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By Mike Johnson on 2012-10-23 00:22:44
After Raw went off the air, Sheamus recovered and challenged Big Show to return for their Last Man Standing match. Show came out and ripped the audience, saying they didn't deserve to see him wrestle and tried to leave. Of course, they had a quick brawl, which led to Sheamus laying Show out with the Brogue Kick. After that, they played his music and Sheamus celebrated so I guess that was the finish.

In an attempt to get some publicity, indy wrestler Starman, who wrestles for New Jersey's Pro Wrestling Syndicate, showed up in the crowd at Raw sitting across from the hard camera. Security spotted him as he walked to the seats and quickly escorted him out. The character is supposed to be the old Nintendo wrestling character come to life and has become one of the cult favorites of the PWS, which runs Rahway, NJ. I shot the following video of Starman being escorted out:

As I noted, Betty Skaaland was sitting first row, as was Gianni (Snooki's boyfriend of Jersey Shore fame), a ton of New York Giants and a few New York Jets.

WWE has selling Wobblers of John Cena and CM Punk for $5.

Ryback didn't receive the monster reaction you'd expect but then again, neither did anyone else except CM Punk and John Cena. The most heat of anyone all night was Vickie Guerrero after taking over for AJ.

They were heavily pushing the Wrestlemania pre-sale all night with video features.

Mason Ryan popped up for the first time in awhile as one of the Lumberjacks.

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