the somewhat unusual set up of the ring being on the stage with two section of ringside seats seven rows deep up on the stage.  Then there was a large area of the stage before the normal seating.  This gave the wrestlers lots of room for some of the high spots.  There was around 2,000 in attendance....give or take.

While waiting in line, Don West showed up to announce the brown bag special and give the rules for the meet and greet.  West is the definition of a sales person and he worked his magic getting fans to shell out a ton of money throughout the night.

The meet and greet was ok, however if you wanted everybody's autograph, you had to run throughout the building.  Wrestlers that appeared around ringside for the meet and greet were Brian and Earl Hebner,Generation Me, Jay Lethal, Eric Young, AJ Styles, and Abyss.  Right after that session, West announced that Motor city Machine Guns would be signing autographs in a room off of the lobby.  The Beautiful People signed in this room during intermission and Jeff Jarrett signed after the to get everybody's autograph you had to run back and forth at various times of the night.

Onto the show:

Jeremy Borash started the show with his usual stuff about backstage passes.  Jeff Jarrett came out and said that nobody was going backstage.  Jarrett was good on the mic and the action of JB, Jarrett, and the other regulars (timekeeper, light guy, etc) was like watching a well done play.  Rhino came out and after a littler interaction Jb announced match one.

Rhino defeated Jeff Jarrett in a Backstage Pass match.  If Rhino won, they would give out passes, if Jarrett won, then no passes.  A decent opener that was meant to work the crowd.  Since this was Michigan, TNA featured Michigan natives all night.  Rhino won with a Gore.  Good opener that did its job of working the crowd into a "we might get to go backstage frenzy."

Jay Lethal defeated Eric Young to retain the X Division Title.  This was a comedy match and was great!  Young continued his gimmick of not knowing who he was wrestling and tried to get JB to be a tag partner, etc.  I got the feeling that only 1/3 of the crowd knew what was going on, but to me this match was funny.  At one point, Young rolled up Brian Hebner and celebrated like he won the X Title....Young then tried to wrestle Hebner some more, which caused Hebner to take of his shirt and lock up with Young with Lethal becoming the referee.  After a few minutes of this, Young declared that since he was a fighting champion, he would "defend" against Lethal.  Lethal won after a kick to the head that resulted in Young doing the world's longest sell job for a kick before falling to the mat.  Good stuff.

Madison Rayne defeated Angelina Love to retain the Knockout's title.  Earl Hebner was the referee and they did the usual You screwed Bret stuff that they have been doing for years.  Velvet Sky was with Love.  This wasn't a bad match.  It featured all the usual knockout stuff plus a few good looking moves.  For the finish, Rayne fell into Hebner, who caught her and gave her a kiss.  This distracted the Beautiful People long enough for Rayne to recover from the kiss and roll up Love with a handfull of tights for the pin.  Shimmer this wasn't, but it was still fun to watch.  I really hope somebody is taking Angelina Love to some buffets cause she is really close to being way too skinny.

Motor City Machine Guns defeated Generation Me to retain the Tag Titles.  As expected, this was a pretty entertaining with some great moves.  Hard hitting and fast paced.  Alex Shelly wrestled most of the match before the hot tag to Chris Sabin.  After all four brawled for a while, the Machine Guns hit their finisher for the three.

TNA then did a really cool thing right before intermission.  Several Army recruits came into the ring and were enlisted into the Army in front of the crowd.

Abyss defeated Sabu in a Monsters Ball match.  Sabu was a surprise addition to the lineup.  Entertaining brawl with chairs, trash cans, and baking sheets used.  Both men took some hard shots to the head.  Sabu was busted open hardway early in the match...just a small cut but enough blood to be noticed.  Abyss won with a chokeslam.  Growing up on ECW, it was sad to see Sabu lose so easily, but it is 2010 and Abyss is the monster heel.  After the match, Samoa Joe came out and chased Abyss away before vowing to take out each member of the NWO or Immortal or whatever the hell they're called.

Rob Van Dam defeated AJ Styles in the Main Event.  RVD was over big and looked to be having a great time.  AJ did some stalling at the start of the match and played the heel well.  The match itself was fast paced and went back and forth before a 5 star frog splash gave RVD the win to send everybody in Michigan home happy.

After the match, they did the get a picture with RVD for $20 and everybody that signed earlyier in the meet and greet came back out to sign some more.  This created the only problem of the night.  The fans that were up on the stage in the ringside section already had the autographs, but the fans that did not have meet and greet tickets came up as close to the stage as they could to get those autographs....This traffic jam trapped the fans on the stage from leaving.  It was just a minor irritation on what was a very enjoyable night of wrestling.  It was kind of funny that the only wrestlers that did not sign autographs were the Michigan boys of Rhino, Sabu, and RVD (who did pose for $20 pics ,but no autographs.)

Even with just 6 matches, TNA does their best to make the night fun with a very relaxed, funny, exciting show.  I look forward to attending more TNA show in the future.

2011 - Former WWE star Serena Deeb wrote the following today on her Twitter account:

""I recently sustained a rather serious concussion and following my doctors instructions, will not wrestle for a period of time. I apologize to those who were looking forward to seeing me anytime in the near future... I will know more next week. I have to undergo some tests this week and I will know more concerning my future then... I am out of the ring 'indefinitely' as of now. Until I get the green light from the doctor, I am not allowed to wrestle."

To date, she has not returned to the ring.

2011 - WWE broadcast their Vengeance PPV.  Mike Johnson filed the following PPV report:

Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of WWE's Vengeance 2011!

Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler and Booker T are your announcing team.

WWE Tag Team champions Air Boom vs. WWE United States champion Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swaggger

Vickie Guerrero introduced the challengers.

Kingston and Ziggler opened up the match. They went back and forth on the mat. There was a light “Kofi” chant early. Ziggler locked in a side headlock but was sent into the ropes. Ziggler shoulderblocked Kingston down. Kingston leapfrogged and dropkicked Ziggler, then nailed him with a big monkey flip for a two count.

Bourne tagged in and covered Ziggler for another two count. Swagger tagged in but was nailed. Kingston and Bourne worked over Swagger with a double dropkick in the corner for a two count. They nailed a double bulldog for another two count.

Ziggler tagged back in and took over control of Kingston, scoring a two count with a big dropkick. Ziggler slammed Kingston down. Swagger tagged in and the challengers took turns tagging in and out, working over Kingston. Kingston was locked in a rear chinlock but fought his way out of it.

Bourne made the tag and peppered Swagger with several big kicks. He knocked Ziggler off the apron, then drilled Swagger in the jaw with another kick for a two count. Bourne went to the top but Swagger got out of the way before he could nail Air Bourne. He drilled Ziggler off the apron and went for the move but Swagger got his knees up.

Zigger tagged in but Kingston broke up the count. Ziggler continued working over Bourne, nailing him across the back and neck with clubbing shots. Ziggler locked in a deep armbar, working over Bourne’s arm. Ziggler and Bourne exchanged several near falls.

Swagger continued working over Bourne who tried to make a tag but the referee missed it and held Kofi off. Ziggler continued working on Bourne, snapping him down with a neckbreaker. He pulled Bourne into the challenger’s corner. Swagger and Ziggler took turns working him over until Bourne drilled Swagger in the jaw and made the hot tag to Kingston.

Kingston cleaned house on Swagger and went for the SOS on Ziggler but was fought off. He drilled Swagger with a kick and nailed Ziggler with a flying bodypress off the top rope for a near fall. Kingston nailed the Boom Drop on Ziggler and teased the Trouble in Paradise. He went for the kick but Ziggler ducked. Kingston nailed him instead with the SOS but Swagger broke it up.

Swagger went for an ankle lock but Bourne nailed a dropkick off the top. Ziggler rolled up Kingston and hooked the tights but couldn’t get the pin. Kingston nailed the SOS and Bourne nailed Air Bourne for the pin.

Your winners and still WWE Tag Team champions, Air Boom!

Solid back and forth opener. Good work from all four. These guys are all really good in their roles.

Zack Ryder’s music began and he came out for his title defense without giving Ziggler a chance to rest.

WWE United States champion Dolph Ziggler vs. Zack Ryder

Ryder, who will be appearing next week at Ringsidefest in NYC, worked over the exhausted Ziggler early, scoring several near falls.

There was a huge “Let’s go Ryder” chant. Ziggler tried to whip him into the ropes but it was reversed. Ziggler went to the outside and tried to crawl away but Air Boom, who had remained at ringside, tossed him back into the ring. The referee threw them out of ringside.

Ziggler nailed several clotheslines on Ziggler and scored another two count. Ryder went for a splash against the ropes but Ziggler moved and Ryder clotheslined himself against the ropes. Ziggler worked over Ryder, dropping an elbow for a two count. Ziggler continued working over Ryder. Ziggler missed a splash in the corner but Ryder missed a Face Wash in the corner.

Ziggler nailed a Famouser on Ryder but the challenger kicked out at two. Dolph went after him in the corner, nailing a series of punches and kicks. He charged Ryder in the corner but was nailed with a double knee in the face. Ryder nailed the Face Wash. Swagger tried to interfere but Ryder kicked him away. Ryder turned into a superkick by Zigger and was pinned.

Your winner and still United States champion, Dolph Ziggler!

Decent match. The story here was that Ryder could hang and beat Ziggler, which they certainly told, but that the interference caused Ryder to take his eye off the ball so the heel stole the victory. That’s perfectly acceptable. Ryder was super over, so of course they told the fans that he couldn’t beat an exhausted heel, which is not the smartest way to keep him super over.

Backstage, CM Punk and Ted DiBiase were talking. Triple H showed up and told Punk that he wasn’t trying to screw with Punk on Raw. Punk said that even five months, he would have thought it was HHH screwing with him, but he knows that it’s someone else. HHH said that he didn’t have a rah rah speech. Punk said that he wanted to show Miz and Truth what a real unsafe working environment was.

They showed footage of Beth Phoenix and Natalya attacking Kelly Kelly earlier today backstage during a interview.

WWE Divas champion Beth Phoenix vs. Eve Torres

They announced Natalya and Kelly were banned from ringside. Eve had new theme music that was a step down.

They locked up and tore into each other. Phoenix backed Eve into the corner but Torres nailed her with a knee and a sunset flip off the second rope for a two count. Phoenix cut her off and nailed several two counts. Torres grabbed her arm and nailed several kicks but was forced into the ropes, where Beth drilled her.

Torres went for a kick but Phoenix caught her leg. Torres nailed an enziguiri. He tried Phoenix to the ropes with her own ring outfit and drilled her across the back with several kicks. Phoenix broke free and Torres nailed a leaping forearm. Phoenix swept her feet and Torres slammed backwards on the apron. On the outside, Beth pressed and dropped Torres onto the guard rail outside, then dragged her back into the ring for a two count.

She locked Torres into a unique sitdown abdominal stretch. Torres broke free but was caught with an inverted over the shoulder backbreaker for a two count. Phoenix cinched in body scissors, trying to force a submission as Phoenix screamed at her to cry. Eve slipped out and locked in a submission on her own, trying to force Phoenix to tap.

Phoenix forced her way out and went for the Glam Slam but Eve slipped out and used a forward roll to send Phoenix into the ropes, then rolled her up for a two count. Nice spot. Phoenix whipped her into the ropes. Torres kicked her off and went for the top rope moonsault but Phoenix moved. Torres came down a little off. Phoenix nailed the Glam Slam and scored the pin.

Your winner and still Divas champion, Beth Phoenix!

OK match. They tried to add in some submission wrestling, which was a nice addition but it was obvious that Torres was far before Phoenix in the ring. This was better than what you’d expect but Torres seemed a step behind Phoenix and it wasn’t fluid in spots. Still, solid bout.

Matt Striker interviewed Big Show and asked if he was prepared for tonight after just one match back. Show said that he should ask Mark Henry if he’s ready, since Show came back and Henry thought Show was a bust and it was over. He said that it took Henry 15 years to get to the point where 3 seconds erased all that and he was champion. Show said all it will take it three seconds to erase the last few months, destroy the Hall of Pain and destroy Henry as a man. Show promised that Vengeance would be his.

They plugged the Hart vs. Michaels DVD, which you can order by clicking here.

Christian vs. Sheamus

They are burning through these matches so obviously they are giving a lot of time to the Last Man Standing and/or the HHH Tag match.

Sheamus worked over Christian early, including a series of ten clubbing shots across the chest while Christian was in the ropes. He then held him for a long vertical standing suplex for a two count. Christian came back to nail a neckbreaker and beat down Sheamus in the corner with punches and kicks. Sheamus battled back but was kicked away by Christian.

Sheamus snapped Christian into the corner and nailed a series of shoulderblocks. Christian hooked the tights for a two count. Cole spent more time ripping Jim Ross than talking the match, which was so annoying even I wanted to kick him in the teeth. Christian locked in a side chinlock. Sheamus battled his way to his feet and fell down to break it.

Sheamus charged but he was hit with a drop toehold into the ropes. Christian stepped on his back and choked him. Christian then popped him in the mouth with a punch. Christian nailed a missile dropkick off the second rope. Sheamus made a comeback with a series of clotheslines but was kicked off as he charged him in the corner. Christian went for a bodypress but was caught with a Fall Away Slam for a two count.

Christian kept working over Sheamus who came back and went for the High Cross. Christian escaped but was caught in the ropes, where Sheamus dropped a knee over him for another two count. Christian went for the Killswitch but Sheamus reversed it into the Celtic Cross. Christian slipped out and kicked him using the ropes for leverage.

Sheamus came back to nail him with the Irish Curse backbreaker for a two count. Sheamus went for the Brogue Kick but was nailed with a spear for another two count. Sheamus kicked off Christian and went to the top but was crotched. Christian worked over him with a series of rights and went for a top rope rana, nailing it.

Christian went for the spear but he ran into the Brouge Kick and was pinned.

Your winner, Sheamus!

Real good back and forth match. Best thing on the show so far.

John Laurinaitis was talking to David Otunga when Miz and R-Truth showed up and praised his work as the interim GM on Raw. Truth said that they’ve heard rumors but asked why they were reinstated. Ace said they suck up well. He left and it turned into them ripping on HHH, Punk and Texas.

HHH and CM Punk vs. Miz and R-Truth

Punk and HHH had separate entrances. HHH came out last, of course. Punk worked over Miz early. He tagged HHH and Miz tagged out to Truth. HHH shoved Miz off the apron. He and Truth locked up. HHH rebounded off the ropes and shoulderblocked Truth down.

HHH got the better of Truth and tagged in Punk. Punk scored a near fall. Miz tagged in but Punk sent him into HHH’s boot. HHH and Punk nailed a double suplex and HHH covered Miz for a two count. HHH nailed a chop block on Miz and locked in a figure four leglock. Punk grabbed HHH’s hands to add to the momentum. They did it a second time as the referee argued with Truth, who tried to hit the ring to make the save. Isn’t the entire point of that spot to build heat on the heels?

Punk tagged in and drilled Miz, scoring a two count. Punk locked in an armbar while sitting on Miz’s back. Now HHH was helping Punk by grabbing his arm. Miz took over on Punk, stomping him and tagged Truth back in.

Truth locked in a side chinlock as the crowd chanted for Punk. Punk fought his way to his feet and nailed a belly to back suplex to break the move. Punk looked to make a tag and connected it. HHH hit the high knee on Truth and tossed Miz into the ring. He nailed a spinebuster on Truth then drove Miz’s face into his knee.

Truth and Miz were on the outside. HHH tossed Truth back in but Miz nailed HHH on the floor. Truth followed up and worked over HHH on the floor. Back in the ring, they worked on picking apart HHH in their corner, taking turns. Truth choked HHH on the apron as Miz argued with the referee. Truth covered HHH, who kicked up at two. He cinched in a front facelock. They continued working on HHH in their corner.

For such a grudge tag match, this isn’t anywhere near as heated a match as you’d have expected going in.

HHH tried to battle his way out but Miz caught him with a knee into a neckbreaker for a two count. He tagged Truth in. Truth covered HHH for a two count. He cinched in a chinlock. HHH climbed to his feet and fell backwards. Truth took a hellacious backwards bump. HHH went to the wrong corner. Miz tagged in but was drilled with a big clothesline. Miz tagged Truth but HHH caught him with a DDT.

HHH made his way to his corner and Punk got the hot tag. Punk cleaned house with clotheslines and neckbreakers. He nailed the running knee in the corner and bulldogged him as he clotheslined Miz at the same time. Punk went to the top rope. Truth tried to get involved but Punk nailed him. HHH grabbed Truth and tossed him into the timekeeper’s area.

Punk nailed a flying elbowdrop on Miz and set up for the GTS. Kevin Nash hopped the railing and attacked HHH on the floor. Punk went for the GTS but Truth nailed Punk. Miz and Truth destroyed Punk and pinned him.

Your winners, Miz and R-Truth.

Nash began beating the hell out of HHH, sending him into the ring stairs. He brought HHH into the ring and drilled him with knees in the corner. Nash nailed the Jackknife powerbomb in the center of the ring on HHH and walked off back into the crowd.

Backstage, John Laurinaitis said he would get to the bottom of things. Alberto Del Rio showed up and complained about being booked into a Last Man Standing matches. Ace told him that he had never been in a Hell in A Cell match but still found a way to win. He said he gives opportunities and it’s up to Del Rio to make the most of them. Ace said it’s his job to relate to talent and the WWE Universe to make the best show possible.

WWE Intercontinental champ Cody Rhodes vs. Randy Orton

They went back and forth. Orton went to grab Rhodes through the ropes and got nailed. Rhodes picked up Orton for a suplex and slammed him down forward. He drilled Orton in the neck. Cody worked over Orton in the corner then drilled him with a knee to the mid-section. Rhodes drilled him with a clothesline out of the corner for a two count.

Rhodes locked in a side chinlock but Orton fought his way to his feet. Rhodes launched himself into the air for stomps, using the ropes. Rhodes continued working on Orton’s back, locking in a Boston Crab. Orton finally sent him into the corner. Rhodes missed a charge and was rolled up for a two count. Rhodes cut him off and nailed the Sidewalk Slam for a two count. So far, they are telling a good story in the ring.

Rhodes went to the top but missed a moonsault. Orton nailed a clothesline and a powerslam. Cody nailed him and went for a move off the top but Orton dropkicked him in the mid-air. Rhodes cut him off and covered Orton for a two count.

Orton kicked Rhodes onto the apron and went for the hanging DDT. Rhodes escaped but was caught in the sideways backbreaker for a two count. Orton covered him for a two count. Orton placed Rhodes on the top turnbuckle and drilled him with a right hand. Rhodes headbutt Orton down and moonsaulted him for a two count.

Rhodes went to the top but missed a move off the ropes. Orton starting cleaning house on Rhodes. One of the baggers got on the apron but Orton nailed him. Rhodes drilled him with a Crossroads from behind for a two count. Rhodes mocked Orton, pounding on the mat. Orton went for the RKO but was nailed with a dropkick by Orton. Rhodes landed outside on the apron, where he was nailed with the hanging DDT.

Orton psyched himself up for the RKO but another bagger tried to interfere. Orton nailed him, then snapped Cody with the RKO for the win.

Your winner, Randy Orton!

Good back and forth match but the entire point of this should be to build Rhodes and they failed at that given the finish.

World champion Mark Henry vs. Big Show

They locked up. Show forced Henry into the corner and took him down with stomps. Henry was on the outside, pissed. Henry returned to the ring but Show laid him out, tossing him into the ring and drilling him with a kick. Henry stomped around outside, angry that things weren’t going his way. He grabbed the World title belt and tried to leave but Show left the ring and nailed him.

Show tossed Henry into the ring but Henry tackled Show’s legs as Show followed. Henry slammed Show and dropped a big elbow across Show’s back. Henry began drilling Show’s knees into the mat. He locked in a leglock, trying to force a submission and take Show’s leg out from him. Show forced his way out but his leg went out from under him. Henry twisted Show’s ankle, wearing him down.

They battled back and forth, exchanging punches while on their knees. They returned to their feet. Show drilled him with a series of headbutts, then several clotheslines. Henry nailed a back splash in the corner and shoulderblocked Henry down. He slammed Henry and called for the chokeslam. He nailed the chokeslam but Henry kicked out at the last second.

Show charged Henry who nailed the World’s Strongest Slam for a near fall. They played it up as the first person to kick out of the move. Henry went to the top but was caught and chokeslammed off the top. Henry kicked out at the last second.

Show looked around wondering what else he could do, then went to the top rope. Henry went to the top and caught Show with a superplex attempt. They nailed it and recreated the famous spot where Lesnar superplexed Show and the ring imploded. The Arena went nuts for that. Cole commented, “The show is over.” The crowd chanted “Holy sh**.”

After several replays, a doctor was in the ring checking on both men. EMTS brought out a stretcher but the WWE doctor told them there is no way they can fit Show. Someone drove a small truck down to ringside. Teddy Long and John Laurinaitis came to ringside. The crowd started a small “Big Show” chant.

They were both down forever, selling the ferocity of the superplex. They were able to get Show onto the cart and drive him to the back. Henry was removed from the ring and collapsed on the Arena floor. Henry started shoving everyone away as Long tried to explain they were trying to help him so he could go to the hospital, Henry responded that he was the champion and doesn’t need anyone’s help. A woozy Henry walked out assisted by the EMTs and the referees.

Great finish to a hard fought bout. You couldn't have asked for better work given who was involved. Henry walking out under his own power reminded me of Austin at Wrestlemania 13. I can see some people complaining they've done the imploding ring before but when it happened, the entire building lost their minds and the visual and the aftermath was awesome.

By the way, If Henry doesn’t win most improved wrestler of 2011, somebody needs their wig split.

John Laurinaitis took the mic and introduced himself. He said that no matter what injuries sustained tonight and despite the condition of the ring, they will have the WWE title match tonight. He thanked the crowd and said that he hoped everyone agreed with his decision. 

WWE champion Alberto Del Rio vs. John Cena – Last Man Standing Match

With the ring destroyed, they still had the main event. I think the only other time we’ve seen this in wrestling was at the first ECW Living Dangerously PPV. Cena has a new black t-shirt that reads “Rise Above Hate.” Was that aimed at the critics that reviewed his latest film?

Two of the ring posts are in place. A third is at an angle and the last one is just laying there. I am guessing that ends up being part of the finish. Del Rio laid out Cena to start and slammed him on the mat, where was at a slanted angle.

The referee started counting Cena down but Cena rolled off the ring to the floor. Del Rio continued beating down Cena on the floor, then sent him into one of the ringposts. Back in the ring, Del Rio went after Cena but was backdropped. Cena slammed Del Rio. The announcers started pointing out that this was an unsafe working environment. Cena elbowed Del Rio, who made his way to his feet. Cena slugged him several times. Del Rio took him down and nailed a leaping dropkick to Cena on the mat.

Del Rio continued working on Cena. The referee counted Cena to seven but Cena returned to nail the champion with a running clothesline. Both men were down in the imploded ring. Del Rio drilled him with the backstabber. Cena was counted but returned to his feet at nine. Del Rio snapped him with a suplex and followed with a second one. Cena reversed a third attempt. Cena began nailing a series of shoulderblockd and the pump handle slam.

Cena went to do the five knuckle shuffle, but there were no ropes. Cena improvised and nailed it. He went for the AA, but Del Rio slipped out and nailed a back suplex on Cena. Cena kicked Del Rio in the gut and nailed a gut wretch suplex. The referee began chanting Del Rio down. Del Rio returned to his feet and nailed a tilt-o-whirl backbreaker. Del Rio went right after Cena while he was being counted down. He placed Cena under one of the ring posts that were down and used a double stomp on the post. The referee counted Cena down but he made it to his feet at eight, then grabbed Del Rio in the AA.

The referee began counting each of them down on the mat. Cena went for another AA but Ricardo Rodriguez hit the ring. Cena nailed him. Del Rio locked in a rear naked choke, which they called a form of a sleeperhold. Cena fought his way out but was trapped again in the choke. Del Rio choked him out and let him go so the referee could begin the count.

Cena fought his way up. Del Rio went to throw him from the ring into the guard rail but Cena reversed it and Del Rio took a sick back-first bump into the guard rail barricade board. Del Rio was almost counted out but used the barricade to pull himself up. Cena tried to whip him into the ring steps but the Irish whip was reversed and Cena ate the steel. The referee began counting Cena down.

Cena made his way to his feet. Ricardo attacked Cena but was nailed with an atomic drop, being dropped onto one of the ring posts that were over, crotching him. Cena slammed Del Rio into the post with a drop toehold, so Ricardo then had the post slammed upwards into the babymaking machine. Clever stuff.

Cena grabbed ring steps and was going to slam them onto Del Rio but was attacked and peppered with punches. Alberto slammed Cena into the steps and drilled him with punches. Cena was leaning against the steps in the aisle. Del Rio grabbed the bottom portion of the stairs and drilled them into Cena. The referee began counting Cena out of on the floor. Cena made it to his feet at eight.

Del Rio attacked Cena. They brawled backstage. Cena tossed Del Rio across a table set up in the back, sending food flying. The referee began counting Del Rio out. Cena overturned a big equipment case, trying to crush the champion but Alberto made it out of the way. He attacked Cena and slammed him on the case. The referee began counting Cena out. Cena pulled himself up and staggered into the backstage interview area. Del Rio shoved over a metal backdrop onto Cena, then shoved over the other partitions, trying to trap Cena underneath.

The referee began counting Cena down. At seven, Cena showed signs of life and he got up. Del Rio immediately attacked him and they made their way back into the Arena. They battled in front of an area set up with a bunch of laptops. Ricardo tried to attack Cena but was laid out. Del Rio sent Cena flying into a giant “V” that was staged to spell Vengeance and Cena crashed through it.

Del Rio set up a table and placed Cena on it. He started climbing part of the stage to jump off but Cena pulled him down and Del Rio crashed through the table. Del Rio returned to his feet at nine. Cena and Del Rio brawled through the crowd before returning into the ringside area. Cena tossed Del Rio over the announcer’s table. Del Rio set up the Spanish Announcing Table, wanting to put Cena through it but was attacked and nailed with several clotheslines on the floor. Del Rio went for the leaping enziguiri on the outside but Cena ducked and he kicked the ringpost instead.

Cena assembled the ring steps again and picked up Del Rio. He climbed the stairs and nailed the AA off the stairs through the Spanish Announcing Table, which was destroyed. Miz and Truth hit the ring and attacked Cena, beating him down. Miz nailed the Skull Crushing Finale. Truth then nailed his kick. The referee began counting both men down but Del Rio pulled himself up and leaned against the ring steps. Cena was almost counted out but got up at nine.

Del Rio drilled the woozy Cena with the WWE title belt and then fell from the ring to the floor. The referee counted both men down. Del Rio pulled himself up with the help of fans in the front row but Cena didn’t make his way to his feet.

Your winner and still WWE champion, Alberto Del Rio!

Very different main event due to the ring situation. It ended up being a pretty entertaining brawl with some nice drama at the end. Miz and Truth coming out killed some of that but they want to use that to build to Survivor Series, so I can forgive that. Del Rio’s work here was excellent and Cena did a hell of a job as well. A unique bout overall and they really worked their asses off to give a good main event.





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