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By Mike Johnson on 2012-10-26 09:05:00
Former ECW World and TV champion Rhino has been added to the 11/17 Extreme Rising event in Pittsburgh.

Extreme Rising released the following video of Shane Douglas inside the Golden Dome talking up the history of the November to Remember event (and its place in ECW history) to build to the company's 11/17 event there. The numbers Douglas throws out in terms of the gate and merchandise for the N2R event in 1997 were legitimate. Interesting to see him claim that Pittsburgh PPV, not Barely Legal "put ECW" in the map, although from a financial standpoint, it's hard to argue:


The show will kick off a tournament to crown the first Extreme Rising champion, which will conclude on 12/29 in Philadelphia.

Announced for the Pittsburgh show are Shane Douglas, Matt Hardy, Sabu, Sandman, Perry Saturn, Homicide, New Jack, Crowbar, the FBI, Reby Sky, Stevie Richards, Luke Hawx, Papadon, CW Anderson, BLK OUT, Blue Meanie, Balls Mahoney and the debuting Facade (who's from the area and was seen in the Urban Wrestling Federation).  There will be additional talents announced as well.

There will be a fanfest in the afternoon preceding the event.

Given Douglas' stature in the local community and his track record promoting there for ECW and XPW, I can see this doing a strong crowd.

For ticket and event details, visit


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